January 14, 2019

Congratulations to the identity politics mongers at Indiana University for finding a way to mark the Rev. Martin Luther King’s birthday by making a complete mockery of his dream of a colorblind society.  Instead, they’re turning their Alumni Hall into a giant game board where every student and visitor will be judged not by the content of their characters but by the color of their skin.

They’re playing a game, all right.  A very dangerous game that plays on and amplifies divisions and racism.  It's one I can’t help believing that the Rev. King would forcefully condemn in no uncertain terms.


One of those “feel-good” stories to kick off your week, although the mugger who tried to rob a young woman who turned out to be a champion UFC fighter isn’t feeling so good.


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New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to give “free” health care to everyone, including illegal immigrants, but he's certain it won’t cause a flood of people to rush into New York and overload the system.  He also thinks there’s plenty of money to pay for it, it’s just “in the wrong hands” (he will determine who should be allowed to have money, of course); but taking it away from the people who earned it won’t cause them to leave New York and take their money with them.  He may think that in New York, the “wrong” people have all the money, but he proves that in New York, the wrong people have all the political power.

Bill DeBlasio’s grasp of economics reminds me of something that astronomer Carl Sagan reportedly once said about “Chariots of the Gods” author Erich von Daniken: Everything he doesn’t understand, he attributes to ancient astronauts in flying saucers. And unfortunately, there is an awful lot he doesn’t understand.


My condolences to Pat Boone on the death of his delightful wife, Shirley.  She passed away Friday at their home in Beverly Hills at age 84.  Pat and Shirley Boone are two of the most genuinely decent people I’ve ever known. I have great memories of being in Israel with them several times and of many events together.

Pat said, “I’ve parted with my better half for a little while … but we don’t die, we just move on to another place, and today was moving day.  She’s changed her address is all and moved to a different mansion that I expect to join her in one day. I’m very confident of that.”

God bless them!


The government is still partially shut down, but Congress members are returning to work.  The “intransigent” President Trump was waiting all weekend to negotiate with Democrats if they’d bothered to show up, but they had better things to do, like jet to Puerto Rico and see the "Hamilton" musical. They could probably offer the performers lessons on how to give the people a song and dance.

Meanwhile, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that public opinion is not moving in the direction liberals hoped. While a majority of Americans still oppose the border wall and blame Trump and the Republicans for the shutdown (no surprise, considering the hysterical, one-sided press coverage), that’s gradually changing, as support for the wall has risen by 8 points since last year, and opposition has dropped by 9 points. 

If that doesn’t convince Democrats to give Trump the relatively small amount he’s requesting, maybe this will: the same poll found that despite all the apocalyptic rhetoric about the government shutdown, only 18% of Americans in the poll said they’ve been personally inconvenienced, and only seven percent called it a “major inconvenience.”

Democrats should reconsider the wisdom of giving taxpayers a few more weeks to ponder why a trillion dollars a year in debt is being ladled onto their grandchildren to pay for a lot of government that can shut down and hardly anyone notices it’s gone.



Conservative media outlets have been busy digging into the archives, finding examples of Democrats in years past who denounced the serious problems of illegal immigration and border security and who voted for much higher funding of a border wall than President Trump is asking for, yet they’re now saying the exact opposite.  But amid this horde of hypocrites, at least there’s one Democrat who stands alone. 

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin is one of the most savage critics of Trump’s border wall. That’s par for the course for Democrats these days. But Fox News’ Katie Pavlich unearthed video of Durbin from 12 years ago, back when other Democrats, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, joined Republicans to pass the Secure Fences Act of 2006 in a landslide.  Durbin, however, denounced the bill and voted against it.  So kudos to him for showing a little intellectual and moral consistency…

Oh, wait: Turns out he blasted the 2006 bill because it didn’t provide a long ENOUGH border wall.  He complained that it covered only 700 miles’ worth of the border.

Well, I guess my Diogenes-like search for an honest Congressional Democrat continues.  I should have known better when Durbin ended his scathing attack on Trump’s wall as “medieval,” by adding, “Democrats support strong border security.”  That’s what they all reflexively say now, immediately after blasting any suggestion for actually strengthening border security.  If you’re old enough to remember Kevin Nealon’s “Mr. Subliminal” character on “Saturday Night Live,” you might think of him whenever you hear a Democrat follow a denunciation of the border wall by saying, “Democrats support strong border security”:

“And that’s the truth! (I’m lying.)”


Nice story about a random act of kindness that paid off in an unexpected way. Although if I were homeless, I think I might sell those tickets for money for a warm place to sleep.

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Today’s Must-Read, Edge-Of-Your-Seat Story:  A snappy Huck’s Hero salute to Army Sgt. Trey Troney.  We all know the military provides recruits with incredible training and life skills.  But when Sgt. Troney happened across a car crash while traveling in Texas, he sprang into action and improvised like a combination of Dr. House and MacGyver to save a man’s life.



Last year, there was a study published in the Journal of Human Behavior on how “fake news” goes viral on social media.  It was widely quoted in the mainstream media.  Turns out, the methodology was flawed, and it’s now been retracted.  “Fake news” about “fake news!”



Funny Video Clip:  Someone dug up a clip of Donald Trump making a cameo on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in the 1990s that eerily presaged his entire relationship with the media today.





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    01/18/2019 12:55 PM

    Please, please apologize to your daughter. I tend to fear that only fake news from Latin America reaches POTUS but contacting Sarah on Messenger was a bit too much. Please have someone who is fluent in Spanish stay abreast of what's happening in Colombia. I don't think it's totally separate, but rather a tragic distraction, from what's happening in Venezuela. I think Stephen Donehoo went to Wheaton and he was a strong Christian when he lived and worked with the U.S. govt here in El Salvador, even if he is a consultant with CNN now. He is usually aware of what's happening in Latin America. Blessings and many thanks for your charming commentaries.

  • Rebecca Overton

    01/15/2019 07:03 PM

    We are all on the overwhelmed but still working on it side so I thought I'd add this serious issue fir you to read and comment on. TY for all you do!

  • Lana Radke

    01/15/2019 05:35 PM

    Why isn't Pelosi and Schumer considered traitors, as they are going against the protection of the people of America? I just don't understand.

  • Anne Turner

    01/15/2019 02:48 PM

    It doesn’t matter whether the wall is right it wrong, whether the Dems previously supported it, whether, or not, it will help a humanitarian crisis, all that matter is to deny the President any kind of victory. The safety of the country does not matter, the well being of the gate crashers does not matter, children dying as the result of neglect on long treks does not matter, the crimes against Americans committed. The only thing is to get Trump. Never in my 78 years have I seen such hatred for anyone or anything, even on 9/11.

  • Phyllis Hamre

    01/15/2019 11:42 AM

    Please ask Pres. Trump to end Federal employees lay-off. It is affecting all companies as well as Fed. Employees.

  • Judith Lyon

    01/15/2019 11:23 AM

    Just thought you might like a laugh. I read your comment about the flying saucers and laughed. Growing up, my mother believed that all government, etc. problems were caused by FDR. All health issues were caused by the Russians testing atomic bombs. She really was a smart women but had some quirks, for sure.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/15/2019 11:15 AM

    I had recently committed on our Puppet show with our stars Pelosi, Chuckie and the rest of the cast the masters making sure they sing and dance the way they want them too they are under a lot of pressure from the mega wealthy donors to do as they are instructed or they will easily find someone who will. Don't expect change in how these weak and cowardly actors perform. I looked into the hearings for the AG office and I got to witness Dirty Dick the Rat Durbin and truthful and very trusted Diane Fienstien and also the very honorable Leahy (not) how about Amy Klobachar and Tina Smith from Minnesota the people of Mn. elected Keith Ellison as AG a woman beater and a good friend of Farrakhan so now U know this committee is filled with people of the very best moral character. I will say this about the above mentioned just like the movie Planet of the Apes the good people should have themselves washed and hosed off after being in contact with these filthy animals. You guessed it I find these people very dishonorable my assessment of these may be a little harsh they earned it.

  • sylvia S.. Sebelist

    01/15/2019 10:19 AM

    I enjoy reading evening edition I have tired electronically to give money but it never goes through I have waited up to half an hour will send snail mail some time soon

  • Frank Chesla

    01/15/2019 08:54 AM

    I find it interesting that the Democrats all are following the same exact script that Pelosi and Schumer concocted. It appears that the Democrat Representatives are not capable of thinking for themselves and need to be manipulated by the puppet masters. They are obviously not listening to their constituency. Not sure if Pelosi and Schumer are pulling their puppet strings or have their hands up their backsides like hand puppets. The Republicans have at time gone this way too. The people they represent just do not count. Just don't shake Pelosi's or Schumer's hand since you can't be sure what type of puppet master they are. They need to be challenged to call for a vote by those that can think for themselves and truly represent their districts.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/15/2019 08:23 AM

    Dem jaunt to PR:
    Pres Trump stance: tweet: They can Party during shutdown while I stay in DC, OK Ill declare a National Emergency & force them ALL to stay in DC until the end of the Year.
    along those lines.
    Someone has to pay for bad optics on this alone
    38 Dems -minus 34 Comm seats, Big GOP win??
    Pres Trump has to use this to force the Wall issue
    NO more games with Congress since Congress doesnt give a Damn

  • Robert Dimlich

    01/15/2019 02:22 AM

    When you hear mostly bad news, it is always and encouragement when you hear a bit of good news. May the Lord bless Sargent Troney for saving that man's life.

  • Carroll R JOHNSON

    01/15/2019 12:05 AM

    How about talking to Trump to lower the co-payment on Medicare. The people who got him into office are not rich and have a hard time of making those payments. When you're only getting $1100 a month $37 co-payment seems like $200 to us. Please

  • Barry Ray

    01/14/2019 11:31 PM

    I'm a writer, and because I work at it endlessly I don't have a lot of time to read all of your messages, but what I do read I thoroughly enjoy. Please continue to keep us informed.

  • Rafae A salaz

    01/14/2019 11:18 PM

    Nancy Pelosi must have some black mail on her people at her work and other places . These people and followers know better than to go along with her crazy thinking . Chuck Schumer is alway whispering in Pelosi ‘s ear , telling her when to jump and reminding her of things to say. He is a low life trouble maker .

  • Ruth Ferraro

    01/14/2019 10:40 PM

    I'm glad I don't live in NYC under Mayor DeBlasio but it's certainly extremely expensive enough living in Long Island, New York - especially like me - recently widowed & living on a fixed income. I was approached by a company selling solar panels for homes. They told me under Governor Cuomo's incentives they could be installed for little or no cost as well as financial assistance for a new roof. Sounds great? Here's the catch - my income is not high enough to qualify. If I had double the income to qualify for free solar panels to reduce my electric bill, I would be able to buy a new roof & pay for the panels myself! I have a relative living in Manhattan where President Trump is not liked because their taxes have increased (max $10,000 deductible on house taxes) so Gov. Cuomo gives the wealthy an incentive to lower their electric bills & proposes free medical care for illegals! He's looking for votes....not helping the people in the state. I love your commentaries. Keep up the good work!

  • charles c templeton

    01/14/2019 10:16 PM

    you do great reporting brother!

  • clyde millerbernd

    01/14/2019 10:11 PM

    declassifly all Clinton e mails etc.

  • Nancy Lawson

    01/14/2019 10:09 PM

    An article appeared on Facebook today that stated 50 billion was allocated for a wall when Bush was in office. Is there any fact in this?


    01/14/2019 09:57 PM

    Brother Mike, please watch CNN's In the Shadow documentary with Clarissa Ward. I'm not a lawyer but even a law and order fan recognizes a leading question like, "When you say finance, you mean Jews?" CNN plays that question again and again. I used to admire Clarissa Ward more than most MSM journalists but this program is not just disappointing; it's dangerous, a "Remember the Maine" moment. It's a program which suggests that rising anti-Semitism in Europe is Trump's fault. I think it shows how desperate the leftists and globalists are. I watch Ben Shapiro almost everyday and he's an orthodox Jew who hardly recognizes George Soros as Jewish. POTUS has a lovely orthodox Jewish family. It's Soros who helped a Nazi confiscate the property of other Jewish families during the Holocaust and I heard him say he had no remorse, that somebody else would have received the money if he hadn't.

  • Debbie Baxter

    01/14/2019 09:55 PM

    I love your new reports (even if I don't like the news). Thank you for serving the American people as you do!

  • Brian Zane

    01/14/2019 09:37 PM

    Governor, had you won the primaries who would you have selected as your running mate? Thank you.

  • Steve Shapero

    01/14/2019 09:36 PM

    I'm confused about the Republican party's uproar at Steve King. Could we be misinterpreting his comments? Could he not have been saying that everything is being contorted into white nationalism, etc. -- not that he thinks that white nationalism is okay, but that people, such as President Trump, are accused of being white nationalists? Just like everyone is a racist if you don't agree with them? Did I miss something else Steve King said?