November 21, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  We need freedom from Freedom from Religion -- More of a #5 -- Censorship-- Fox News thanks Hillary -- Della Reese RIP -- Baseball Hall of Famer dies -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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On November 3, an assistant coach for the Norman (Oklahoma) High School football team was seen praying with about a dozen of his student athletes before the game.

Now, he’s being investigated.


Mike Huckabee


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More of a #5

By Mike Huckabee has compiled a list of the 100 most influential Evangelicals in America today. Of course, #1 is the Rev. Billy Graham, followed by his son Franklin, with the Rev. Joel Osteen at #3. But who is this guy at #4, some former Arkansas Governor? I’m genuinely honored to be considered that influential, but I have a feeling my wife might argue that she should be #4 and bump me down to #5.



By Mike Huckabee

The TLC Network has dropped Derrick Dillard from the show “Counting On” for refusing to publicly embrace the transgender agenda and using a transgender teen’s non-preferred pronoun. In a related story, “TLC” is a shortened term for “Totalitarian Liberal Censorship.”


Fox news thanks Hillary

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton slammed Fox News by claiming that if they’d been around when her husband was running for President in ’92, he never would have survived all the scandal stories. You know, the ones biased media outlets back then refused to cover, but Fox would have. Well, at least she thinks she slammed Fox by saying that. They took it as a compliment and tweeted it far and wide.


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Della Reese RIP

By Mike Huckabee

We also have to say a sad final farewell to the great actress Della Reese, best known to modern audiences for her award-winning, nine-year run on the hit TV series, “Touched By An Angel.” Her angelic presence wasn’t mere acting: she was also an ordained minister. She even cut a gospel album called “Give It To God” in 2006. If her musical talent came as a surprise to “Angel” fans, it was only because they didn’t know that she started her career as one of America’s top nightclub jazz singers, belting out swinging songs in elegant gowns in front of big bands. But even back then, her future path was evident. Her second album in 1958 was a collection of gospel tunes called “Amen.”


Baseball Hall of Famer dies

As the year dwindles to an end, we seem to be losing more and more famous people. Today comes news of the passing of Baseball Hall of Famer and Boston Red Sox legend Bobby Doerr at 99. As both player and coach, Doerr was with the Red Sox for 27 years. He was the oldest living Major League player, and one of the best ever. To show you how good he was (and how old), he was once praised as being the most valuable player in the American League, and more important to the Sox than the great Ted Williams. The person who said that about him: Babe Ruth.


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Comments 1-5 of 5

  • Rosa Lea Price

    11/23/2017 05:48 PM

    I would move you to #3, your wife (although I don't know her) to #4 and then Joel Osteen at #5. I really enjoy and appreciate your commentaries and am thankful for your common sense and influence. God bless you and your family, especially on this Thanksgiving. BTW, I voted for you whenever I had the chance!

  • Nancy L. Davis

    11/22/2017 11:18 AM

    Nudity is accepted in public, profanity is accepted in public, same sex marriage, which is against God's law, but you must not pray in public or mention God's name (Jesus) in public. I think the world's thinking has become just as Satan planned it.

  • Robert Dunn

    11/22/2017 08:37 AM

    Congrats on being #5, but news Max seemed to be a bit bias as you Governor have been the greatest influence on how Christians should carry their Lamps and lighting the path to the narrow gate for the lost. Thank you, God Bless You~

  • Elaine M. Liming

    11/21/2017 07:27 PM

    I loved what you said about Bobby Doerr. I grew up in Mass. and the Red Sox were my favorite team and still are even though I live in California now. My son is an Angel fan; we just love baseball. I have Bobby Doerr' s autograph on my baseball with other Red Sox Hall of Famers. He talked with my son and I at a card show and we both talked about the 1946 world series when at six year's old enjoyed my first world series. He was quite the gentlemen, he always prayed to God to become a baseball player. He was a giver, always gave his best and always with a smile. Watching him play was exciting. When he retired because of back problems, I was eleven year's old. When I heard the announcement from the voice of the Red Sox Curt Gowdy, I remember I began to cry and when I heard of his death I was moved to tears.
    He was a role model for many in my generation. We liked him better than Ted Williams, because by his actions, words, and deeds, Bobby Doerr was our hero. I heard from my high school friends this week still in Mass. They too are sad but said happy he is with God and his wife in heaven.

  • Jayne Scott

    11/21/2017 04:22 PM

    I applaud Derrick Dillard from “Counting On” for standing up for his beliefs! It’s a shame the rest of the family don’t follow suite & let TLC take it or leave it. After all we will stand before our Creator & give account for our choices. Fame & money or Biblical truth? We all make our choice!!