What's the worst thing Obama has done?

January 18, 2017

Over the past eight years, whenever President Obama has announced some brilliant (in his mind) new policy initiative or shown spectacular lack of leadership at a critical time, I’ve had cause to think, “Wow. This is the worst thing he has ever done!” I’ve had this thought many times, because when it comes to bad moves, head-scratching inconsistencies and inappropriate silences, the President just keeps outdoing himself. And he’s not quite done.

Just hours before he leaves the White House, I have to wonder what else he’s going to slap the nation with as he walks out the door.

So, what do YOU consider to be the worst thing Obama has ever done? To get you thinking, here’s a list of suggestions, by no means inclusive, to consider for that distinction. Remember to take into account the many possible long-term effects...

1. His pardon of Chelsea Manning after she (then-he) leaked 700,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks, with incalculable consequences to our troops and intelligence-gathering capabilities.

2. His attempted dismantling of our health care system with the disastrous Obamacare. (I include the repeated lies he told to get the law through.)

3. His dangerous Iran policy, most notably the transfer of billions of dollars to Iran and the infamous nuclear “deal.” (Again, all the associated secrecy and lies.)

4. His role in the deterioration of race relations, when he’d been given a great opportunity to heal them.

5. His failure to respect and support our allies, most notably Israel.

6. The shame of our foreign policy in the Middle East that resulted in chaos, untold deaths and the rise of ISIS. (Of course, Hillary Clinton shares the blame for that tragedy.)

7. The approximately $20 trillion in national debt that we are left with now.

8. The threats to national security posed by essentially open borders, his enthusiastic importation of refugees and his continuing release of Gitmo prisoners.

9. His thorough politicization of the Justice Department, State Department and IRS.  Obama created a law enforcement bureaucracy that had no problem targeting conservative groups and running roughshod over religious freedom, even if it meant suing the Little Sisters Of The Poor.

10. The unbearable burden of regulation he apparently has enjoyed placing on business.

Again, wow. How to choose? Obama, so preoccupied with legacy building, has built a monument to his own failure that will endure for the ages. I’ve never been one to push “Manchurian candidate”-style conspiracy theories, but tell me, if even the most far-fetched of them had been true, might the consequences have been about the same?

So, tell me, which of the above “top ten” do you think is the worst thing Obama has ever done? I’d really like to know what you think. Just leave me a comment below. I read them!

Of course, he’s still got a few hours to go –- time to outdo himself once again.

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  • Bruce Parker

    10/05/2017 12:04 PM

    Very simple....."He tried his best to destroy America". He should be hung !!!!!

  • Carol Jamieson

    09/30/2017 12:38 PM

    I was DEEPLY OFFENDED the day he stood and made fun of our Holy Scripture!! He made a Catholic School cover pictures of Jesus before he would speak there. He was ANTICHRISTIAN. Even when the House and Senate voted unanimously in 2009 to send military help to intervene in the war against the Christians in Africa (where villages were being burned), he did nothing to see that it happened. Hillary told him she didn't have the time it the staff to do anything about the murdering of Christians. This was the beginning of the Christian genocide, PRIOR TO ISIS! Voice of the Martyrs was pleading for help where I read this article about Obama and Clinton in their article. No regard for the law, only their own agenda.

  • Arthur E Carver, III

    09/29/2017 09:46 PM

    Hussein Obama had his own agenda as President of the United States. At no time did he hesitate to ignore prudent foreign or domestic policies that would have benefited all Americans. In a nutshell, during his tenure his greatest accomplishment was his constant, successful, attempts at reducing the value of America- its wealth: tangible and moral; America's honor and integrity; America's quality of life- especially for African Americans in the government projects; America's good will and self esteem - domestically and foreign; etc. He is a very intelligent person with a great education; therefore, he always knew what he was doing. And what this corrupt Chicago politician was doing was destroying America. His momentum remains and is seen today in the actions of the Democrat Party!

  • Dan Hampton

    09/27/2017 01:22 AM

    Dismantling our Health Care System has adversely effected the lives of my family, and friends in a drastic way.

  • Phyllis Ann TenBrink

    08/15/2017 09:19 PM

    His pardon of Chelsea Manning