July 22, 2019

From the “Everything You Know Is Wrong (If You Listen to the Mainstream Media)” Desk: A poll of 11 Southern states found that President Trump’s approval rating has risen to 54%, with 72% saying the national economy is “very good” or “fairly good.”  And despite the very best efforts of the Democrats and the national media to convince us otherwise, the percentage who think race relations are improving in their states jumped from 14% since the last poll in September to 20%, while the number who think race relations are getting worse took a big drop from 44 to 34%.

I know that major media outlets believe their plummeting viewer ratings mean that Americans just aren’t as well-informed as they should be.  Actually, I think most people I meet traveling around America are a lot better informed about what’s really going on than the bubble-dwelling reporters in NYC, L.A. and D.C., who talk only to each other and chase after every “hot” sensational story (“Russia!” “Racism!” “Fascism!”) like moths to a flame while ignoring what’s really important to most Americans – who, by the way, are getting along just fine.

In fact, one of the added bonuses of tuning these people out is that we don’t have to listen to all their ridiculous victimology propaganda designed to tear us apart and make us angry, distrustful and resentful of each other.  Here’s a message to all the professional peddlers of racial divisiveness: most Americans of all colors and backgrounds love this country and feel privileged to be Americans.  We know we have a lot more in common that we have differences, and that any “improvements” to the American system should be made carefully and thoughtfully, without tearing down the foundations made the nation great (and it is great: a cold fact that I state without any apologies or apostrophes.)

We Americans of all backgrounds work together, play together, shop together, dine together, and help each other out in emergencies, no questions asked.  There is no “rising tide” of white supremacy, Nazism, xenophobia or any other such paranoid fantasies.  Only a tiny handful of extremist nutjobs (on both sides of the political fence) hate those who are different from them.

In short, to those hogging the national spotlight who promote racial and religious divisions:  the vast, vast majority of Americans do NOT hate each other.  But to honest, we’re not that crazy about you.


We currently have…how many Democrats are running for President again?  It’s hard to keep track from one day to the next.  Is Tom Steyer officially in yet?  Is “Beto” officially out yet?...

Anyway, however many there are, they might as well all be the same.  In typical Democratic “diversity” style, you have an array of superficial differences – various skin colors, ages, genders, sexual orientations, etc. – with virtually zero diversity of thought or ideas.  They’re all running to the left of the American people, embracing a lot of crackpot ideas, from open borders to decriminalizing illegal immigration to massive government giveaways and sky-high tax rates, that would crash the economy and end America as we know and love it. 

They all claim they’re running because President Trump is such an unmitigated disaster that he’s just destroying the lives of working class Americans, and they have to rush in and save us.  But what exactly are they saving us from? 

Steve Hilton of Fox News did an excellent job of compiling a lot of new economic numbers that by themselves make the case that you’d have to be crazy as a bedbug to trade in Trump for any of these loons who are vowing to take us back to a mixture of the policies of Obama circa 2013 and the USSR circa 1955. 

Just compare and contrast where we are now with what the Democrats are promising to take us back to:

While Democrats rail that Trump’s policies only benefit “the rich,” here are just a few of the facts Hilton has compiled to show how much better the average American has it just in the past two years:

That cut in corporate taxes that Democrats vow to repeal resulted in companies spending money that would have gone to the government on expansion and hiring.  Last year, 264,000 new manufacturing jobs were created, the best growth since 1997. Unemployment in general is at a 50-year low (among Hispanics and African-Americans, it’s the lowest ever.) America is on track to be a net exporter of energy by 2020, making us less prone to OPEC blackmail and keeping gas prices low. Over the past year, wages for the bottom quarter of earners have grown by an average of 4.5%, faster than any other income group.  The average 401(K) employer contribution hit a record high in 2019, and that’s extra good news for workers considering the Dow is up by nearly 50% since the 2016 election. 

This may be the first election where the only Americans who can honestly say “no” when asked, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” are the Democrats running for President.




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  • Amelia Little

    07/24/2019 11:51 PM

    I tried watching a bit of a Steven Crowder "change my mind" video. This was about whether or not the people think America is great. I could only watch so much because those who sat down kept dwelling on President Trump--he had a hard time directing them back to the question. I read about politicians, and even some fb friends, about "all the lies" President Trump has told. Just like no one can seem to come up with a specific anything that would lead to impeachment, no one can seem to come up with one specific lie he allegedly has told the American people. You can tell who (whether regular citizens or politicians) only get their (mis)information from msm because they seem to really have no clue about all the accomplishments of this administration.

  • albert behrens

    07/23/2019 05:25 PM

    Excellent coverage of the real facts!

    The fear tactics of both parties are hilarious - I love telling the Republicans and their RINOS to bugger off! Became an independent supporting our Prez.

  • Pamela Elms Scott

    07/23/2019 10:42 AM

    Love your daily commentaries! They make my day. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into getting the facts out.

  • John R Courter

    07/23/2019 09:45 AM

    Trump has been the best thing to happen to our country for a long time. However because of the way Congress has and is behaving ( with seemingly no regard for the Constitution or the citizens of this country ) they are developing mistrust and worst of all a fear of government local, state and federal levels. This is truly a sad and scary thing.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    07/23/2019 07:52 AM

    Excellent synopsis. It appears that the Democratic Party is almost suicidal.

  • Georgina Molnar

    07/23/2019 07:10 AM

    Mike: I have always said if you don't love this country you can surly leave it, funny I don't see anyone leaving like several Hollywood stars said that they wee going to do if Trump won to be President, like Rosy, Barbra Streisand and many more, last I heard they are all still here.
    I was married to a Hungarian and believe me after living in Hungary he was so happy for his freedom to come here. He managed to flee Hungary and get to Austria and then to AMERICA he couldn't believe the way people talked about our President's during the years here. I met him in 1962 he couldn't speak English, we married in 1965. He loved this country said it was the best.

  • James Hoppe

    07/23/2019 06:24 AM

    Suggest to the President to end ALL tweets to the SQUAD! They only get press when he does...
    most of America understand his comments...NOT RACIST...and agree it or leave it.

    It is totally UNFAIR they get the press coverage they get. I try to turn any comments OFF on any
    station that shows an interview!

  • Maxie Bryan McGuffey

    07/23/2019 05:50 AM

    Many of us proud Americans NEVER listen to the news, (except for local info) other than Fox News for decades now. Many of us saw the bias of mainstream media in the 1970’s & thought they were bad then!!!

  • Geoffrey max mordecai spiro

    07/23/2019 01:59 AM

    Thank Gd for you contributions Pastor! Gd has many haters and for this reason we don t need to worry about our ennemies either. Gd will take good care of both categories on condition that we keep the faith, the good cheer and the love. United we stand.

  • Shelley Jordan

    07/23/2019 01:11 AM

    Excellent information that's straight to the point. I pray that more people every day that are mislead by the fake news will wake up and see reality. They sure would be happier and have a better life. Is there that many people that enjoy misery?

  • Elaine Edgar

    07/22/2019 11:36 PM

    I was as big of trump fan as anyone, but cannot believe he said GD. What Christian says that?

  • frederick oates

    07/22/2019 11:35 PM

    Your evening newsletter sparks my sense of humor to new dimensions. And to think these democrats actually think they have a handle on the issues facing the USA!!!

  • Michele Tierman

    07/22/2019 11:07 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I have seen you lately on Fox News & have noticed your nose on the left side seems to have a problem or cut. Hoping you are not suffering from a health problem like our family has had with pre-skin cancer & skin cancer. Praying for complete healing with whatever is going on with your nose/health! ????

  • Anita Mule

    07/22/2019 10:24 PM

    Just before I read the newsletter article on the races, I had just written essentially the same letter to The Post! In my experience, the average, everyday person gets along fine with other races. It is certain individuals and groups who seek to divide us and are doing more damage than they should be able to. We should not take the bait. Sure there are some whites who feel superior and some blacks who feel victimized, but we have come long way, and should not have our progress reversed by
    these jerks.

  • Carolyn Cantrell

    07/22/2019 10:12 PM

    Miss you on TV as I got rid of all the TV providers, but I am definitely enjoying these e-mails, especially this one.
    God Bless You,
    Also liked your daughter when she was in Washington, thought the things that happened to her were just awful.

  • Rev. Austin Miles

    07/22/2019 09:33 PM

    Here is something for your :news headlines;"

    Rev. Austin Miles

  • Anita Mae Barker

    07/22/2019 09:22 PM

    The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Louise Williams

    07/22/2019 08:51 PM

    Thank you again for an excellent newsletter.

  • Maureen Innis

    07/22/2019 08:31 PM

    I grew up knowing many great people - Mr. Ledesma, Mexican, our grade school bus driver. He would stop so we could pick cumquats and loquats that grew wild alongside the road from the bus windows. Also stopped before he went over a series of ruts so that all of us who wanted to rush to the back of the bus and go flying in the air, could do so. Nicest man, babysat for his eight children many times. Barbara Roundtree - a black wife of an army sergeant,befriended a lonely young army wife on a base near Monterey, CA, and let me use her washer and dryer as often as I needed. Mohammed, an Arab, who took my family to Disneyland when it first opened in Anaheim. Also made our whole family a special middle east dinner and brought it to our home. Roberta Coverdell - Asian American. Sweet spirit, good friend, now with the Lord. Lisa, my black friend of over 40 years, who I have had many prayers, and many laughs with. Tina, the girl who cuts my hair - Native American. You couldn't want a better friend. Annie Snowbird - Cherokee. We had many good times together. I never once considered anything but their goodness and friendship, and I am thankful to have known them all. People who spout the word "racist" continually, and are filled with such hatred and rage, are missing a lot.

  • Diane Conrad

    07/22/2019 07:46 PM

    Is the congress doing any work? Or just trying to get President Trump?


    07/22/2019 07:40 PM


  • Gary Stilwell

    07/22/2019 07:10 PM

    Trump promised to drain the swamp--he didn't do it yet(the swamp is full of gators that are republican as well as Democrats)
    The dems want more votes, thus they embrace illegals/lgbts, and anyone else that is here illegally or has a "varient"(read not normal) lifestyle.--that gives them POWER--the power to sieze property, the power to dictate how you live your life, the power to tell you how you should bring up your children(actually the power to tell you HOW MANY children you may have)
    Their thrust is to socialism--something the American people fail to realize how insidious it is. Go ahead give away free stuff to the folks who never worked or had to suffer to get what they have--you will soon be looking at the right to vote as a past history anomaly.
    There have been many "posts" concerning this-all over the internet--why do you think this is?????
    Our children are being fed wrong history, they are being innundated with false values--"do unto others" is being promoted as "do to them what they did to you, but do it more"---how disgusting is that?

  • Jerry korba

    07/22/2019 06:59 PM

    Another great edition so true I read an article about good old fun loving Al Frankin the senator from Minnesota ousted by his great friends Senator the dumbest Leahy the dodo from North Dakota (gone) and a couple of other beauties from the Senate saying Al was a bit out of line so he resigned he now regrets it he got pushed out before all the facts were in I doubt he was guilty of any real crime now the Dems are not letting poor Al play with all the bright stars the Dems have today. Here are some of the new ideas AL; Green deal, Killing the new born and unborn babies, getting rid of law enforcement the South Side of Chicago style of living is what they are aiming for,Free Education for all Healthcare for all no need for scientists ,doctors, carpenters, pilots for airplanes no need for lawyers a AR15 will solve your problems if everything is free who performs all the tasks? will all the babies if allowed to live are they coming with all the skills needed to operate this country if everything is free who will want to work who will want to be educated everyone one can stay at the Hiltons no room service the Dems are drawing a red line there so Al Frankin don't regret, your pals did you a favor stay away enjoy the last 12 years of life according to one of the new stars that's all we got left, use your corrupt money enjoy the girls, they caught jeff, u know the guy with a lot of money he seems to know a lot of senators also, you may have a common friend. PS Just thought i would throw that in. You Dems are really nice people its your policies that suck.

  • Audrey Skarness

    07/22/2019 06:56 PM

    Why don't all the politicians and protestors take a day off and be thankful to God Almighty that they live in a free country.

  • william fuhrer

    07/22/2019 06:43 PM

    REWRITING HISTORY: The United States was on the wrong on slavery. But on atheistic Nazism and Atheistic Communism the United States was right and Liberty and Religion prevailed. And now the EXTREME left want to rewrite history by leading with voodoo history and calling all whites racist. If the press was seeking the truth President Trump would be landing HAYMAKERS