After taking office, one of a new President’s most pressing duties is to fill approximately 1,200 executive positions, with 577 classified as key. Care to take a few guesses as to why President Trump, after 200 days in office, might be behind other Chief Executives on getting those important spots filled?

Well, let’s see. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Washington is plagued by a metastasizing and conflict-laden special counsel investigation that was sparked by a fake dossier and intentional leaks from his own FBI chief, a stunningly adversarial relationship with the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself), massive internal leakage even of classified conversations with world leaders, courts challenging the President’s proposals at every turn and sapping his clearly-enumerated Constitutional powers, unforgivable paralysis among Republican legislators, and, finally, foot-dragging on his nominations by the Senate, which is now in recess. Oh, and we’ve got war, the terrorist threat, Iran’s missile program, and a chubby sociopath who dreams nonstop of lobbing nuclear warheads at us.

No wonder he sometimes seems to be slogging through molasses. Come to think of it, that's not molasses he's stuck in; it's the sort of contamination that requires hip boots.

Those who are playing politics, pulling out all the stops to make the President’s job even more difficult in the hope that he will fail, need to remember that this is no game –- that the world truly is a dangerous place right now. If he fails, we fail. And nobody’s too big to fail, brother, not even The Land Of The Free. We’re at increased risk not because Trump is President, but because he’s not allowed to be.