May 17, 2017

Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” might not have made its last stand after all. Allen revealed that he was “stunned and blindsided” by news that ABC canceled the show after six seasons, considering it’s become an even bigger hit in syndication. Fans suspect politics may be behind it. Disney/ABC is notoriously liberal, while Allen is an outspoken conservative who mocks the PC fascism of Hollywood. “LMS” isn’t just ABC’s second-highest-rated sitcom, it’s also the only network sitcom centered on a Christian conservative who humorously bashes liberals – unlike most other sitcoms that promote a leftwing agenda.

ABC claims it’s just economics: a long-running hit costs a lot to produce, and they don’t own the show, so they don’t get syndication money to make the continued expense worth it. But that isn’t cutting any ice with conservative fans who are already criminally underserved by the networks. A petition has garnered (at last count) over 200,000 signatures; and it doesn’t just demand the show be renewed but signers vow to boycott all ABC programming until it is (of course, we all know conservative consumer boycotts don’t hurt their target. Just ask Target.) A similar petition at demands a Congressional investigation of ABC to see if politics are behind the show's cancellation, but I think we already have too many calls for congressional investigations of things that are laughable.

This puts ABC in a delicate situation, but here’s my suggestions for how they could get out of it. If they, and the other networks, actually aired more than one show a week that reflected the tastes and opinions of the 70% of Americans (according to Gallup) who identify as either conservative or moderate, maybe viewers wouldn’t get so upset when they canceled that one non-liberal show.

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  • Diana Horn

    06/24/2017 01:50 PM


  • Donna Palmberg

    05/18/2017 08:11 PM

    We watch it on Hallmark every evening. That and Home Improvement are among
    our favorite shows. They never emphasize the left agenda that's trying to make
    everything appear "normal."

  • Sherry Smith

    05/18/2017 03:10 PM

    I will boycott. this is not acceptable behavior

  • Judy A Brower

    05/18/2017 12:58 PM

    I usually watch this show, it's one of the few that isn't completely stupid, you can still see it on Hallmark channel. I really don't know who watches some of the other programs, but I guess it's the state of our Country now,so sad.

  • Pamela G. Weaver

    05/18/2017 06:15 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee. Finding news that can be trusted and true these days is nearly impossible.

  • Lori Robinson

    05/17/2017 07:59 PM

    Whole family loves the show! One of the few programs we watch regularly and are very upset that they are canceling it! We do not believe the excuse for a moment. Loved him in Home Improvement and still watch the reruns. Doesn't surprise me that ABC pulled this stunt! Interesting that one article quoted Allen stating that the writers are actually liberal.

  • Margo Tobey

    05/17/2017 04:16 PM

    I stand with Last Man Standing. Love the show.