December 24, 2019


Recently, police officers have become targets of hatred, assaults and even deadly violence.  Right now is a perfect time to stop and reflect on the many ways in which police officers and other first responders such as firefighters and EMTs give up their holidays so that we can enjoy ours in safety.  Many officers also go above and beyond the call of duty by performing incredible volunteer work.  One of those was a listener of mine named Randy, a retired police sergeant from Wyoming.  He shared a memory of a time when playing Santa Claus should have come with hazardous duty pay. 

Randy wrote:

"For many years, it was my distinct pleasure to assume the role of 'real Santa' at Christmas time. Though my sleigh was still a black and white sedan, my uniform changed from dark blues to a genuine Santa suit. I appeared on Christmas Eve, right at bedtime, delivering toys to needy children as well as my fellow officers…who had small children. What made this all work was the 'understanding' of the parents to make sure the kids were close to the front window upon my arrival, that they were not allowed out on the porch (where I left their gifts) until I was out of sight, and under NO circumstances were any pets to be loose.

All the parents were following Santa's instructions to the letter...until I got to my Chief's house. I gently placed (his sons') gifts on the porch (and) began to shake the bells, anticipating three squashed, tiny faces peering into the frosty night, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. To my surprise...No faces. I shook the bells harder and added a hearty ‘HO, HO, HO!’ Still, no faces.

Now in mid-‘HO,’ I heard the front door open and a small dog barking. 'For cryin' out loud,' I muttered, as I jumped toward the driveway. If only I'd remembered the small wire fence surrounding his wife's flower bed. There was no time to pick myself up, as I heard high-pitched giggles floating on the cold night air.  A quick double combat roll placed me out of innocent eyes' way, underneath my boss's pickup truck."

Then Randy heard a noise that seemed to be very close: "I smelled the dog food on his breath a scant millisecond before he yapped out the alarm. The 'WHOA!' that jumped from my lips was cut painfully short as I rammed my head into the pickup's driveline... The thought crossed my mind to reach out and pinch off his little windpipe, but that seemed a bit ugly for Christmas Eve."

A pair of cowboy boots suddenly replaced the dog: "I recognized my boss's voice as the words, 'Merry Christmas, heh, heh, heh," settled onto the cold concrete... 'Merry Christmas, Chief,' I replied as a solitary drop of black engine oil struck me dead center in the forehead. 'THANKS FOR NOT TURNING ON THE PORCH LIGHT!'

I continued on my rounds, a black greasy racing stripe running from my white curly beard to my belt, a well-lubricated lump on my forehead. I finished just as a soft snow began to fall, covering everything in a glistening blanket of white. It seemed the perfect punctuation mark to end another Christmas on Patrol."

Thanks again for that great story, Randy.  And thanks to all the police officers and other first responders and military members who go above and beyond, and sometimes even roll underneath, to keep us all safe during the holidays and all year ‘round.

* * * * *

One thing we all learned from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is that it’s not how fancy your tree is that matters, it’s the love it represents.  A radio listener of mine named Vicky from California sent me a beautiful story that illustrated that as well as Charles M. Schulz did.

Vicky recalled a time years before, when her young family was desperately poor and struggling to provide Christmas for their three small children.  Her husband brought home a tree, but was so exhausted after working 14 hours, he hadn't noticed it was dead and brown on one side. 

A neighbor tried to help by giving them a little 18-inch, lighted tabletop tree.  Vickie thought it was so small and ugly, she began to cry at the thought that this shrunken thing would be their family's tree.  Just then, her little daughter began to cry, too, and hugged her. But she was crying for a very different reason.

The little girl said in awe, “That is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Do we really get to have that as our tree this year?" 

Vicki wrote, “I had a permanent attitude change.  That night, I couldn't stop thanking our Heavenly Father enough for His blessings.”  

So you see, it’s true: A little child shall lead them. 


On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the One who told us, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  But on holidays like this that emphasize parties and socializing, many people feel lonely or abandoned.  They may not realize how many people around them really do care about them. 

Linda from North Carolina wrote:

 "Several years ago, we had a family up the hill who were having a very rough time. They had broken glass in their windows, no heat and no prospects for a nice Christmas.

We got neighbors together and one day when they were gone, the men went up and put in new glass, bought heaters and warmed up their trailer and went to get them a Christmas tree. The ladies and kids made ornaments, went to stores and got donations of toys and clothing, food and electric blankets. We all met at the trailer, cooked, decorated, put up the tree, wrapped packages, and made beds with the new blankets then went to our home to wait for them to return.

A while later, the family came running down the hill in the snow and flew into our house, trying to tell us through tears what someone had done.  The mother couldn't believe that so many people cared about them. She didn't realize it, but being able to do that for them made Christmas very special for all of us.”

Thank you, Linda, for that perfect story to remind us that the gifts that give us the most satisfaction aren’t those we get, but the ones we give to others.

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  • Mike Fairchild

    01/29/2020 01:40 PM

    Mike, I love my President!!
    But one thing kind of bothers me after watching the New Jersey rally,
    I think one of the things that has expanded his popularity lately is he has come across as humble. He has been doing great things and it looks as he is not wanting any big fanfare about it, It’s showed a lot of people that he is just interested in helping our Country.
    I think that was really coming across well.
    But at the rally it seems he was more (well) bragging attitude (not the humble feeling that has attracted so many new supporters or at least really invigorated a lot of existing supporters.
    I think the comments about “I’m so smart” didn’t go over well. Not at all the humble perception of recent weeks.
    Again I’m a MAJOR supporter. I just hope this helps and I don’t know how to express this except maybe through you,
    LOVE your show
    Rarely miss it
    Mike Fairchild

  • Kay DeWitt

    12/27/2019 11:44 AM

    Mike Huckabee, what a blessing it is to read some of the comments you receive in response to your messages...I just read what Michael Garrett stated in HIS comment and when I read his statement: "WITHOUT HIS LOVE WE WOULD ALL BE GOING THROUGH LIFE AS ROBOTS, WALKING ZOMBIES WHOSE HEARTS HAVE HARDENED.... " I found myself shouting "Praise the Lord that there ARE Christians out there who DO know this"......AND.....

    In this "small" statement does Michael not only describe our kids, in this present godless society, but he also explains WHY they kill one another...which is because, AS robots.. who have been DEHUMANIZED by modern technology.. their HARDENED HEARTS feel no grief at the thought of taking the life of another robot!

    And what was an added blessing for me, personally.....when I read Michael's that he USED the word "robot" because it confirmed TO me that the rage I feel, when I have to speak WITH a robot, when I place a phone call, IS righteous rage and that when I refuse TO speak WITH a robot and say, "God did not make me to speak WITH robots so just connect me to customer service!" , I have not completely "lost it!"

  • Mary T Del Buono

    12/26/2019 10:31 PM

    Thank you for these lovely views of life in America...we do love...Merry Christmas...

  • Michael K. Garrett

    12/26/2019 04:29 PM

    The greatest Christmas gift all of us can receive can only come from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the total embodiment of God's love for us. Without His love, his examples of kindness, giving and caring, we would all be going through life as robots, walking zombies whose hearts have hardened to the point they could never know what the Christmas spirit is all about. These stories you shared with us, Mike, reflect God's glory and his grace and giving. All we have to do is accept His eternal salvation offer as a free gift. And then give it to others less fortunate than us.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.

  • Doinald Boese

    12/26/2019 09:38 AM

    At Christmas time in 1968 my wife and I knew that I had diabetes, but the company where I was working was laying off people. So, I decided to wait until Good Friday to have a doctor to confirm it and on that day he did; very bridal type 1 diabetes. (the pancreas was dead and was not making any insulin.)

    On Easter afternoon, Judy (my wife) came to pick me up from the hospital. That evening we put our three- and four-year old to bed. Then I went outside onto the patio and raise my hands to ask the Lord to help me to live long enough to help Judy to raise our kids.

    Knowing the Scriptures, by faith if I did my part (taking the insulin shots on schedule, not eating sweets, exercising, etc.) God will do his part. Most of the promises in the Bible are in a form “if you will” then “I will”.

    In these 50 plus years; many, many times my body has gone into an insulin shock (at work, at home, at night when asleep, etc.). But God was always with me. He always had someone available to help me.

    We now have five grandkids. Ages 14 to 28.

    My body has been hit with other diseases; a form of Parkinson’s, Melanoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. But I know my Lord and Savior is with me 24/7. Thank You Jesus, Amen!

    Until He calls or comes, Don

  • Carolyn Wright

    12/25/2019 02:29 PM

    What wonderful stories, so badly needed in todays world with so much hate. God is good all the time. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  • Paul Kern

    12/25/2019 01:32 PM

    I have good memories from childhood growing up in a family where none knew Christ. I went to a little mission church near us. Somehow I sensed the magic behind it. It set me on a journey that brought me to faith in Christ at at age 21. I still sense that. I now see we also also need to speak the truth and pray that all people in our nation seek the Truth no matter the cost.
    The real magic and power in this season starts with Christ coming to earth as a helpless babe. It culminates in the Cross and the empty tomb.
    Too many pagans and people of faith seek all other types of power. Real power comes from submission to God and carrying one's cross. That is the real magic and power of the season.

  • Sharron Baird

    12/25/2019 01:11 PM

    Concerning the House Democrats pushing through new “Acts” & “Bills” that the press is saying , “Democrats working with President to get benefits upgraded for our servicemen”
    After reading your article on on the Trojan Horse Act which you stated needs line item vetoes, it is my thought that this impeachment of our President is a shill game. Watch the Impeachment (Slight of hand game) while we Democrats sneak through legislation that will make our President Trump look incompetent and anti- American and anti-constitution.
    I can just see next year’s news, “President undermines your constitutional rights by signing into law.......etc, etc, etc.
    Please warn President Trump to be wise as a serpent & harmless as a dove.

  • Diane Rowlands

    12/25/2019 09:46 AM

    I love to read your commentaries. Thank you. Merry Christmas

  • Anita Barker

    12/25/2019 03:45 AM


  • Mary Losquadro

    12/25/2019 01:38 AM

    Thank you Governor, for all you do, and to all a blessed Christmas!

  • David Martin

    12/25/2019 01:19 AM

    I have a Christmas miracle story to tell. When my wife was alive and my daughters was young, I was unemployed and had no money to buy gifts or food. A church outside the area where I lived at bought me and my family gifts, and the church I attended at the time bought me food and pray that I would get a job. After Christmas I was able to get a job and work. I gave Jesus all the Praise, Honor and the Glory for what he has done for me and my family. All the credit goes to Jesus and him only. When U put your faith and trust in Jesus everyday, Jesus will come through and help U and I. May Jesus Bless U. May U have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

  • Jo Cluck

    12/24/2019 11:59 PM

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Thank you for the newsletters. May your blessings be multiplied . In Christian friendship.

    Jo Cluck
    Kennewick, WA

  • David Dougall

    12/24/2019 11:23 PM

    I remember back in the late 60’s when, while in the U.S. Air Force at Ubon Royal Thai Air base, Thailand, 8th Security Police Squadron, at Christmas, feeling so alone, but being a born again Christian I had a peace in my heart that while we were protecting our base, in another part of the world some 1900 years ago a savior was born, Christ the Lord.

  • Liliana Medhurst

    12/24/2019 10:03 PM

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    I never want to miss your daily newsletter.
    Younare a beacon of h ope and truth and what you are doing for the Body of Christ is immense.
    You and your family were truly born for such a time as this.
    Please pass onto President Trump my deep gratitude for his styrength of character as He stands strong in the Lord.
    My admiration for him is immense and for you and your daughter too,
    Blessings from South Australia

  • Linda Hosse

    12/24/2019 09:42 PM

    Beautiful !

  • Beatrice Cribb

    12/24/2019 08:26 PM

    Thank you so much for these wonderful stories. May the continue to bless and keep you. Merry Christmas Me. Huckabee

  • Bernadette Kathleen Dillon

    12/24/2019 08:02 PM

    Thank you and God Bless You

  • Thomas Barnhart

    12/24/2019 07:28 PM


    I get your editions daily - and I enjoy them and the messages and updates that you do provide.

    I just wanted to wish you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas. Please be safe - and I hope you enjoy these days with your wonderful family and good friends.

    Take care, Sir, and may God Bless.


  • Stephen Russell

    12/24/2019 07:23 PM

    US Space Force:
    Reuse surplus in AF: trucks, Hummers, offices, plants etc for USSF
    Totally modern like USAF was in 1947
    Born from Sci Fic concepts then.
    (see comics & magazine covers)
    Guard our skies.
    Secure CommSats.
    New uniforms
    & name bases Space Base IE
    Vandenburg Space Base vs AFB CA.
    Must talk about on TBN show for Nov 11 2020?
    Space Command personnel go to US Space Force direct.
    Chief of Space Ops to= CNO for Navy

  • Kristi Witker-Coons

    12/24/2019 07:19 PM

    Reading these happy stories really cheered me up this Christmas Eve. The news has been so terrible for so long and I didn't realize how sad it had made me until I felt a surge of joy reading
    your stories. Thank you SO much -- and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and let us pray for a
    much better New Year in 2020!!

  • Sarah

    12/24/2019 06:12 PM

    Thanks Mike for going to the trouble of placing awesome stories and commentaries in our inboxes that encourage us, inform us and entertain us!
    God bless and keep you and your family!

  • Barney flint

    12/24/2019 05:48 PM

    Thank you Gov for your insightful commentary. Keeping us up on the current affairs through a conservative lens. I look forward to your daily messages. Merry Christmas.

  • George Curl

    12/24/2019 05:47 PM

    A memorable Christmas was far from home, watching Bob Hope and Ann Margaret. I prefer every Christmas since, that that was a good one

  • Robert Blackford

    12/24/2019 05:47 PM