January 30, 2018


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Today's Commentary: "Andy" McCabe gets forced early retirement  -- The Memo -- State of the Union -- Typo Wars -- Dr. Carson's new initiative -- Freedom of expression in Florida -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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When Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of the FBI exchanged politically-charged texts about an “insurance policy,” presumably to keep (or, if came to that, kick) Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, they referenced a meeting in “Andy’s office.”

"Andy," as far as anyone can tell, is FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as Lisa Page was at that time McCabe’s legal assistant. McCabe, according to FOX News reporter Catherine Herridge, was known as a member of then-FBI Director Jim Comey's "skinny inner circle," a tight group who were at the center of all big discussions and decisions. And, today, just weeks from retirement, McCabe was removed from his job by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who reportedly read “the memo” about politically-motivated FISA abuse yesterday. (Side note: it appears that McCabe will still be eligible for his pension. Your tax dollars at work!)


Mike Huckabee


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The Memo

By Mike Huckabee

House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff is protesting yesterday's party-line vote to release the Nunes memo on alleged FBI surveillance abuse without letting the FBI and DOJ vet it to censor anything that might compromise their sources and methods. Schiff called it “a deeply regrettable state of affairs,” but said “it does show how, in my view, when you have a deeply flawed person in the Oval Office, that flaw can infect the whole of government, and today, tragically, it infected our committee.”

Funny, I have a feeling that the very reason why Americans need to see that memo is that it will compromise sources and methods that never should have been used by the FBI, and that it will reveal that our intelligence community has tragically been infected by some deeply-flawed persons who abused their power to try to determine which person ended up in the Oval Office. I guess there’s only one way to find out which one of us is correct, and keeping that memo hidden from public view isn’t it.


State of the Union

By Mike Huckabee

Tonight, President Trump gives his State of the Union Address. A lot of pundits are already analyzing it without even knowing what he’ll say. I’ll spare you that waste of time and just wait to talk about it tomorrow, after it’s actually happened.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some people from condemning all the horrifying, racist things they think Trump said in a speech he hasn’t even given yet.


Typo wars

By Mike Huckabee

Proving that no pretext for attacking President Trump is ever too flimsy, Twitter is filled with mockery over the fact that the first run of tickets to the State of the Union Address contained a typo that misspelled Union as “Uniom” (they were recalled and reprinted, which to me seems like a bigger scandal: why waste taxpayer money over a simple one-letter typo?)

Oh, by the way, before the members of Congress get too carried away mocking Trump over a typo, I should point out that proofing and printing the tickets is the responsibility of the House sergeant-at-arms. In short, the typo was actually made by "Comgress." Oops!


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Dr. Carson's new initiative

By Mike Huckabee

HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson is leading a new initiative designed to help residents of public housing acquire the necessary skills to get out of public housing and into private rentals or home ownership. These “EnVision Centers” will help promote what he calls the four key pillars of self-sufficiency: “character and leadership, educational advancement, economic empowerment, and health and wellness.”

This is the type of idea Ronald Reagan was talking about when he said that conservatives don’t define compassion by how many people are getting government aid but by how many people no longer need government aid. Helping people to achieve self-sufficiency doesn’t just help the taxpayers, it also helps the person who is no longer on government assistance. You can hand out meaningless self-esteem trophies all day long, but they’ll never give someone the well-earned feeling of pride and self-worth that comes from knowing you’re capable of standing on your own feet and paying your own way.


Freedom of expression in Florida

By Mike Huckabee

What do you call it when someone abuses the hard-fought freedom of expression represented by the American flag by literally using that flag as a doormat? One college art teacher in Florida seems to think that it’s called “art.” I would say that she’s demonstrating that she knows just as little about art as she does about America, and students who want to become real artists should avoid her class like the plague.

If she doesn’t like me saying that, too bad. I’d direct her to the flag under her dirty shoes and note that it represents my freedom of expression to say what a lousy art teacher I think she is.


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