April 2, 2018

If you are fuming about the $21 trillion national debt that the government is saddling our grandchildren with, at least take heart that all that spending is both wise and necessary. We know from the great relief expressed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that the “days of austerity” are over that whatever spending Washington has been doing over the past few years has been absolutely essential.

Like, for instance, spending $142 billion since 2009 on improper Medicare payments. Or $55 billion to maintain outdated computer technology instead of simply replacing it with better, cheaper, newer computers. Or $1.3 million for a social media campaign urging women not to spend too much time in tanning beds, plus $500,000 for a text message campaign telling people not to chew tobacco (the same message that’s on the chewing tobacco package.) Or $48 million to build the Afghan Ministry of Defense a new headquarters building, a project that ran five years late and $106 million over budget. Or a $412,000 grant for a scientific paper on whether glaciers should be studied from a feminist point of view. Or $3.4 million to study aggression and anxiety in fighting hamsters. Or $5 million for a Brown University study that determined that frat and sorority members drink more than other students. Or $3 million for a study to see if hearing the “Jaws” theme music gives people negative feelings about sharks.

I could go on all day, but I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. For more of the most ridiculous and infuriating wastes of your tax money, click the link.



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  • Kay Womack

    04/06/2018 04:28 AM

    This outrageous spending should be posted & seen everywhere, so wasteful. How do we stop it? Get rid of 535 not working for the American people. Thank you, Mike, for all you do. God Bless..

  • Susan Ashcraft

    04/05/2018 08:29 PM

    I, like all other people I know, am FURIOUS at what our government spends MY money on. But ... like the other lady on this site (Bonnie), the bigger question is how DO WE STOP THIS??? We MUST stop the insanity!!We need an entire Congress made up of Tea Party, fiscal conservatives, and then actually do a budget; NOT CRs and other false "budgets." Mike, you sill have the ear of people in Washington. We really need your help to knock some common sense into these privileged people when it comes to money. Thanks and God Bless, Mike.

  • Bonnie J Smith

    04/03/2018 04:48 PM

    First of all Mike I enjoy reading what you have to say and You are one of only people who are telling the truth. I believe you are telling it like it is. I highly recommend you to my friends. Now! what I would like to know is what can we do or anybody do to STOP this horrible spending. Is there anything that can be done about. I am so tired of all talk and NO! do. Thank you,

  • Stephen Russell

    04/03/2018 01:30 PM

    See for MORE abuses since Grace Comm from Reagen era.
    FYI, fwd & share.
    Use waste for: Debt & into SS Funds: give retirees say 3K per month alone from article alone & CAGW sources for all Boomers & Next Gen retirees.
    Reuse waste for Debt & other projects, programs or money to Voters.

  • Lisa T Cu.pton

    04/03/2018 08:17 AM

    I was so very disappointed by Trump signing this bill. If he won't stand up on spending, we are doomed as a nation.

  • Amelia Little

    04/03/2018 01:05 AM

    I have long wondered who in the world (well, in the US) approves all of these grants. Like the sex habits of the one-eyed albino walleye in the Everglades (that wasn't the actual name, but pretty close.) Some things might actually contribute to science or something, but many seem to be just some off-the-wall endeavor of people who don't want to have to go out and get a real job. I did about fall off my chair about the female perspective of glaciers. Really? Did they try to find out if there are male and female glaciers? Or, were they wanting to prove that whether or not there are glaciers affect men and women differently (isn't that sexual discrimination, by the way? Shouldn't it affect both the same way, since there are those who don't seem to recognize that there is a biological difference between male and female. Every year we hear of ridiculous, outrageous spending by the government, but not much seems to be done about it. Except the screws holding airline ashtrays in. Can't remember the cost per screw, but that spending habit was probably really only changed by the banning of smoking on planes, and therefore deleting the need for ashtrays or the screws that held them in place.

  • Tricia Kennemer

    04/02/2018 11:47 PM

    Perhaps giving Dept heads 20% of all unspent dollars in their budget might get SOME of them to curb waste.

  • Tricia Kennemer

    04/02/2018 11:27 PM

    The ignorance is astounding, never ending, and infuriating.

  • Dorothy Fromel

    04/02/2018 01:40 PM

    Regarding your article “infuriating Spending”, it began by saying “since 2009” but after reading the article I am not sure what the dates are on the items mentioned. We’re these ridiculous expenditures something from the past, or are they in the current budget just passed this year?