April 28, 2017

Before there is any more talk of a “solution” to the Israeli/Palestinian issue, there should be thoughtful consideration as to what conditions should precede legitimizing the process itself, much less a “deal.”

For the Palestinian Authority, the issue is about land; for Israel, it’s about life. If both parties wish to negotiate borders or bedrooms in the settlements, all good and fine. But unless President Mahmoud Abbas repudiates his own public statements and those from his official government ministers about wanting to kill Jews and until schools in the Palestinian authority no longer teach hatred of the Jews, and until the PA ceases to pay salaries to the families of suicide bombers or terrorists who murder Jews, there can be no peace and peace talks are nothing more than the fantasy of politicians who believe they can do something that no one has done since the first Israeli/Muslim conflict involving Isaac and Ishmael.

For President Trump, who has pledged his support for moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the actual capital and further to stop the Iranian deal which threatens all of western civilization, the stakes are high. Not if he fails to get the parties together for an agreement. The expectation for that is quite low. It’s tricky for President Trump to give even a small signal that he is ignoring the actual rhetoric of Palestinian Authority officials in regards to “nuking Israel” for to do so will alienate the very key core of supporters who were the difference in his election—the evangelical Christians who voted more than 80% for Donald Trump.

From both a policy and political standpoint, any hat tip to a shadow government that has consistently rejected “land for peace” deals or which has supported the intentional murder of civilians will be considered by the evangelicals who supported him an unforgivable sin in the same way as would be a flip/flop on abortion or failing to name constitutionalists to the US Supreme Court.

Doing nothing right now is far better than doing the wrong thing, and the wrong thing is believing that President Abbas acknowledges the right of Israel to live in the security of their ancestral homeland.

President Abbas is scheduled to come to the White House soon for a visit. It would be a great opportunity for President Trump to announce that just as soon as the Palestinian Authority eliminates curriculum in schools that encourage the murder of Jews and it ceases to reward families of terrorists with a salary for killing Jews, talks will begin. Until then, President Abbas has some homework. And it can start in his schools. And as important as it is for President Trump to keep the promise to build the wall between the USA and Mexico, it’s important to respect the wall that currently separates the Jewish state of Israel from those who celebrate and canonize terrorists.

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  • R. George Dunn

    05/02/2017 08:32 AM

    Time to go back to the original agreement that created 5 Nations out of the Mid-East and realize that Israel is for Israelite's and the other four Countries are for Palestinians. The Land belongs to Israel proper.