December 7, 2017

Today is a very solemn anniversary in American history: Pearl Harbor Day.  It is the 76th anniversary of what President Franklin Roosevelt declared as “a date that shall live in infamy.”  Early on the morning of December 7, 1941, Japan launched a surprise air attack on America’s naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. By the time smoke had cleared, 2,350 people had been killed.  It was the deadliest attack on Americans until the 9/11 attack of 2001. 

But Americans rallied after the body blow at Pearl Harbor.  We put aside our petty differences and partisan politics and banded together to rebuild our military and fight.  We remembered who the real enemy was, and that loose lips sink ships.  We didn’t turn on each other.  We learned what the words “Nazi” and “Hitler” really mean, and that they weren't to be taken lightly.  And together, we eventually achieved victory over those dark and evil forces.

Now, as more heroic survivors of Pearl Harbor pass away with each anniversary, it’s important that we keep their memories and the memories of what they did and what they fought for alive for future generations of Americans.  Let’s hope that as we continue to fight a war on terrorism sparked by an even more deadly atrocity than the attack on Pearl Harbor, we can all remember the lessons we learned on that terrible December morning in 1941. 

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  • Juanita F Greene

    12/13/2017 07:15 PM

    I remember our family being gathered around the radio listening to news of the war. I remember
    black out curtains, gas rationing, 35 MPH speed on the roads, patching automobile tires. Thinking back
    on that time I find it difficult now to believe our little town was in danger, but that didn't stop us from
    being a little bit afraid.


    12/08/2017 08:04 AM

    The devastation at PH could have been avoided if senior radar observers had been present...the rookies thought the massive fleet of aircraft flying toward PH were radar "Ghosts." those ghosts did a lot of damage..Had the alarm been sounded a half-hour later. US planes could have scrambled and reduced the damage considerably...War was in the air...then it made contact..

  • Jean Schmidt

    12/07/2017 02:38 PM

    My family attended the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor last year. Your commentary supports what we learned by speaking with the survivors. My 3 grandchildren all march in the parade and performed at the site of the Arizona. This was exciting enough but the best part was hearing the stories of bravery, losing buddies and rescuing burning soldiers in the waters. It was also important to hear their concerns and hopes for America’s future.

  • John Carter

    12/07/2017 01:58 PM

    Thanks for remembering!????

  • CDR Richard "Sam" Sansom,USN (Ret)

    12/07/2017 01:57 PM

    I pray, "Remember Pearl Harbor," doesn't fade from America's lexicon when the last WWII Veteran fades away.

  • Jim Simpson

    12/07/2017 01:57 PM

    Thank you Governor for leading with this story today. May we say to those veterans who are still with us, "The Greatest Generation," who, defended this country, we can never thank you enough for your sacrifice, courage, will and determination. You made sure the rest of us who would come later would still live in the land of the free and brave. May God grant you His comfort and peace throughout your lives and a special place in HIS kingdom.

    God Bless you all.

  • Donald P Bower

    12/07/2017 01:44 PM

    Thanks again Governor Huckabee for all the great info you give us...My dad, whom I will see again, was a gunner and the stories he will tell about WWII...I miss him so much and his stories! On my human side I think how people like the Obammmha and the Clintons of this world, can even comment when they have no idea about being a true American...I consider you and my Father as true Americans...Have a great day!

  • Sarah Menne

    12/07/2017 01:18 PM

    I sincerely pray that it does not take another Pearl Harbor or 911 for all Americans to wake up and again band together against the true common enemies of our beloved nation.

  • Carol A. Galasso

    12/07/2017 12:49 PM

    Hi Huck! I am 83 years old and was living in Los Angeles when Pearl Harbor was hit. I was 7 yrs. old and I remember Pres. Roosevelt's speech at least the part about going down in history in infamy. I remember thinking "infamy" meant "forever". I also remember a song we sang it goes,
    "Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we go to meet the foe.
    Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we do the Alamo.
    We will always remember how they died for you and me.
    Let's remember Pearl Harbor and go on to Victory!"

    I sing this song 2 or 3 times during the day and it always brings tears to my eyes.

    I just can't believe the NFL. Their players are actually getting PAID while protesting our National Anthem. It's WRONG. Let them go out and protest on their own time, in front of City Halls or public libraries or wherever. But when they protest on game time Mr. NFL, the ticket holders are paying. Why don't they protest while they are making their commercials for different products? because they know that would be the end of that job!!! Just think about it.

  • Audrey Skarness

    12/07/2017 12:26 PM

    Surprised some idiot hasn't said Pearl Harbor never happened like they did about the Holocaust.