October 11, 2018

Former Obama Administration official Susan Rice’s son, John David Rice-Cameron, is the president of the Stanford College Republicans (that must make for some lively Thanksgiving dinner conversations, but that’s not the point.)  He was attending a pro-Brett Kavanaugh rally on campus when some tolerant liberals attacked the Republican students, tearing up their signs and one allegedly hit John and forcibly shoved him.

To his enormous credit, he refuses to be cowed by that kind of fascist thuggery.  He’s pressing battery charges against the student who attacked him and he declared, “Nobody should be assaulted on campus, under any circumstances.”  It’s ironic that the leftists assaulted him for standing up for the principle that people shouldn’t be found guilty of assault when there’s no evidence (they did it on camera and provided evidence.)  And it's doubly ironic that Susan Rice is considering challenging Sen. Susan Collins for her seat for doing the exact same thing.

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John also issued this statement to Fox News: “Yesterday's events are yet another example of the violence and thuggery that is increasingly common from the unhinged left. Those who care about upholding the principles that make America great must come together to stop the left this November. People willing to resort to any means necessary to achieve their political objectives must be kept out of power. If you are disturbed by what is happening to conservative students at schools like Stanford, vote Republican through-and-through this November.”

I’ve certainly had my differences with Susan Rice over the years, but just as with Obama himself, I commend her for doing a great job of raising her kid.  I know exactly how she must feel, hearing that some unhinged leftist mob threatened her child.  Democrats have been shamefully quiet in condemning this kind of unacceptable and un-American violence and intimidation.  Some, like Maxine Waters and, this week, Hillary Clinton, even seem to endorse it.  But this incident at Stanford should serve as a big wake-up call that those who succeed at achieving their goals through violence and threats are not particular about their victims, and they won’t check your ID or family history before attacking your property or your person.

Democrats should remember that famous poem about the person who said nothing when the fascists came for all the other groups, until they came for him and there was no one left to speak up in protest.  Make no mistake: to these people, if you are not a far-left, pro-socialist, totalitarian leftist, you are the enemy – and so is your family.




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  • Nick Campo

    10/14/2018 10:25 PM

    Hello Governor Huckabee. Just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your newsletter. I was very surprised to hear that Susan Rice’s son is a Republican. I guess there is hope for this country!

    Nick Campo

    PS: I love watching your Daughter go toe to toe with the fascist media! She’s a rock star. Good job!

  • John Yorio

    10/14/2018 08:42 AM

    Speaking of doing a great job of raising a great child. You did a excellent job with your daughter. Big fan!

  • Victoria M. Perez

    10/11/2018 11:15 PM

    I think the Republicans will gain more votes as a result from the actions of the left. Yea, keep it up lefties. We don't want anyone to get hurt. In preschool and in the primary grades, we adults tell the little ones to use their words when hitting is involved. Unfortunately these folks want to carry on their temper tantrums, or act out for a paid performance.

  • Barbara Marvel

    10/11/2018 04:59 PM

    Great Job Mom Susan Rice. You raised a strong committed son who sticks up for his principles even in the face of your allies trying to beat him into silence. He learned early on under your roof to not back down in the face of bullies and tyrannical small people.

  • lucillej justin

    10/11/2018 04:18 PM

    Is it strange that children from Juan Williams and Susan Rice (Democrats) are Republicans, and they do not follows in the politics of their Parents!!!!!!!! I wonder why??????? Smarter maybe!!!!!!!

  • Gary L. Heckman

    10/11/2018 03:52 PM

    Governor Huckabee

    Thank you for your emails. I look forward to them everyday. In my 80 years, I have never known the Democrat party to be so corrupt. If I were one of them, I would truly be ashamed. Those in charge are evil. Guess they don't believe in the Bible. Looks like Clinton, Palose, Waters, Schumer and others are on the rode to HELL. They better repent of their Sinful Nature soon. Praying for November 6th for all Republicans running for office.
    Blessings to you and your family. Love Sara...what a beautiful daughter.

  • Deborah A. Nichols

    10/11/2018 03:18 PM

    I am so pleased to read and hear about children in families who have parents who are liberal and the children, by some miracle, turn out to be conservative. Susan Rice was a powerful democrat. She has raised a free thinking child. I'm sure it must happen the other way in that conservative parents who raise a child who turns out to be liberal!

    I cannot imagine being raised in a family where you have different beliefs than your parents. Of course when a child is young they may not realize the differences. Even more surprising are parents where wife is conservative and husband is liberal and visa versa.

    When I became an adult I was not too active in politics. It's when I learned about Rush Limbaugh that I became very interested. Rush made so much since. I enjoy listening to him today.

    As an adult, when I had discussions about politics with my dad and step mother, I realized we were all conservative. I was very glad to find out we thought the same way about our leaders in government and our country. We enjoyed discussing issues.

    It's scary times. I live in North Georgia. It's a fairly conservative area but I do not have a Trump sticker on my car because of possible repercussions from people who do not like President Trump. These are scary times.

    I feel some liberals are more emboldened than they would have been because of the bias liberal news media and liberal leaders who seem to encourage their listeners to cause harm to people who don't believe the way they do! The liberal news media and liberal leaders show no restraint in their behavior in causing possible mob chaos! Liberals have no conscious in my opinion!

    Like Rush has said. The modern day liberals do not want to try to understand the conservative's point of view. They just want us gone!!

    Thank you for all you do!

    Debbie Nichols

  • Eva Shaw

    10/11/2018 03:02 PM

    Looks like the young man can think for himself.

  • Glendon Martin

    10/11/2018 02:52 PM

    Hope Rices son was in fear of his life and whupped their sob posteriors.
    These left activists are nearing a line and place they really don’t want to go.

  • Ed Jackson

    10/11/2018 02:12 PM

    I enjoy your articles and would like to Share on Facebook.
    Please add a SHARE button.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    10/11/2018 02:03 PM

    I am absolutely shocked by this! Susan Rice has a Republican Son and at Stanford, no less! Right in the middle of Silicon Valley. lol
    As much as I dislike Rino Collins, I think I would still take her over Rice! Saw this morning that Sarah Palin is one of the ones considered for the UN, and I think she would be good at it, she would never cave in on anything, but I was still hoping for her to be the Senator of Alaska instead of Rino Murkowski who should never have been there, period!

  • George Cooper

    10/11/2018 01:57 PM

    Mike, your words are very true. Violence against anyone who doesn't agree to the stance of the far left is scary, and I look at my children and worry for the world which they are inheriting. Your generation and mine hasn't done them nay favors. In the past, conservatives and Christians alike have kept silent over issues which affected our liberty, and now when we are trying to right our mistakes, we are attacked openly, through both word and deed. I am a Social Studies teacher, and I see many similarities between the beginning of the German atrocities before World War II and what is happening in our society today. I hope, for my children's sake, that what happened back then does not reoccur today. There id hope though, and that hope comes from the Lord. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 the Lord states, if My people "humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land." In trying time, we MUST remember that God is in control and not Satan. God is in control and we should look to him for strength, courage, and guidance.

  • Jacqueline Walker

    10/11/2018 01:21 PM

    I believe if I was Susan Rice, I would leave the politics and Senator Collins office to someone else. This is the woman that 5 different times on the Sunday news stations told the fabricated story of the Bengahzi attack and murders on a movie. She lied for Hillary and Obama to cover up their orders that caused an Ambassador and military personnel to die.

  • Dawn Street

    10/11/2018 01:11 PM

    What goes around comes back around to bite you!! So sorry her son was attacked. Maybe she can become the sane voice holding the insane DemonRats accountable and stopping this violence that is tearing our nation apart.


    10/11/2018 12:47 PM

    Regarding the camera in your home! Why in God's name would anyone want this, oh I forgot, some liberal millenial with a huge ego
    and might want all their "friends" to see what they do each day! I had someone make a "fake" facebook account for me, what a
    horrible experience to get rid of it. It took me and a good computer geeky friend almost a whole day to probe the account was not
    me! How I got it taken down was I had to fax them a copy of my driver's license, the quickly sent me an apology note and that was it.
    I never do social media in fact I don't even have a phone that's phone flips open (like Star Trek communicator) and
    makes calls.
    Most smart phones track and listen to everyone thank you..........

  • Susan Kay Worsley

    10/11/2018 12:22 PM

    My guess is the country as a whole will not hear about this from the Main Street media. So glad he is pressing charges for assault and has evidence to show what happened

  • Lance E. Brown

    10/11/2018 11:59 AM

    "Ironic that Susan Rice is considering challenging Sen. Susan Collins for her seat for doing the exact same thing."

    The DEM's can sense the defeat looming on the MID TERM and are now pulling out all the stops setting their cross hairs on 2020. They are dusting off the old guard, Obama's, both stumping as well as both Clinton’s. They are also rolling out a bushel basket of young new candidates. And all of them are blanketing their perspective assigned areas. It is looking as if they smell defeat. I smell desperation!

    They, in their panic, are growing increasingly violent. They failed at campaigning. Failed at false accusations. Failed at miss labeling stock market and economic advances. Failed at misleading the public. Failed at finding a platform that the average American relates with.

    And now they harass, assault, protest, cry, throw tantrums in public and on national T.V. They rage out of control. Lashing out at anyone and in all directions. The DEM's message, if they ever had one, is lost in the irrational behavior they so vehemently project.

    "Susan Rice is considering challenging Sen. Susan Collins for her seat for doing the exact same thing."
    Isn't this the way it is supposed to be done?

  • Maria Porzio

    10/11/2018 11:47 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I will be making a donation to help in the wake of Hurricane Michael. I would appreciate if you could also bring another hurricane-related disaster to your audience's attention for their help. A small community church in Bear Creek, NC, was affected by Hurricane Florence, and has extensive mold and other damage. They started a GoFundMe page, but so far just 2 people have donated (I was one of them). I'm hoping Christians and people of all faiths can spare a few $$ for this small close-knit community - or maybe you can see if Samaritan's Purse can help? Here is the GFM page: Thank you, Governor! Bless you, and bless us all.

  • Dana Lind

    10/11/2018 11:28 AM

    What they haven't learned yet is that once socialism is achieved, they and their so-called buddies will be working to keep the 1% happy and wealthy. I would urge these young people to look at what socialism has done to Venezuela, and North Korea, and to some extent China. The upper class is not hurting, but the rest of the country is starving. Take a good look at Kim Jung Un and tell me that Baby Boy Kim has missed many meals.

  • Linda Combs

    10/11/2018 11:04 AM

    I don't get it. They say conservatives are intolerant, hatemongers. But who is doing all the hating and being totally intolerant?