July 9, 2017

When the talking heads weren’t getting their facts wildly wrong, they were excoriating Trump for violating the sacred tradition (which I admit, I’ve never heard about) of Presidents not criticizing cable TV news anchors while on foreign soil. Now, I have heard of an old tradition that you don’t criticize the US President when he’s on foreign soil. I stuck to that one all through the Obama years, but the media flushed it down the toilet the nanosecond Obama left the White House. And Trump's critics didn't seem bothered at all that Obama spent the Fourth of July weekend badmouthing American patriotism as nationalism and bigotry while on foreign soil in Indonesia.

They also made a big fuss over Trump taking his first question from the British tabloid, the Daily Mail, rather than one of the US establishment media outlets that’s been attacking him relentlessly. Think of it what you will, but the Daily Mail is possibly the most widely-read media outlet in Europe. And they didn’t mention that the very next question he took was from NBC. They whined that he was freezing them out and silencing them, when they were actually just having a childish fit because someone else got to go first.

Frankly, it’s breathtakingly hypocritical for the same media figures who have been acting like (as they’re referred to on the Instapundit site) “Democratic operatives with bylines” to suddenly pose and preen as wounded professionals who aren’t being shown due respect when they’re called out on their bias and lack of fact-checking. From the second Trump was elected, they’ve treated him as an illegitimate usurper and shown no respect for his office, yet they demand the leader of the free world show due respect to them. They don’t ask questions of Sean Spicer, they hurl attacks and accusations; then they wonder why he’s not nicer to them, which is like wondering why a bullfighter doesn’t try to pet the bull. Where I come from, respect is something you earn. And once you’ve squandered it, you can’t just demand it back. You have to work extra hard to earn it back.

The media accuse Trump of not acting like a President when they refuse to treat him like the President. Maybe if they want him to treat them like professional journalists, they should try acting like professional journalists.


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