September 12, 2019

Monday night’s premiere of “A Very Brady Renovation” was the highest-rated series premiere in HGTV history and a jump of 211% in recent ratings for that time slot. Total viewer numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s pretty safe to say more people watched the HGTV gang reconstruct the Brady Bunch house than watched the CNN gang hammer out another evening of fake news.

Since it’s the 50th anniversary of “The Brady Bunch’s” premiere, and HGTV got big ratings even among viewers as young as 25, it seems clear that a lot of people still watch the reruns from before they were born and yearn for a time when humor was clean, family-oriented and not an endless stream of leftwing political commentary.

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One person who really longs for the days before people went insane over politics is Susan Olsen, who played the youngest Brady daughter, Cindy.  In December, 2016, the entertainment site linked above, The Wrap, falsely reported that she had been fired from her radio host job over an on-air homophobic rant. Olsen says the story was false and she was never fired, but she believes it was punishment by the entertainment press for publicly admitting she voted for Trump. 

Olsen said she’s not a Republican or even all that conservative, but she’ll defend American values when they’re attacked.  She misses the days when people could talk about their differences, saying that now, people just brand someone “hateful,” even Betsy Ross.  She said, “The world’s gone nuts!…It’s misinformation. And these people are hypocrites.”

Really makes you want to take refuge in HGTV or just watch reruns of “The Brady Bunch,” a blessed reminder of the days before (sing it with me!) “These leftists all became the Crazy Nuts!” 

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  • Amelia Little

    09/12/2019 12:54 PM

    Last week on Chopped, there were two episodes with Brady Bunch cast--3 were judges on each episode. Was amazed to see what they look like today!!!