October 26, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Trump-Russia narrative blows up -- NY Times shocked - shocked! - to discover Democrats lie sanctimoniously -- "Let there be light" movie -- Actor Robert Guillaume dies -- Forgetting history -- Jeff Flake retires 

If you haven’t checked the news recently, then that explosion you heard in the distance last night was the “Trump Russian collusion” narrative blowing up in the faces of a lot of Democrats and media people. Hillary Clinton (who has been on her “Making You Glad You Voted For Trump” world tour for the past couple of weeks) had barely managed to brush off the growing collusion/cover-up scandal over the Russian purchase of one-fifth of our uranium supply as a lot of discredited baloney when the Spam hit the fan.

That well-known right-wing media mouthpiece, the Washington Post, reported that the notorious “Russian dossier” on Donald Trump – the one compiled by a shady oppo research firm and whose genuine USDA Grade A baloney reportedly was the basis for the Obama Administration wiretapping the Trump campaign and for Robert Mueller’s investigation – was actually paid for by the DNC and a lawyer from Hillary’s own campaign. Last week, the representatives of that firm, Fusion GPS, took the Fifth to keep from telling Congress who had paid them to compile it.

Reactions to the bombshell news ranged ranged from dead silence to denials of any direct knowledge to claims that oppo research is just standard operating procedure in DC. But trying to bring down a presidency by howling for an investigation based on questionable oppo research you secretly paid for yourself is just about as unethical as, say, heading an investigation into a scandal in which you had prior involvement you never revealed or for which your protégé is your chief witness. Or accusing your opponent of colluding with Russia while you were signing off on a business deal with Russia that endangered the world while Russian sources poured over $100 million into your family’s foundation. Or…well, if I keep listing breathtakingly unethical things we’ve seen out of Washington over the past few years, we’ll be here all day.

Better we should spend today watching the latest news to see what more revelations await. It promises to be an interesting day, as prominent figures scurry to cover their rumps and media hounds who have been baying up the Trump collusion tree for the past year try to explain how they completely missed the scent of the sewer that was right under their own feet.


Mike Huckabee


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NY Times shocked - shocked! - to discover Democrats lie sanctimoniously

By Mike Huckabee

Two New York Times reporters are shocked that Hillary’s campaign lawyer vigorously denied paying for the sleazy Trump Russian dossier and insisted their sources were wrong. They’re stunned that an attorney representing Hillary Clinton’s campaign “lied with sanctimony.”

Well, of course, he did! Have they not learned by now? Just a spoonful of sanctimony helps the mendacity go down.


"Let there be light" the movie

By Mike Huckabee

If you caught my TBN TV show last weekend, then you saw Kevin and Sam Sorbo talking about their new faith-based film, “Let There Be Light,” which opens nationwide this Friday. I’ve seen the movie and thought it was really terrific. It doesn’t just deliver an inspiring message, it does so in a moving and dramatic way that rivals anything coming out of Hollywood today.


Actor Robert Guillaume dies

By Mike Huckabee

Sympathy and prayers today for the family of actor Robert Guillaume, who died yesterday at home in Los Angeles at 89 after a long battle with prostate cancer. An actor of great dignity and versatility, he was equally adept at drama or comedy, winning an Emmy for playing Benson, the butler smarter than his employer, on “Soap” and his own spin-off, “Benson.” But he also played a wide range of other roles, from voicing Rafiki in “The Lion King” to becoming the first black actor to star as the Phantom onstage in the musical, “Phantom of the Opera.” He had some great observations about acting as a profession and race that you should definitely read at the link.

But over and above his sterling acting resume was something even more important. His wife Donna said, “He kinda went the way everyone wishes they could, surrounded by love and in his sleep,” after spending time with all four of his children. She said, “He was a good father and a good husband. He was a great, great person.” And in the end, that means even more than a shelf full of Emmy and Tony Awards.


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Forgetting history

By Mike Huckabee

Protesters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison want a disclaimer put on a statue of Abraham Lincoln because “he owned slaves.” In a related story, you might want to rethink getting a history degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Jeff Flake retires

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake just became the latest Republican to announce his retirement from the Senate, after only one term. Flake came in with a reputation as one of the House’s solid conservatives; but since joining the Senate, he’s become one of Donald Trump’s most outspoken critics. He bowed out with the type of righteous anti-Trump speech beloved by the Beltway media. Some will praise him for standing on principle, while others will dismiss it as an audition for MSNBC.


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  • Sarah Menne

    10/26/2017 11:53 PM

    I sent Senator Flake a "thank you" comment on his website - for choosing "not" to run this next term and asked him to at least "try" to persuade Senator McCain to resign so Arizona would no longer have to be embarrassed by fake Republican legislators who in the end did NOT represent the wishes of their constituents who voted them into office and trusted them to do the right thing. May they rest on their self-righteous derrieres.

  • Scott Smith

    10/26/2017 11:46 PM

    I find most of the problems with what gets done in Washington is not what gets done, but what isn't getting done. People like Sen. Flake, McCain, Roy Blunt from Missouri, Mitch McConnell and others are holding up progress that would be good for America. Democrats are not a bit better! If the Dems didn't run such radical opponents to Republicans in Congress, they might, just might, get one elected now and then. Thirty or more years in Congress by these kings and queens is killing our Country and reducing it to ashes. The American people have done themselves no favors at the voting booths, and those favors are being returned to them void. We are a sinking ship as a whole, and nobody has a plan to bail out the water.

  • Franck Prissert

    10/26/2017 10:09 AM

    Governor, thank you for your letters. Always on point. And thank you to Sarah. Apple and tree. The Uranium story is worse than stated, in my opinion. Wrote a book on that and then some, never found a publisher. It goes like the subtitle, "How we are losing the Cold War and The Middle East." It was about Obama of course. Simply put, Team Obama had allowed Russia to expand its sphere of influence in the Middle East almost to the point to encircle the Gulf Nations and their oil. Russia's ultimate objective was, and still is, to conquer Eurasia, and the Route to India via the Arabian Sea is the logistical corridor. So, back to Uranium, if Russia had succeeded in its oil takeover, it would de facto control ALL of the world's energy, hence Eurasia. Makes sense? Now, put the Russian hoax in this context, what are we left with? I know this sounds quite eerie, but history is replete with loons whose coolaid is to conquer the world. In this case, the bad guys seem to be Putin for sure, together with Team Clinton Obama. Yet, no one seems to have connected the dots. Publicly.

  • Jay Kruizenga

    10/26/2017 09:36 AM

    Lincoln owned slaves? That's a new one on me. He did not own slaves but neither was he a friend to the black man. We've been lead to believe that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. It did not. This was a war-time measure that freed slaves "only" in those areas not controlled by the Union - the South, which was a free Constitutional Republic separate from the Union. Lincoln did not believe that whites and blacks could live adjacent each other. His will - may have been carried out had he not been shot - was to colonize the blacks either their own State, back to Africa, and was even looking at Central America. He was no friend to the black man. He did not free a single slave. Anyone that says otherwise needs to brush up on the facts left out of our history books.

    No, Lincoln did not own slaves, but he did find it convenient to use them in completing the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., a building designed by Jefferson Davis.

    Off topic but just as important...the war is still being fought in the South, now to remove Confederate Memorials...the white-washing of history. Those of us with Confederate ancestors are expected to sit silent and say nothing. We're racist. We're immoral. We're horrible people. There was a period in the South post-war that lasted 12 long years known to Northerners as Reconstruction. The purpose was to Northernize the South: to make the South an exact replica of the North. Greedy Carpetbaggers came through the South taking full advantage of the situation. Southerners lost their homes, plantations, their livelihoods. Our children were indoctrinated with Northern falsehoods - their side of the war. When will people wake up and see that the war was not over slavery? That true Conservatism lost and big government liberals won. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, the Constitution, imprisoned newspaper reporters that dared offer dissent to his big-government policies, and unlawfully invaded the South without Congressional consent. The true war was fought to put into place Lincoln's American System. The sovereign governments were destroyed. Conservatism lost the war.

    Yes, slavery was and is wrong. But the North had slaves too. It was a part of life in those times. We can't judge their time by today's moral standards. That's called presentism. Ulysses Grant, a slave-holder who did not free his slaves until late 1865, once stated that the war was not fought over slavery but to preserve the Union. He said if he thought for one moment that the war was to end slavery he'd wear his scabbard on the opposite side: in other words, he wouldn't fight.

    Learn the truth about Lincoln's War. I am not affiliated in any way with this website or company, but I discovered the truth from reading the books by Lochlainn Seabrook.

  • Lionel G. GLAUDE

    10/26/2017 08:35 AM

    Keep up the good work.