July 12, 2017

If you still wonder why liberal Democrats can’t get elected except in deep blue urban areas (hint: it’s not a Russian conspiracy) and why they seem so out of touch with everyday working Americans, a new Pew Research Center survey may hold a clue. It found that 36% of Democrats believe that churches have a negative impact on American society. Among liberal Democrats, that jumps to 44%. Only 40% of liberals think that churches have a positive impact on society. By contrast, just 14% of Republicans have a negative view of churches. And what do a majority of liberals think does have a positive impact on American society? Fifty-one percent said the national news media do.

Some conservative pundits have long noted that secular liberals seem to have replaced religion with politics, from the way they look for inspiration to “charismatic” figures, from JFK to Obama to Jon Stewart. But when nearly half actually think that churches are bad for society, then it doesn’t take a Divine Revelation to understand why they’re not winning elections in the South and Midwest.


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