September 13, 2018

I tweeted about this yesterday, but here are more details on how top liberals such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton and the abortion rights group NARAL went on a public diatribe against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, attacking him for being an anti-abortion zealot who is going to turn America into (say it with me) “The Handmaid’s Tale” – and all based on "fake news": a misleadingly edited video that distorted his comments into the opposite of what he actually said.  In Hillary’s case, her diatribe came after the story had already been debunked by Politifact and the Washington Post.   

I get that to liberals, abortion is their sacred totem. They claim to be on the side of science and rationality, but no amount of ever-increasing data about the development of children in the womb will ever convince them that it’s a human being, not a clump of cells that magically turns into a baby at the very moment of birth. I am fully pro-life, but I’m at least able to listen to their arguments for keeping abortion legal (that banning it will force women into dangerous underground abortion mills, etc.).  I happen to think there are far better solutions to help women in that situation than making it more convenient to kill babies, but I can at least acknowledge their concerns as being sincere.  

Yet most on the other side seem unwilling or incapable of conceding that pro-life people honestly believe that abortion is the murder of innocent unborn children.  When you look at these over-the-top reactions to what wasn’t even a real quote, it seems inescapable that they actually think anyone who opposes abortion really just wants to roll back the clock on women’s rights and chain women in the kitchen. How that explains the millions upon millions of pro-life women is beyond me.  I’d be happy to have a real discussion on this issue with them, but until the other side is capable of recognizing the science of reproduction and admitting that people who hold differing views are sincere in their beliefs and stop twisting their words and ascribing the worst possible motives to them, that will sadly remain impossible.


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