July 11, 2018

Trump delivers blunt truths

President Trump is in Europe, where he’ll be getting a frosty reception in some quarters for his habit of confronting pusillanimous European bureaucrats with blunt, harsh truths.  He started right in from day one on Wednesday by demanding to know why NATO expects America to help pay to defend them from Russia when several NATO nations have deals to buy their energy from Russia?  Seems like a fair question, but in diplomatic circles, pointing out the obvious elephants in the room is simply not done, old bean. 

 But it’s not just political and diplomatic types who are nonplussed over Trump’s visit.  Proving that Europe’s welfare benefits are much too generous, many ordinary citizens seem to plenty of free time during work day hours to turn out in the streets and protest.  I confess, I don’t understand the point of this.  Every week, leaders of nations whose policies I detest visit America, but I wouldn’t squander my time standing out in the street, yelling about it.  Besides, is Donald Trump really the worst political leader to visit Europe?


Is he “literally Hitler”?  Because not only is that ridiculously untrue, but Europe is the place that literally did give the world Hitler.

These protesters, many of whom seem clueless about America and its laws, traditions and policies, turn out to protest Trump when there are real tyrants all around them.  Here’s a clue that their fixation on Trump as a fascist tyrant is a product of their fevered imaginations: in nations ruled by real tyrants, people who “resist” the leader face actual consequences, like being put in front of firing squads. In America, their faces are put on the Stephen Colbert show and the fronts of fashion magazines. 

Europe’s overheated anti-Trump angst is so absurd, the Washington Post couldn't tell a satirical spoof of it from the real thing.  Well, they could have, but that would’ve required real fact checking.


Fake News from NBC

I just keep telling the media this, and they just keep ignoring me: If you don’t want President Trump calling you “fake news,” then stop distributing fake news.


Fact-check time

And More Fake News: No, despite what you’re hearing from the left, President Trump did not pick Judge Kavanaugh because he believes that Presidents are above the law. Although some Senators and Congress members are beneath contempt.



Media coverage of Monday protests

If you went by the media coverage of Monday’s protests outside the Supreme Court against President Trump’s nomination of…whomever (they didn’t know when they showed up to protest, but luckily, someone had paid for multiple protest signs with various names on them), you might think a vast throng of outraged Americans had turned out.  The TV camera angles were carefully lined up to make it appear that way, almost as carefully as Trump rallies are framed to make it look as if there’s nobody in the packed stadiums. 

But conservative comedian Tim Young was on the scene Monday night and snapped a selfie from across the street that revealed the actual size of the anti-Trump “crowd.” You could probably get more people to show up for “Free Cod Liver Oil Night” at Whole Foods. 

 Don’t feel bad protesters.  At least you were obnoxious enough to make a female Fox News reporter feel personally threatened, so at least you can be proud of yourselves for that.



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New Huck's Hero

Four-legged Huck’s Hero News: Meet the dog version of Chuck Norris.

Democrats heading for trouble

If Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was right when he wrote, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad,” then the Democrats may be heading for a blue wave of electoral destruction.  I’ve seen Ritz Brothers movies with plots that weren’t as insane as some of the behavior on the left these days, and the reactions to President Trump’s nomination of the eminently qualified Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are setting new standards for combining impotent rage with crazy-as-a-bedbug lunacy.

I already mentioned the hair-on-fire hysteria being so shockingly out of proportion to the image of the sterling jurist, loving father and community-minded mentor seen at the nomination announcement (it was as if they’d spotted Mr. Rogers and screamed, “It’s SATAN!!!”)  Then there were the revealingly hilarious stories about the multiple-choice pre-printed protest signs to denounce…”Whoever!”  And the Women’s March press release that painted Trump’s pick as representing the end of the world as we know it, except someone forgot to fill in the nominee’s name in the blank spaces so we were all supposed to be terrified by the nomination of "Judge XX." Sounds like a Marvel Comics villain.  

But hold the phone: it’s early yet, but we already have a new contender for wackiest attack on Kavanaugh.  Washington Post reporter Robert Costa lifted a quote from a 15-year-old book by notorious reliable source David Brock of a claim by unnamed alleged witnesses that at a cocktail party in 1997, Kavanaugh might have used the “B-word” in referring to Hillary Clinton.  Well, he didn’t actually or even allegedly SAY the word.  But some unnamed person claimed to have seen his lips move in a way that might possibly have been him saying that word.  Twenty-one years ago.

This is what the left’s case against Judge Kavanaugh is reduced to: an unconfirmed claim by a laughably partisan source that unnamed self-proclaimed lip readers kinda think that he might have mouthed a bad word about Hillary Clinton at a party -- 21 years ago.  It’s no wonder the left claims to have all the good comedy writers (like this Kavanaugh yarn, it’s not true, but they claim it just the same.)

May I be the first to say, “Welcome to the Supreme Court, Justice Kavanaugh”?

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Better off under Trump

The second national poll in two weeks has found that most Americans think they’re better off under President Trump than they were under Obama (and brace yourself for this, liberals), especially Hispanics. 

The first poll was by Zogby; the latest is by Emerson College.  It found that compared to 2016, 42% of Americans feel their financial situation is better, 30% say it’s about the same, and 26% feel worse off.  Two points worth highlighting:

The responses varied by political party and race.  For instance, a stunning 62% of Hispanics feel they’re better off under Trump, which really throws a monkey wrench into the Democrats’ plans to retake power, impeach Trump and give Hispanic-Americans the same toilet-paper-free socialist utopia that Venezuelans are currently enjoying (side note: a recent news story revealed that women in Venezuela are entering beauty contests as their only hope for improving their lives.  So socialism even ruins feminism.) 

And why wouldn’t Hispanics feel better off under Trump?  As Steve Cortes of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council notes, Hispanic unemployment hit an all-time low of 4.6% in June.  There have only been nine months in US history when Hispanic unemployment fell below 5%, and eight of them have been under Trump.  The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Latino teens 16-to-19 hit 11.4% in June, the first time it’s ever fallen below 12%. 

Also last month, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics rose by 10 points.  The Democrats’ pro-open borders and illegal immigration polices aren’t swaying a majority of Hispanic-Americans, who are hard-working, patriotic and law-abiding.  Cortes points out that an Economist/You Gov poll found that by a 2-1 margin, Latinos actually support stricter immigration enforcement.  It’s no wonder some liberal activists are urging Hispanic voters to ignore the economic improvements in their own lives under Trump and vote against their own best interests.  After all, who are you going to believe: them or your lying eyes?

The other point worth noting is the subjective nature of the term “feel.”  There’s really no question that all Americans who want a job are better off under Trump than Obama – unless they want a government job.  Yet only 30% of blacks feel that they’re doing better while 40% feel that they’re doing worse, despite record-low black unemployment.  And among Democrats, only 33% think they’re doing better financially under Trump, while 32% think they’re doing worse.  Of course, that could be due to general depression and TDS, or to believing their own leaders’ propaganda and badmouthing of the economy, or maybe they really are doing worse because they live in blue states and cities that tax away every new penny they earn. 

One other disturbing finding from the poll: voters prefer a capitalist economic system over a socialist system by 54% to 24%.  In a public with proper education in history and economics, that would be 100-0%.  Among Trump voters, capitalism is preferred to socialism by 76-to-9% (and who are those 9% of socialist Trump voters?).  But among Hillary Clinton voters, socialism is preferred to capitalism by 37-to-34%.  So socialism isn’t the “future of the Democratic Party,” it’s the here-and-now.  I have to assume Hillary doesn’t agree, since I don’t see her redistributing much of the tens of millions she’s made from her career in "public service," not even to the Clinton Foundation charity recipients who are supposed to receive it.

I suppose we can take some solace from the fact that the 24% of Americans who believe in socialism are outnumbered even by the 31% who believe the Earth has been visited by space aliens.  Why do I suspect there is considerable overlap between those two groups?


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  • Virginia Anderson

    07/15/2018 07:19 PM

    While riding around a small town close to Chicago, I saw a yard sign that said JUST VOTE BLUE! I stopped in my tracks. I guess that means you're just supposed to vote for Democrats regardless of who they are or what they stand for. Just pull the lever, huh? I guess that is their only hope: train them like Pavlov's dogs.

  • Jerry Holland

    07/12/2018 11:42 AM

    Why are you, Fox, and President Trump ignoring Obama's OFA anti American organization.

  • Mike Cull

    07/12/2018 08:10 AM

    We have a person who has ignored a government supbena (sp) If I were to ignore such a "request", I would have expected a free ride directly to jail and a fine. We definitely have different rules for those who work for us and we the people. Disgusting double standard... but then why should we be surprised?

  • Lawrence McCloud

    07/12/2018 03:59 AM

    Glad I found your newsletter...Now a question...Who arranged and co-ordinated the thousands of people who came to storm our southern border, overwhelm our immigration officials there, enter away from our immigration ports and then publicize how awful they were treated? I believe the whole thing was staged from Central America by far-left zealots trying to exagerate a "broken system" and was likely financed by these same left-wing zealots!

  • Thomas Houser

    07/12/2018 12:35 AM

    Ijust want to reiterate how much I enjoy your newsletter and evening news. You have a terrific sense of humor and are spot on with your comments. I would like to again mention how those of us on SS have been steadily going down hill with the lack of any increases to keep up with the actual coast of living. Being a business owner the amount I paid in for me and my wife was amazing. Plus what I paid in for my employees. There doesn't seem to be anyone jumping up and down about the plight of our seniors. There are a bunch of us and anyone who is looking out for us is going to get the votes. Thanks for raising a classy daughter. I nominate her for President in 2024. Hot in Tennessee.

  • Peggy Ostenson

    07/11/2018 08:17 PM

    Isn't the liberal/left biggest concern about abortion? I just wish everyone with a computer would pull up "The Silent Scream". They would see what a real abortion looks like. They are showing so much concern about migrant children at the border and yet demand they be able to kill (murder) unborn children. Not only do they kill them, but cut them apart and sell their organs.
    Would you possibly suggest in one of your commentaries that people watch "The Silent Scream"?

  • Robert Simes

    07/11/2018 08:08 PM

    1968 - Washington, DC - I saw a small group of protestors outside the White House, maybe 20 or 30. News cameras showed up and, instead of standing around smoking cigarettes, they started yelling and waving their signs around. That night on the news I saw the hundreds of protestors that were in front of the White House. The news cameras had taken shots from several angles and in that way they increased the numbers of the group. I've doubted news reports ever since.

  • John C. Gore

    07/11/2018 06:55 PM

    I hope you DO read these. We enjoy your commentaries very much and my wife tried to sign up on your site. All she has received since is a barrage of annoying ads for everything from storm windows, "high security for your business", tax advice, roofing repair, Terminex, health insurance, pick up trucks-- you name it. Everything but your evening edition. Her e-mail is [email protected] Hope your media people can make this right.

  • Mike Scoggins

    07/11/2018 06:54 PM

    Governor, I am totally behind what Trump is doing with NATO. They should contribute a minimum of 2% of their GDP within 2 years or we begin an unannounced drawdown of assets and troops . Sometimes certain people need a little action to support words. We don’t need to pull out of NATO or Putin would totally reclaim all of the old Soviet empire and more

  • Stephen Russell

    07/11/2018 06:32 PM

    Dems ridin a Blue Wave to failure, Maximize theyre odds to Fail, A-Z & whats with this photo of the Clintons on commercial jetliner.
    Seen on FB.

  • Dean Barto

    07/11/2018 06:14 PM

    Governor Huckabee, the left would be just as outraged at any other SCOTUS pick. What they really are outraged about is the Constitution. They want it done away with so that they can implement socialism, which we know has failed every single time. Funny thing is that they've had over 100 years to "properly implement" it. That is their excuse when they are pointed to the failure of Venezuela.

  • Thala J Susag

    07/11/2018 06:08 PM

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Democrat hysteria breeds more hysteria, and
    protesters fall in line. Perhaps most don't know what they are protesting. Just part
    of the game.
    Do you think never-Trumpers are angry at President Trump for exposing them as
    never-Republicans? It sure would be nice to have a GOP that's on the same page.