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My June 1 Monologue

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  • David C Ray

    07/20/2019 01:43 PM

    Best, makes sense I have heard in a long time. You go Huckabee

  • Carol Hopper

    07/20/2019 12:25 PM

    Very well said and I agree completely. My parents taught me the same things. I never bought what I couldn't afford and I never borrowed what I couldn't pay back.

  • Beverly Kelvie

    07/18/2019 08:37 AM

    I love Huckabee and he is right on!!!!

  • Linda Puls

    07/18/2019 07:14 AM

    Love it and you and miss Sara.

  • Joseph Collamati

    07/17/2019 11:23 AM

    I am the first to go to college (1964). Did it in three years. Worked 28 hours a week. Went on to grad school. Worked 40 hrs. a week while supporting a wife and two children. Very few kids today have the drive to do what we did.

    Please run for president Gov. Huckabee.

  • Mickey L LaCrosse

    07/17/2019 07:31 AM

    Eyes wide open!

  • Mary Hagan

    07/16/2019 06:09 PM

    Just listened to " I'm not as smart as I thought" that was great !

  • Charles Richard Cozzens

    07/16/2019 02:33 PM


  • Robert Biafore

    07/16/2019 09:54 AM

    Totally agree with you.The big problem now is democrats preaching anarchy and not obeying the law.Republicans that go along with this need to be primaried out.

  • Linda Radosevich

    07/13/2019 08:43 PM

    Excellent as usual, Guv! And after the high-priced lawyers are finished with Bernie, Elizabeth, et al, then the rest of us in 'fly-over country' need to have a little Tea Party Boston style.

  • Tristan Olive

    07/13/2019 03:31 PM


  • James L Todd

    07/11/2019 02:16 PM

    Excellent Commentary! Thank you!

  • Brenda Womble

    07/11/2019 09:41 AM

    Who could possibly argue with this.

  • roy hughes

    07/11/2019 09:31 AM

    nothing is free all of us pay as we go

  • Thomas M Muldoon

    07/10/2019 10:27 PM

    Very enjoyable. Couldn't agree with you more. But I don't know how I, as a Christian, show love to those who are so duped and so snotty, like the captain of the American women's soccer team. Dennis Prager played some of what she said today, and Prager said, "I don't know what she is talking about." Indeed she just repeats the slogans of big media.

  • Greg Toon

    07/10/2019 02:23 PM


  • wilma faulkner

    07/10/2019 11:33 AM

    I thought about what you were saying on your video and there is one thing you don't understand. You would not of been able to get your loans paid for because you are not a minority. This not a racial remark by no means, this is a fact. Let me tell you story. I rented a house on 30 acres of land for 11 years and had to move because they wanted to sell the land . A taco bell and other businesses sit there now. So, I moved to another house sitting on 22 acres of land and lived there for 15 years and they sold it to a contractor without even telling so I had to move again. Finally, tired of renting , I decided to buy a house. I didn't have money to put down on one so I was told that HUD was selling houses with no money down and low monthly payments. I checked and found that they had a few houses in Cabot Arkansas where I live . So, I sent in an application . A couple of weeks later I received a letter telling me that I was disqualified because it was for minorities only. I was the wrong race. My heart was broken. I looked for months trying to find a place I could afford. Finally, this real estate lady helped me and I was able to find a house and I have been here for 15 1/2 yrs. My Lord intervened ! About 20 yrs. ago I hit a hard spot in my life that lasted about 2 months . I was raising a child by my self at the time. My lights were going to get turned off . I saw on tv that the counties were giving help to those who were having their lights turned off . So, I called the one in Lonoke Co. to see if I could get help. The woman said "sure, we have the funds, come right over ". So, I borrowed money for gas and drove 18 miles to Lonoke and when I go in , there is one worker in there and she is handing another woman a check and tells her that if she needs help again, just come in. When the other woman left, I stood up and reminded her of my call . She sternly looks at me and says that they are presently out of funds. I remined her that she told me there was plenty of funds and that was only 30 minutes ago on the phone . And again, she only said that they were out of funds. I went home crying. I had to go to my mom to ask for help. The next month was time for my son's Arkids re-evaluation. It was in a building across from the place where I went to get the utility assistance. As, I was finishing my appointment with my case worker, I shared with her that my lights were going to get shut off because I can't pay it . I had just got a new job and would not get paid for 2 weeks. She told me to go to that same woman I went to before. I told her they had no funds, so she called her. And that same woman told her they had funds and to send me over. When I walked in the door and told her why I was there, she said they were out of funds. You see, the woman who worked there was black and the woman she gave the check to the month before and telling her to come back if she needed help again, was black. I finally had to go to my church and ask for help. But, just so you understand, you are not the right color to receive any government help. After my husband and I separated I have had 2 jobs now for over 23yrs. and I pay my own bills. I raised a son by myself. And so I get irritated when these democrats tell me that they want me to pay for someone else who is here illegally or because they are just to lazy to work.

  • Bill Thomason

    07/10/2019 07:45 AM

    Arkansas is my home. I lived there when Governor Huckabee was governor and heard him speak at Lakeview AG church. Hope I live long enough to see Sarah become governor of Arkansas. Governor Huckabee, thanks for being the man you are and for raising a wonderful daughter.

  • Linda Radmacher

    07/09/2019 08:00 PM

    Loved it!

  • Kathleen Westbrook

    07/09/2019 06:47 PM

    I understand the way Huckabee has lived, but I'm 89 years old and the way the next generation is operating now is not how Our Country was set up. We always tried to pay our way, and take care of own. I only understand the old way. and worry about the result of the new ways being pushed now, Trying to pay my expense now as Social security has not kept up with the cost of living as it should, but our country is owing too, and should not.


    07/09/2019 06:35 PM

    Thank GOD for you ! You are a breath of fresh air in all the left stink !!

  • wilma faulkner

    07/09/2019 12:38 PM

    I love you. I loved you when you were our governor . You were the best we ever had. I think that you are not only one of the smartest men I know but, I think the Lord gave you great wisdom to go with it . I love listening to you . You are right ! If someone can't afford to go to college, then go to a tech school. Go to a local college that is less expensive . My nephew decided he is going to a tech school. He wanted to go to college till he watched the learning students from colleges act out in the streets, and attack other students on campuses and decided that it is not for him. He wants a career that is going to make him a living and he feels that he can get that better in a tech school . He just turned 16 and I think he is pretty wise for his age as well. I enjoy watching and listening to you. May the Lord keep you strong and going for a long time. :)

  • Tracy Deck

    07/09/2019 11:15 AM

    GOD I love thos man, and his daughter too


    07/09/2019 07:26 AM

    Love you, Mike! I like (or tolerate) Donald Trump, but so wished you were our President.
    This message is so spot on!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • William Van Skiver

    07/09/2019 01:16 AM

    Dear Mike,
    When you share in a prayer for America with Rev Franklin Graham, that's wisdom! You have nothing to be sorry for. And THANK YOU for praying for us all as a nation. I do likewise, and it's the most important thing we can do. God can empower anyone He so chooses, i.e. President Trump for just one example. But as it's written, "....fervent prayer avails much." But in the end, it's God who makes the final judgment. I only hope there are enough prayers ascending to heaven in which God will grant America a reprieve despite all that has and has yet come to pass. You're always a joy to watch on TV. And a blessing as well! Sincerely, Bill V.S.