February 7, 2019

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is still hanging on to his job by his fingernails (not because he endorses killing babies, but because of a blackface and KKK costume photo in his 1984 college yearbook.  That’s today’s Democratic Party in a nutshell, emphasis on “n-u-t-s.”)  Even the Washington Post has now joined the chorus demanding his resignation.

Meanwhile, the plight of next-in-line Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax just got worse.  He strongly denied a report that he sexually assaulted an unnamed woman at the 2004 Democratic Convention.  But we now know his accuser is Dr. Vanessa C. Tyson, a professor at Scripps College in California.  Furious at what she calls his “falsehoods and aspersions of my character,” she hired Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys and issued a detailed statement describing the alleged assault, which she also reportedly described to a friend at the time.  She adds that she is a “proud Democrat” and has no political ulterior motives.  Her story is at the link; warning, it is graphic and disturbing.

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Fairfax issued a statement calling on the public to treat his accuser with respect and denying a report that he had made a profane and derisive comment about her (once again, a warning about the rough language at this link.  Remember when political posts didn’t need to come with “R” ratings, like dirty movies?)

So that leaves third-in-line Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring.  Remember yesterday, when I said Republicans shouldn’t get their hopes up because he’s also a Democrat, but on the other hand, he’s also a Democrat, so who knows what might come out next?

Well, what came out is that within hours, he admitted to putting on blackface makeup and a wig at a college party in 1980 when he was 19, to perform a number by his favorite rapper, Kurtis Blow.  Herring just resigned from the Democratic Attorneys General Association and is also under pressure to step down.

You can see why Virginia’s Democratic Party is being aptly described as a “dumpster fire.” 

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If all three step down, the fourth in the line of succession is the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox – a Republican, at last.  If Virginians are lucky, maybe that’s where the buck will finally stop.  It wouldn’t be the first time a Republican had to clean up a dumpster fire left by Democrats (Reagan, Giuliani, Trump…)  Virginians could finally relax and be more careful the next time they vote for the top offices. Just remember to consider it a red flag when a politician tries to advance himself by calling his opponent a racist or sexist.

In the meantime, maybe something good will come of this dumpster fire if it gives a publicity boost to Kurtis Blow and sells some of his back catalogue of records.  He’s now an ordained minister at a church in Harlem, so the royalties would probably go to good use.


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  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/11/2019 08:03 AM

    My sole belief is that the LT Gov will have to resign and will do so, WHILE the GOV does not which will enable the GOV to appoint a NE DEMOCRATIC LT Gov and then the GOV resigns...that is why the GOV is hanging on.

  • Joanne Catherine Schmidt

    02/09/2019 12:03 PM

    If low IQ were an impeachable offense, then my Congressman, Democrat Al Green, would be impeached. Green is now blaming President Trump for the chaos in Virginia, saying that the Democrat governor and attorney general who wore black face in the '80s are digging in and refusing to resign because of the president. I wish the GOP would put up a candidate to oppose Green, but he continually runs for re-election unopposed. I can't blame the GOP for not wasting money to support a candidate in a district they consider solidly Democrat, but it is extremely frustrating for me and my fellow GOP members to be denied a vote against Green. This Dem has been out to impeach Trump before the president even took office!!!

  • Darrell Mordente

    02/08/2019 10:35 AM

    Innocent until proven guilty. That is what we demanded for Justice Kavanaugh, and we must remain true to our principles in this case. Let a jury decide, but I predict that it will come out as only his word against hers.
    There are some troubling things about this case, and we should be careful. Being suspicious by nature, I wouldn't put it past the Democrats to be faking this to get conservatives to condemn the Lt Governor, and then come out and reveal it was all fake --- just to embarrass conservatives. But as for what bothers me about the woman's claims: 1. She claims she was forced to engage in oral sex --- Her teeth would have stopped that in a hurry. 2. She claims she was forced. If so, there might have been bruises, which could have precipitated a call to the police. 3. Or even without teeth, why didn't she call the police then. Why hasn't she come out in the last 14 years.
    Sorry, while I condemn the actions of the Lt. Governor even if they were consensual, I am troubled by the accusations. Again, I recommend that we all remain true to our principles of Innocent until Proven Guilty.

  • Mary Kahl

    02/07/2019 06:04 PM

    Oh my gosh. I can't remember the number of times I burned the end of a cork as a kid to paint my face black to go Trick-or-treating. As an adult I was godmother to my black friend and later he was godfather to my son. And Al Jolson made a living being a black-face and helped bring black music to the masses. Don't ever remember him being crucified for it. ON THE OTHER HAND, as an avid Republican Right-to-Lifer since 1973, living in VA, I would be glad to have the same take over the Governor's job.

  • Denise Jackson

    02/07/2019 04:53 PM

    I agree with with Kay Coles view that Northam's black face and KKK clansman on his MEDICAL school page and his support of infantcide stem from the same seed - his lack of respect for humanity and the value of each human.

  • Mary Anne Berry

    02/07/2019 02:56 PM

    Northam - I'm not a Dem, but good grief! One photo from your idiotic college days does not define a person. The Dems pulled that card on Kavenaugh, and it's still ridiculous. I don't know what his record is regarding race as an adult, but apparently there is not room for growing up, maturing, and grace in the Democratic party. (His abortion opinions are an entirely different issue...there is not enough condemnation...)
    Fairfax - BAHAHA...seriously Dems? Aren't we supposed to automatically believe the accuser? ignore the justice system? trial by public opinion via the press? crickets...
    Herring - In this case, I don't see this as racist. Putting on blackface to emulate someone you admire and perform one of his songs is a compliment to that person, not a generalized, mean spirited, racist statement. But idiot days! Give me a break!

  • William Rohman

    02/07/2019 02:33 PM

    Years ago, when Halloween came around, my mother dressed me in old clothes and blackened my face with burnt cork to go out begging just like lots of kids in our project. Then we have Al Jolson, Guess Turner Classic Movies don't dare play his movies any more. Where do they get off by punishing people for doing what was acceptable behavior in the past???

  • Joseph

    02/07/2019 02:24 PM

    The way things are going for the democrats calling wolf. I can believe this woman just because she is a democrat accusing a Democrat politician of a sexual crime and California politicians are notorious for eating their own and everyone else. All one has to do is look at the Democrat politicians here to see I'm telling the truth as they are all corrupt.

  • Debra Harmon

    02/07/2019 01:43 PM

    Va Gov has to know that if you live by the sword you die by the sword. Unfortunately they don't realize it's not so much the racial side of it it's our precious little babies. God please help them. This is from a Va resident.

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    02/07/2019 12:00 PM

    This recent trend of destroying a person's life because of foolish youthful actions is very disturbing. I mean, who among us can cast the first stone? The guilty are condemning the guilty. Just like "Believe the woman, no matter what," this dimwitted idea will run its course too, no doubt. I just wonder how many Democrats will be standing when it's over.