May 31, 2017


Today's Commentary:  Greg Allman -- Did You Order A White Russian? -- Violence On The Right And The Left


Over the long weekend, a couple of prominent people passed away. After years of health issues, blues/rock singer Greg Allman died at home in Savannah Saturday at 69, due to complications from liver cancer. He made lots of fine music over the years, most famously his solo hit “Midnight Rider.” But if you want to hear blues-based Southern rock at its absolute peak, hunt down the Allman Brothers Band’s 1971 live album “At Fillmore East,” with classics such as “Whipping Post” featuring brother Duane Allman on guitar and bassist Berry Oakley, shortly before both died in separate motorcycle accidents. If they’re all playing together again in Heaven, then we know it’s possible for even angels to feel the blues.

And on Monday, former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega died at 83. Most Americans probably haven’t thought much about him since he was deposed in 1989 (I still remember the jokes about trying to blast him out of the Vatican’s embassy with Van Halen records) and brought to the US, where he was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking. He spent his final years in Panama under house arrest, surrounded by a high fence in a house outside of Panama City. A few years ago, a couple of friends of mine of mine vacationed in Panama. As their guide was driving them out for a rain forest tour, he pointed out Noriega’s prison/home along the way and chuckled that he used to be Panama’s feared dictator, but now, he was a tourist attraction. So I guess you could say that in the long run, he did finally help boost Panama’s economy legitimately.


Mike Huckabee


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Did You Order A White Russian?

By Mike Huckabee

Well, so much for attorney-client privilege. Critics of President Trump are so desperate to find a pony in the mountain of horse droppings that is their “Russian collusion scandal” that Congress actually asked Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to come testify about his alleged contacts with Russia. Cohen refused, calling the request “poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered.”

But wait: it gets worse. He said they wanted to ask him about a trip he took to Prague – which he never took. That means they’re apparently basing a real Congressional investigation on the discredited, ridiculous “Trump dossier” cobbled together by a shady oppo research outfit, the one that claimed Trump hired Russian prostitutes to do unsanitary things on Obama’s hotel mattress and that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen met with Russians in Prague, when it was a completely different Michael Cohen. Trump’s attorney has never been to Prague, as proven by his passport. He was at USC with his son at the time of the alleged trip. So what did Congress want to ask him? “Did you drop by the 901 Bar & Grill when you were at USC? If so, did you order a White Russian?”

What’s next? Are members of Trump’s family going to be required to account for themselves to Congress for the bad dreams Democrats are having about them?

And Democrats actually think Americans are going to reward them with a return to power in 2018. Based on what? Their record of abject policy failures or their ability to obstruct every important issue that voters actually care about with fantasmagorical nonsense?


Violence On The Right And The Left

By Mike Huckabee

Liberal reporters are understandably aghast that Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte got elected in Montana by a comfortable margin after allegedly body-slamming aggressive reporter Ben Jacobs of the Guardian. True, most of the votes were already in by then, but there were few indications that many Gianforte supporters would have changed their votes if they could have.

To be clear, nobody should condone violence against reporters, or any other person who isn’t instigating violence. But the attempt to blame all the recent examples of political conflict degenerating into violence on Republicans, or more specifically President Trump for fomenting an “atmosphere of violence,” is harder to swallow than Gianforte’s fist. Tucker Carlson of Fox News asked a guest who made that claim to name even one example of conservative college students threatening violence to silence a liberal speaker. The guest sputtered more than a Model T but gave no actual answer. When Jill Stein tried to blame the stabbing of three people in Portland on “Trump’s America,” it was quickly pointed out to her that the alleged killer was a Bernie Sanders supporter who wanted Bernie to choose Stein as a running mate.

And now comes this: amateur sleuths on the Internet used social media to track down a Berkeley protester who was caught on video bashing people in the head at a pro-Trump rally with a bike lock. Police have charged the alleged culprit with assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury. They’ve identified at least three possible victims so far. So, was he a violent Republican, pumped up by Trump? Nope. He’s such a leftwing “social justice warrior” cliché that he’s actually a former philosophy professor at Diablo Valley College whose bio claims he’s “currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.” Well, to be more accurate, he’s currently exploring restorative justice from inside a jail cell in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Still, just because the left are acting like violent toddlers doesn’t justify the right acting violent in return, unless it’s in self-defense. We shouldn’t excuse attacks on reporters, no matter how biased, obnoxious and confrontational they are (even if they "invade someone's safe space," which liberals seem to think is justification for violent retaliation.) However, they shouldn't expect us to listen to them lecture us not to be violent from atop their moral high horse when they say things like this:

“Left, right and center, straight news and opinion, journalists at CPAC have one thing in common, the overwhelming urge to punch Benji Backer.”

That apparent approval of physically assault against the then-16-year-old conservative activist was tweeted in 2014 by – surprise! – Ben Jacobs. It seems that the “atmosphere of violence” against political opponents began well before Trump even announced that he was running for President, and it came from the other side.

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  • Forrest Beckwith

    06/02/2017 10:36 AM

    Good morning Mr. Huckabee. Thank you for all your interesting perspective on the world around us. I like to pose this 'task of thought' to you. I find that whenever I share the days events (even with my follow Republicans) I find my self quickly silenced by rebuttles of 'the same form/type of actions' were performed by the (extreme) right upon the election of Prez Obama. Personally, while I wasn't a fan of Obama, upon his election, I accepted it and hoped that our government would work together and be functional. Disappointingly, as exampled by the (one-sided) creation of Obamacare. So, again, would you be so kind to refresh me (and your readers) how similar/dis-similar the reponses are to the election of our last two presidents (yes, I know Prez Bush took a bashing as well but...). Thank you, Forrest