May 11, 2017

To listen to the caterwauling of the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is a replay of the “Saturday Night Massacre” when Nixon fired the Watergate special prosecutor. Of course, to them, everything Republicans do is “Watergate: The Sequel.” They so miss the long-ago days when Americans actually thought journalists were cool that they’re always seeing the next Watergate in every Republican gaffe, the way an excitable child thinks every bump in the night on Christmas Eve is Santa landing on the roof.

Well, sorry to disillusion you, kids, but here’s a history lesson. Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox only after he tried to get his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General to do it, and both refused and resigned in protest. Trump fired Comey after his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General sent Trump a list of reasons why it needed to be done. The A.P. attempted an end run around that by calling this the first time since Watergate that a President fired an official who was investigating him. Again, not true. The FBI already said Trump is not the target of the investigation. They probably would’ve loved to have said it’s the first time a President fired an FBI Director, except Bill Clinton fired William Sessions in 1993 and nobody cared.

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Blogger John Hinderaker has more on the AP’s fevered Nixon obsession, along with a link to a handy list of some quotes about why Comey should be fired from leading Democrats who are now outraged and demanding a federal investigation into why he was fired.



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