November 26, 2020

Tuesday, the Dow closed over 30,000 for the first time in history. Again, to clarify for the media: Joe Biden had nothing to do with it, and the stock market isn’t booming because investors think Biden is going to become President. That’s the kind of data you get from liberal economists like Paul Krugman, who announced on the night Trump was elected that markets would “never” recover, and who assured us just last March that we were headed into a “permanent recession.”

FYI: One of my writers told me he opened a little day-trading account shortly after Krugman's warning last spring, and bought only stocks that had taken a big dive in industries that Democrats claimed would never recover. As of Wednesday, he says his stocks are up anywhere from 32% to 70.5% in six months or so. It proves you’ll never go wrong betting that leftists don’t know what they’re talking about. Even ones with a Nobel Prize.

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  • Daniel Knoll

    11/29/2020 03:43 AM

    DARE YA TO POST IT: ....... Per the conservative, certainly-credible, and undeniably right-wing-biased, albeit authority on the ECONOMY, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, it's HEADLINE on the matter, no less : " Dow Surges to Highest Level Since February On Vaccine Results, BIDEN WIN" (Yes, i capitalized it, not they.) .

  • Daniel Knoll

    11/29/2020 03:35 AM

    HOW does Trump have '' anything to do with it"? This is a RESPONSE by the COUNTRY & indeed the WORLD to the PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENT"S ELECTION VICTORY, but SIX MILLION, btw...
    HOW does it stand to reason the stock market is RESPONDING to the truth we all know, and the CHANGE that instigated the SURGE? ...........Really? The stock market surged because Trump is STILL president? That makes ZERO sense. Oh wait, i forgot where I was and who i was replying to. DARE ya' to publish that!

  • David E. Miller

    11/26/2020 04:58 PM

    If only everyone could afford to invest in the stock market...