October 6, 2016

The liberal media have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at Trump, but this takes it to a new level: it seems that the Donald is to blame for hurricanes. NBC reporter Ron Allen, reporting on the UN climate deal backed so fervently by President Obama, warned that if Trump and Republicans are elected, they would undo it, which would lead to global warming, which would cause more hurricanes like Hurricane Matthew (remember the poster for Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” showing the smoke from a factory smokestack curling directly into the eye of a hurricane?)

Never mind that hurricanes have existed since the dawn of time, that even as CO2 levels were rising, and we were suffering all that unnoticeable global warming over the past decade, we were in a hurricane drought. Matthew is on track to be the first major hurricane to make landfall in the US since Hurricane Wilma, 11 years ago. But at least we know that unlike the slow economy, the exodus of US jobs, the chaos in the Middle East, the increase in violent crime, substandard schools, the huge spike in the costs of health insurance and college tuition, the rise of ISIS and the growing threat of terrorism on US soil, bad weather isn’t the fault of Democrats. It’s the fault of Republicans.

Southern comedian “Brother Dave” Gardner summed up this hubris over half a century ago when he observed that farmers use to pray to God about the weather, “now they write to Washington.”

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