January 30, 2020

I address this not just to wavering Republicans, but also to any Democratic Senators who might be open to putting the good of the nation above partisan considerations. When I was Governor of Arkansas, I worked across the aisle with a heavily Democratic legislature, so I know what it means to put politics aside and work for the common good.

You are now faced with one of those times, and this is the spirit in which I am writing to you to urge you not to give in to pressure to allow more witnesses, subpoenas and document requests. Yes, I am a Trump supporter, but this has nothing to do with protecting a particular President. This is about protecting future Presidents, Congresses, the Constitution and the future of America itself.

URGENT: Please co-sign my letter to the U.S. Senate. I need 100,000 Americans to sign before noon tomorrow.

What the House impeachment managers are asking you to do will fundamentally undermine our government from this point forward if you give in to pressure and allow it. It is the duty of the House under the Constitution to investigate and vote on whether the case has been made for impeachment. Impeachment means legislators overturning the will of the voters, so it must never be taken lightly. It’s a drastic, last resort action that must only be undertaken in the face of genuinely “overwhelming” evidence of actual impeachable crimes, not policy differences. As Speaker Pelosi herself said not long ago, impeachment “is so divisive to the country” that it should not be pursued “unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.”

The case before you represents none of those things. Having failed to make a compelling, overwhelming and bipartisan case for impeachment, despite the advantages of running an investigation that denied the President basic due process rights, the House managers are now begging you to finish their job for them. They want you to tie up the Senate and ignore the people’s business for an indeterminate amount of time so that they (and you) can go on a scavenger hunt for evidence and documents they either failed to find or didn’t bother to follow the legal process of obtaining.

If you give in to this demand, you will forever change the meaning of impeachment and the role of the Senate. The House has already done incalculable damage to our system by setting precedents of impeachment being launched without a full House vote, hearings being partisan and held in secret, the President being denied due process, testimony being hidden from the other Party, and articles of impeachment being passed on vague grounds with no evidence or citation of any “high crimes or misdemeanors.” All this has lowered the bar for impeachment, cheapening it into a partisan political weapon that can be wielded whenever opposing parties are in power in the White House and Congress.

Now, they are asking you to forever cheapen the role of the Senate, from wise and impartial jurors to partisan assistant prosecutors. They expect you to finish the job they failed to do, no matter how much of your time that wastes. At the beginning of this nation, the Senate was created as a place where bad ideas that were passed in the heat of passion in the House would be stopped by cooler heads. This is a sterling example of such an occasion.

I know most of you are parents. If your children threw a tantrum and tried to pressure and guilt you into doing their homework for them, you would say no. Because then they’d just keep doing it over and over, expecting you to do their work forever, and never learn to take responsibility. You saw how the call to expand the Kavanaugh hearings allowed what should have been a serious confirmation procedure to devolve into a divisive, chaotic partisan circus. Imagine that 24/7 under every President elected from now on. Fortunately, the majority of Senators saw what was happening to Justice Kavanaugh and had the courage to stand up to intense pressure and end it.

Whether or not you suspect, or even believe, that President Trump might have done something wrong or that rises to the level of impeachment, the White House team has demonstrated unequivocally that the House managers have failed to make that case, and they’ve engaged in misleading testimony to try to convince you otherwise. Also, just by claiming they need more witnesses and documents that they could have obtained themselves, the House managers are admitting that they failed to do their job of proving their case.

Don’t curse yourself to having these errant, lazy children showing up on your doorstep over and over to the end of eternity, demanding that the Senate do their work for them. Don’t let them exploit your understandable impulses toward “fairness” and hearing more information to bilk you into doing their job, and in the process, forever undermining the Constitution and altering the role of the Senate.

As Prof. Alan Dershowitz pointed out, the House is doing just what the Founders were afraid might happen at some point down the road. We’re now at a fork in that road. It’s time to take that fork and stick it in this case, because it’s done.

URGENT: Please co-sign my letter to the U.S. Senate. I need 100,000 Americans to sign before noon tomorrow.

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  • Stephen Schwam

    02/01/2020 07:36 PM

    Mike, just keep praying that sound minds will prevail . God Bless you and your family , our country . and our Preseident

  • Rosemary Muller

    01/31/2020 10:01 PM

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff need to be impeached, or exiled even as traitors who have done such terrible damage to this great nation.

  • Diantha Jane Nores

    01/31/2020 02:49 PM

    This impeachment by the us congress is a scam by Adam Schiff and others because they do not like the way we voted in 2016 and they want to overturn my vote.
    D. Jane Nores

  • Rick Gooden

    01/31/2020 02:32 PM

    Susan Collins a "so called" Republican has disgraced not only herself,the Republican party and the government of the U S.Any senator that listened to the bile spewing from the ever spinning head of Adam Schiff and still vote in favor of hearing months more of the same should not be in our government and is definitely a Republican by name only.The same can be said for Mit Romney but I think we all new that would happen.I hope that President Trump picks another candidate to endorse for a runoff election against both of them.
    How ironic is it that we basically now have to put our hope in a few Democrats to vote no on more witnesses and to save our President.I cannot think of a more disgraceful and dispickable travisty of justice than the BEST President of modern times and one of the best in history possibly being impeached by his own party which he trusts !!!

  • William schaenzer

    01/31/2020 12:58 PM

    vole end this

  • Lynn Wagoner

    01/31/2020 11:50 AM

    No witnesses. Vote and acquit President Trump. Democrats have wasted enough of our taxpayers money on all this bologna! President Trump did nothing wrong when he asked Ukraine to investigate all the corruption going on by Americans in Ukraine. President Trump did that on behalf of The United States of America, not for personal gain. I think we (the taxpayers) should be reimbursed for all the millions of dollars the democrats have wasted on all this bologna!

  • Larry Mashburn

    01/31/2020 11:49 AM

    Governor Mike,
    I am a subscriber and truly believe you provide honest commentary and I read your writings everyday. I have a suggestion: I signed the Letter you recently wrote to Congress/Senate, yet I get another request from your office leading me to think I didn't sign. But I checked and I had signed it. It is important to me that you get my correspondence to you. Can there be an auto send that acknowledges receipt when we reply to you. I don't want to send multiple times for obvious reasons.. Thank you for everything you do, I really like you TV show, thank you for rebroadcasting on Sunday evening.
    Your friend
    Larry MAGA

  • Carol East

    01/31/2020 08:44 AM

    Congress needs to get back to the business of the people. The one good thing that has come out of this serious abuse of power by the house Democrats has been to show just how corrupt Washington has become. You can throw some Republicans and Washington bureaucrats in that category as well! We definitely need to “drain the swamp”.

  • Don Chenault

    01/31/2020 08:32 AM

    We should know by end of day on Friday(1-31) who the dimm/communist in the senate,
    calling themselves republicans are.... these people should be revealed for the entire repub voters and supporter of Pres Trump to exert any influence to remove them from office or being
    called a repub.. cannot believe any repub senator could support schiff, nadler, pelosi and company
    in their attempts to destroy Pres Trump, his family, and repub party..

  • Gerri Cheyney

    01/31/2020 07:42 AM

    Follow the Constitution!

  • Sue Ragsdale

    01/31/2020 01:03 AM

    This travesty should be stopped so you can get back to the job you were elected to do.

  • James Filk

    01/30/2020 10:33 PM

    Follow the contitution.

  • Dawne Brookd

    01/30/2020 08:56 PM

    No witnesses! sick of the Democrat circus killing our great nation
    No impeachment if this great president. Get over it and run our damn country

  • Monique Poole

    01/30/2020 08:10 PM

    We also want Pelosi and Shummer impeached and democrats to pay back all the money they wasted on this sham.

  • Timothy T. Dawson

    01/30/2020 07:42 PM


  • Teresa Carstensen

    01/30/2020 06:46 PM

    Governor, I think you just unintentionally told our senators to "stick it."! [..."It’s time to take that fork and stick it in this case, because it’s done."]
    Correct phrasing might be: ..."stick it INTO this case,"...

  • Gary Wayne Wait

    01/30/2020 06:45 PM

    No witness! Needed
    Vote & get this trial over with.
    Send the House Mangers back to the House.


    01/30/2020 06:23 PM


  • Kenneth W Jackson

    01/30/2020 05:54 PM

    stop wasting time and money

  • sanda M. jackson

    01/30/2020 05:53 PM

    Stop wasting our money ...

  • Ruth Fadely

    01/30/2020 05:34 PM

    I agree!

  • W.A. Long

    01/30/2020 05:12 PM

    End it now.

  • Carol Long

    01/30/2020 05:11 PM

    End it now.

  • Martha Schafer

    01/30/2020 04:53 PM

    Enough is enough is enough !!! It is past time for the Schiff Circus to take down their tents and ride out on the lame, weak nags named " Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Congress" that they rode in on. They had better hurry before PETA accuses them of "beating dead horses".

  • Judith Torrington

    01/30/2020 04:41 PM

    End this farce now! No to witnesses and YES to acquittal!