August 6, 2019

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Once again, the media tell us that we’re engaged in a “national debate” over how to stop mass shootings. I only wish that were true. I am adamantly in favor of a national debate. I debated in school, and I know the rules for real debates: you have to present evidence for your side and argue for it rationally and logically. I would love to see a debate that addresses the real root causes of these horrific acts of violence, which I’ve long written and talked about: the destruction of the family unit, the absence of fathers, the desensitization of kids to violence, the banishing of religion and moral teaching from the public square, undermining of respect for the sanctity of life, the way isolated social media relationships and coarse anonymous Internet sniping have replaced personal human contact in churches and community groups, the “war on boys” that tells young men they’re bad and useless just for being male, and on and on.

I would even be willing to listen to suggestions for new gun laws, if they were effective at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people, and not just the same regurgitated anti-Second Amendment leftist wish list of “common sense” gun laws that are anything but. Those proposed laws invariably would have done nothing to stop the mass shootings, but they would disarm and criminalize law-abiding citizens while making it easier for criminals and deranged shooters to victimize us (like the insane “gun-free zone” concept – “I wanted to shoot a bunch of people, but the sign says this is a ‘gun-free zone.’ Darn it, I guess my killing spree is off! I wouldn’t want to violate the sign!”)

All those things should be part of the constructive debate we should all come together to have. Alas, that’s not what’s going on. Instead...


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Good guys with guns

By Mike Huckabee

I promised that when I knew the name of the heroic cop who first engaged the Dayton, Ohio, mass shooter, I would tell you his name (I will never repeat the name of any mass shooter: the media attention inspires copycats and feeds the sick motivations of the shooters, plus nobody deserves celebrity for killing innocent people.) 

Well, it’s still not clear who engaged him first, as per the story by one witness.  But these are the six officers who were nearby and quickly responded, killing the shooter before he could enter a crowded restaurant and bar and potentially kill hundreds of people.  A giant Huck's Hero salute to them all:

Sgt. William C. Knight, who is a 22-year veteran, and Officers Brian Rolfes, Jeremy Campbell, Vincent Carter, Ryan Nabe and David Denlinger, all of whom joined the force in 2016.

As tragic as the shooting was, it could have been far worse if these officers hadn’t already been on the scene (it happened in a crowded entertainment district) and rushed immediately toward the gunfire to engage the shooter at the risk of their own lives.  This is what cops could face every time they go on the job, so be grateful and respectful to them, and don't dump water on them!

As is always the case, the mass shooter was stopped by a good guy (or guys) with a gun.  Usually, the police are too far away to act this quickly.  But statistics show that if there is an armed civilian on the scene, the average number of people shot before a mass shooter is stopped is 2.5.  When the shooter is stopped by the police, who usually need more time to arrive, the average number of victims is 14.

When you’re told that the “good guy with a gun” theory is nonsense because hardly any mass shootings are stopped by an armed civilian on the scene, that’s because when there is an armed civilian on the scene, the shooting ends before there are enough victims for it to be counted as a mass shooting.  

So what is the left’s solution to stopping mass shootings?  Disarm law-abiding civilians.  Oh, and make the entire country a "gun-free zone." 


That pesky Constitution 

By Mike Huckabee

Remember that California law I told you was unconstitutional, the one Gov. Gavin Newsom signed that requires all presidential candidates to give five years’ worth of their personal tax returns to the state in order to appear on the primary ballot?  I said it was unconstitutional because it was obviously aimed at one person (Trump) and it added a new requirement for the Presidency that isn’t in the Constitution.  Even Jerry Brown recognized that it was unconstitutional and refused to sign it. 

Well, a lawsuit has already been filed, challenging it as unconstitutional.

That pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way of all the “progressives’” best-laid plans.  No wonder they want to rip it up, rewrite it, expand the Supreme Court and eliminate the Electoral College.

Speaking of that, where is the lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional move by blue states to give away their voters’ electoral votes to the national popular vote winner?  Maybe they’re waiting until it’s passed by enough states to take effect, because its opponents figure that by that time, the states will figure out that they’d be giving away all their future influence in Washington to New York, California, Texas and Florida, and just quietly drop it down the garbage chute of bad ideas.



A new PC no-no

By Mike Huckabee

Latest PC worry to note in your ever-expanding list of PC no-no’s:  According to the American Psychological Association, the key to ending mass shootings is gun control and not trying to keep mentally ill people from getting guns.  That’s because people who write rambling “manifestos” and then go out and kill a bunch of random strangers “aren’t necessarily mentally ill” and “4 out of 5 mass shooters have no mental illness diagnosis.”  You certainly wouldn’t want to “trigger” them by suggesting they’re mentally ill.

I hate to step on anyone’s toes, but did the APA ever consider their lack of a diagnosis might have less to do with mass killers being sane then it does with psychiatrists being incompetent?  For further proof, I suggest you look into what they’ve been telling us lately about gender. 




I wanted to make sure you also read these comments



The New York Times headline writers forgot their paper’s prime directive:  “Always spin the story negatively against Trump.”  (See what I mean at this link.)

Fortunately, the barrage of complaints they got from readers for accidentally presenting a story accurately and objectively prompted them to change the headline before the second edition went out and apologize for committing journalism the first time.  Here’s now that went down:


Get well wishes and prayers for Sen. Rand Paul, who had to have part of his lung removed due to damage when a neighbor attacked him and broke six of his ribs.  By coincidence, this incident was recently back in the news after Rep. Ilhan Omar retweeted a tweet from off-the-charts-leftist comic Tom Arnold, making light of the assault.

But remember: it’s only Republicans’ rhetoric that is supportive of violence.  You might run that by Steve Scalise, too.


California’s Department of Education seems determined to prove the Instapundit blog correct when they regularly warn, “Sending your child to public school is child abuse.”

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A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Our Daily Verse (NIV)

“We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all."

– Isa 53:6

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  • sherry adonna snyder

    08/06/2019 01:46 PM

    Please tell President Trump: Not my original idea but a great one. We will be fine with extended/rigorous background checks for guns as long as do same for immigration and voter ID. Build all in to one new law!
    BTW - I love you and Sarah and your entire family.
    Loving God - Living Jesus

  • florence Siljenberg

    08/06/2019 12:44 PM

    you are spot on Mike, in defense of Beto who used Jesus Christ name to declare that "saying to a reporter "Jesus Christ, of course he's a racist", modern journalism would of course should call Beto out because he was calling Jesus a racist but then to acknowledge that Jesus even exists is to much for the media. I guess I will just let Beto and the media fight this one out with Jesus and I'm pretty confident who will win that battle. This is part of the anathama on our country already.

  • Charlene Sanders

    08/06/2019 11:57 AM

    We need a NATIONAL inquiry into the deep state and MKUltra and experimentation with people. It's a face the CIA did these experiments. We need to find out WHERE these sleepers are and "recall" them.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/06/2019 11:39 AM

    Mass Shooter Action Plan manual features:
    Shooter MO
    Shooter history, RX, resume, Social media, RX, psych care, home life.
    Proven Tactics to stop shooters
    Info page to share with Local resources
    EMT,PD contacts
    & all can be on same page for active shooters.
    NOT printed at Govt expense