August 3, 2018
- August 4, 2018

 In what must be more terrifying to the Democrats than Hillary Clinton declaring herself their presidential-nominee-for-life, their ironclad grip on the support of African-Americans seems to be loosening.  Their tried-and-true tactic of crying “racist” to shame and silence any blacks who might step out of line and demand the right to independent thought no longer seems as effective when they’re aiming it at people like Candace Owens or Diamond and Silk, who’ll slap back hard enough to rattle their teeth.   

And now, they’re not only losing entertainment figures such as Kanye West, they’re losing African-American spiritual leaders.  During a meeting Wednesday between President Donald Trump and urban leaders, Cleveland Pastor Darrell Scott jackhammered the media narrative by declaring Trump to be probably “the most pro-black president that we’ve had in our lifetime.”

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The Rev. Scott said, “This is probably the most proactive administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime…This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn’t feel like he had to. He got a pass.”  Talk about stories the media refuse to cover!

I travel a lot and talk to a lot of Americans, and I’m also hearing this message from African-Americans: many are fed up with being told that Trump is the enemy and he’s a racist, when he’s brought the black and Hispanic unemployment rates down to record lows and he’s tackling issues such as prison reform that Obama ignored for eight years. 


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For the past couple of years, African-Americans have been lectured by the Democrats that when it comes to Trump, believe them instead of their own eyes.  Fortunately, many are starting to realize that their own eyes are a heck of a lot more reliable.


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  • Michelle Kelly

    08/04/2018 07:52 PM

    Thank you do much for reporting the truth! Love your show, you and your wonderful daughter! May God bless you and yours always!

  • Brenda Kay Snow

    08/04/2018 12:09 PM

    Alot of people are actually paying attention to what is going on. I ditched the mainstream media after I found out all the lie. We are not stupid. We are fed up. Trump is getting things done! God is involved!