A hat tip to Washington Post columnist Ruben Navarette Jr., who is among the last of a dying breed: liberal journalists who put truth and accuracy ahead of scoring anti-Trump political points. Instead of joining the pack baying for Trump’s head, Navarette looks at what Trump actually said about the violence in Charlottesville, and admits there was nothing outrageous about it. If it had been said by Joe Biden, it wouldn’t even have made the news. And no, nobody honest or in his right mind seriously thinks that when Trump said there were good people on both sides of the Confederate monument issue, he was saying that there were good neo-Nazis and KKK members. Navarette is obviously the farthest thing from a Trump supporter, but kudos to him for admitting that what’s going on now isn’t that we have a Nazi for President, it’s that we no longer have honest, professional journalists reporting the unbiased truth.

Naturally, I’d go even further. When I hear all the constant hyperbolic media reports about the frightening “rise” of the white supremacist movement and how Trump has “emboldened” them, I want to throw a shoe at my TV. As a video montage put together by Sean Hannity demonstrated, Trump has scorned and denounced racists for decades. He was given the Ellis Island Award by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations in 1986 and praised in 1999 for “reaching out and being inclusive” by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. One reporter who used to cover Trump for the tabloids and whose job was to find dirt on him admitted never once hearing an accusation of racism until Trump announced that he was running for President as a Republican.

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I don’t believe there is any appreciable “rise” of these pitiful groups of racist idiots. I think they’re fewer in number than before, scorned by more Americans, and so powerless that if they even show their faces in public, they lose their jobs and get disowned by their parents. If they seem bigger, louder and scarier than before Trump took office, it’s only because they feed on publicity, and the anti-Trump media are giving it to them on a silver platter. If the liberal press really want to know who is emboldening this tiny fringe group of hateful, racist losers, the answer can be found in the nearest mirror.