December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020      

Good morning! Today's newsletter includes:

  • China spying, Biden China deals, and a MUST-READ report on...China
  • Hypocritical favoritism
  • Is Reality Finally Setting In Or Is The Election Just Over?
  • "The Hydroxy Effect"


Mike Huckabee

China spying, Biden China deals, and a MUST-READ report on...China

By Mike Huckabee

California Rep. Eric Swalwell reacted predictably to the story about him being compromised by a “honeypot” sent by Beijing to spy on up-and-coming officials.

He blamed Trump.

I am not kidding. This revelation should humiliate him more than his bout with on-air flatulence, but he’s determined to simply deflect blame. In a cringeworthy interview with POLITICO, he said he’d been targeted in the media –- the spy story was broken by left-leaning AXIOS –- because of his criticism of Trump. (Right.) “I’ve been a critic of the President,” he said. “...I was on both committees that worked to impeach him. The timing feels like that should be looked at.”

Florida Sen. Rick Scott and others are calling for Swalwell to be stripped of committee assignments after his astounding failure in judgment. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Scott said, “Eric Swalwell has no place on the House Intelligence Committee.” (Insert your own “intelligence” joke here.)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined others in saying the spying on Swalwell was “just the tip of the iceberg.” This honeypot was playing the long game not just with ambitious men in the Bay Area (Democrats, naturally) but with a couple of mayors in Midwestern cities. She's probably one of many.

McCarthy believes Fang probably played a role in Swalwell’s ascension from the city council in Dublin, California, to the U.S. Congress. He also wonders if other Bay Area Democrats might have been compromised, including Speaker Pelosi, an ally of Swalwell’s. We already knew that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur for 20 years was a Chinese national/spy.

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell takes this very seriously. “Russia is a problem, but China is a crisis,” he said Wednesday, “and we’ve known it’s been a crisis for a very long time.” He said Swalwell “spent years downplaying the China threat...playing exactly into what the Chinese want people to do. They want to be under the radar.”

By the way, we also learn from HEADLINE USA that Swalwell is not originally from the far-left Bay Area district he represents. He hails from Sac City, Iowa, home of the world’s largest popcorn ball. I assume the citizens of Sac City are much prouder right now of their popcorn ball.

Moving on to another embarrassment –- that would be Hunter Biden –- both Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and author Peter Schweizer appeared on Wednesday’s HANNITY show to discuss the investigation into Hunter’s taxes, which is linked to his suspicious deals with China. Johnson cited the media’s role in suppressing the Hunter story before Election Day, citing the McLaughlin poll that said 36 percent of Biden voters hadn’t heard of this and, of those, 13 percent said they wouldn’t have voted for him. That alone would’ve taken away 4.6 percent of the Biden vote and given the win to Trump.

Schweizer said Hunter lied about not getting Chinese money and that there were “a multitude” of deals with China, involving billions. The challenge lies in finding it all, as Hunter has “a myriad” of offshore accounts. But it’s easier when investigating a tax case, as tax treaties with other countries allow for “a lot more broad information-sharing.” He sees a tax investigation as “the camel’s nose under the tent,” a way to gain access, so “we can start to unravel the full extent of the Biden relationship with the Chinese government.”

Also, as reported in POLITICO, a hospital business involving Joe Biden's brother James is now under criminal investigation.

In more breaking China news, President Trump on Wednesday provided great contrast to those embarrassing stories by showcasing his reality-based approach to China, sanctioning a member of the CCP named Wan Kwok Koi –- affectionately known as “Broken Tooth” –- for “using Beijing’s multination infrastructure project to hide the expansion of and crimes committed by one of the world’s largest Chinese criminal organizations.”

This was carried out by Trump’s Treasury Department under the Magnitsky Act (Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act), which targets corruption and human rights abuse. A couple of other groups under this man’s control were also sanctioned.

UPI reports, “Wan, a member of the CCP’s Political Consultative Conference, is being blacklisted for engaging in corruption as a leading figure in the 14K Triad, which deals in drug and human trafficking, illegal gambling, racketeering and other criminal enterprises.”

They’re involved in developing a powerful business network that the Trump administration said is involved in cryptocurrencies, real estate, and a security company involved in protecting investments for the Belt and Road Initiative, which the State Department described in a report last month as “China’s predatory development program and debt-trap diplomacy.” For a real eye-opener, the Executive Summary of this report is a MUST-READ.

First, the report outlines the problems posed by the Chinese government due to its very nature. It goes on to say that “meeting the China challenge requires the United States to return to the fundamentals. To secure freedom, American must refashion its foreign policy in light of ten tasks.” And then it lays them out.

This summary of what America needs to do is so brilliant, it heartens me to know that it came out of our State Department. If you have family or friends who think Trump is out of place in the Oval Office, please give them this to read. It came from the TRUMP State Department. This very impressive, spot-on report on China would not have emerged from Obama’s State Department or, most certainly, Biden’s State Department. It obviously describes the America that President Trump hopes to preserve and protect.

Tasks 9 and 10 are so important, I’ll quote them here: “Ninth, the United States must reform American education, equipping students to shoulder the enduring responsibilities of citizenship in a free and democratic society by UNDERSTANDING AMERICA’S LEGACY OF LIBERTY [emphasis mine] and also preparing them to meet the special demands of a complex, information-age, globalized economy for expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

"Tenth, the United States must champion the principles of freedom –- principles that are at once universal and at the heart of the American national spirit –- through example; speeches; educational initiatives; public diplomacy; foreign assistance and investment; sanctions in more difficult circumstances as well as other forms of non-military pressure; and, where the nation’s vital interests are at stake and all else has failed, military force.”


Seriously, I recommend reading this entire report. It runs another 45 pages or so but is well worth your time.

Finally, there’s one other problem concerning China that’s been brought to our attention, thanks to reader Curtis D. He informs us that many foreign nationals, including Chinese, are working in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. What could possibly go wrong? “These could be spies that are drawing a check from the U.S. government," he says, "to spy on us, having access to the latest inventions." This no doubt has been going on for years, but we really just can’t have it. Of course, if Biden ends up in the White House, nothing is going to be done about this.

Again, four more years.

Hypocritical favoritism

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, I brought you the video of the Los Angeles bar and grill owner who was crying in rage and frustration that her expensively remodeled outdoor dining area was shut down by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s coronavirus orders while an almost identical outdoor catering area was set up right next to it to accommodate the “essential” filming of an NBC sitcom. (Incidentally, as long as you can stream "Andy Griffith Show" reruns, no current sitcom production is essential.)

Now, a similar accusation of hypocritical favoritism is being leveled in New York, where other businesses are shut down and owners arrested for trying to open. Yet, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is allowed to use a loophole to bring in a studio audience for their “essential” broadcasts.

They get around it by giving $150 to each audience member, technically making them “employees” (also confirming that you’d have to pay people to laugh at SNL these days.)

But it gets worse: on last weekend’s show (which I’m assuming you didn’t watch), cast member Pete Davidson mocked Staten Island residents who are protesting the business-destroying lockdowns, saying they were acting like “babies.” He might as well have said, “Let them eat cake,” which is still a better punchline than anything that’s been said on SNL lately.

Funny, I don’t recall anyone at SNL mocking all those BLM protesters as babies for defying public health to gather in masses over their cause. I guess it’s easy to mock people who are losing their jobs and businesses and can’t pay their bills when you have friends in high places who insure that your big paychecks never stop coming.

Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit wrote about this a while back; that the controversy over COVID-19 lockdowns isn’t about who cares more about public health, but about two different Americas: one that keeps getting paid no matter what, arrogantly looking down on and scolding Americans who are unemployed and seriously hurting.

I’ve already offered what I think is the perfect solution for this: we should demand that as long as the economy is deliberately shut down so that people who work for a living can’t get a paycheck, no politician or public official should receive a paycheck, either. Let’s see how quickly they come up with better, more targeted, less restrictive and more science-based policies when their own cash stops flowing in.

Related stories: A judge issued a temporary stay on the ban on outdoor dining in Los Angeles:

From the “Tell Me What You Really Think” Desk: The sheriff of Riverside, California, declared that he has no intention of enforcing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “unbelievably faulty,” “flat-out ridiculous,” “hypocritical,” and “disastrous” lockdown orders.

Is Reality Finally Setting In Or Is The Election Just Over?

By Mike Huckabee

The mayor of Seattle announced that she will not run for reelection next year, leaving Seattle voters with the difficult task of finding someone even further left and more incompetent to replace her.

And Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted this, about some protesters who’ve been illegally occupying a home for months.

“I am authorizing the Portland Police to use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation on North Mississippi Avenue and to hold those violating our community’s laws accountable. There will be no autonomous zone in Portland.”

I believe that judging by his own rhetoric against President Trump, this would make him a dictatorial demagogue attempting to stoke fear with his private army.

"The Hydroxy Effect"

By Mike Huckabee

For years now, we’ve covered the insane, reflexive anti-Trumpism of the press, in which reporters and Democrats are so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they would fly into fits of enraged denial of anything Trump said or did, no matter how obviously true or uncontroversial it was – or how damaging to the nation it was to oppose it.

One of the best and earliest examples was when Trump cut off travel from nations that had active anti-American terrorist movements and no way to vet travelers to insure they weren’t coming here to commit mass murder. The anti-Trumpsters screamed that Trump was imposing a racist “Muslim ban,” even though (A.) there were non-Muslim nations on the ban list, (B.) there were dozens of majority Muslim nations not on the ban list, and (C.) “Muslim” isn’t a race.

I wrote recently that if Democrats think they’re safely back in power and are now forced to deal with reality, one of their biggest problems will be how to climb back down off their high horse without admitting that many things Trump did were correct or necessary and they were in a state of hysterical anti-Trump denial when they opposed them.

Now, in this excellent article, Victor Davis Hanson has taken up a similar theme involving China and the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus.

Trump was vilified and called a racist, xenophobe and lying liar who lies for saying that the virus came from China, the Chinese government knew about it earlier than they admitted, and the corrupt WHO repeated their lies while it spread – all things that we now know to be true. His opponents vilified hydroxychloroquine, depicting it practically as being as deadly as rat poison, just because Trump said it might help some COVID patients – which more recent studies show that it can (I think the deaths of anyone who died because they couldn’t get it should be considered on the hands of the TDS crowd.)

Davis calls this mindless, kneejerk opposition to everything Trump did “the Hydroxy Effect,” and wonders whether Biden will succumb to it and reverse everything Trump did, even if it results in disaster for the nation and his Administration – or admit that Trump’s policies were successful and put the good of the nation first by continuing them with only minor changes.

I’ll let you read his conclusions, but sadly, I think this is one time when a Democrat will gladly take the Hydroxy. And I predict that in this case, the effects really will prove as bad as rat poison.



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  • Malcolm Truesdell

    12/11/2020 03:22 AM

    Well, I read the whole report and I am now more fully convinced that our "government" is headed down exactly the wrong path to the preferred outcome. I have written to my federal representatives, asking them to tell us (the people) what they are doing to realize some of the major principles outlined in the report. To make a long story short, I guess we the people are just to unimportant to have to answer to. I have received no reply except an automated response to the queries and that only from 1 of them. I would like to live out what short time I have left knowing that our republic will last for more than my lifetime. My fear is that the corruption, obvious unconcern for the constitution, outright ridicule of the deplorables, unconcern of the rule of law (except in a two tiered way) will drive the country into a downward spiral that will be impossible to recover from. I also fear that there will be a violent reaction to all of this if there is not major change in how the government operates. BLM and antifa are not the only ones who know how to organize a protest.

  • Mark Seibert

    12/11/2020 12:38 AM

    From reading your SNL article, I'm starting to believe in socialism. We should tax every media person and every media company 90% of their income for spewing lies and division in this country. And then there would be money available to feed the people these dictators force to close their businesses.

  • Paul Kern

    12/10/2020 06:22 PM

    A few thoughts Governot. Right now all levels of government still seem to be controlled by the Deep State, RINOs, military-industrial complex , the CCP, George Soros and other rich globalists.
    We know if Sleepy takes his throne all Trump did will be gone in less than 6 months.
    In certain quarters there is now talk of secession. My sources are reliable. Do you think there is the likelihood of that. Some on the left are calling for retribution.
    I told a friend our military is deeply compromised and our public education system needs to be rebuilt at all levels.
    Only God can help us now. We voted and pray. It is about time for Him to save us. Like He did in the Revolution, the Civil War and WW II.
    What are your thoughts, if any Mike?

  • Thomas W. Murray

    12/10/2020 05:44 PM

    With a smile on my heart and face I want to remind all that President Trump is STILL POTUS until the fat lady sings. Ain’t heard nuthin’ yet!
    God is in charge.
    Wishing all who read this a very wonderful and blessed Christmas season and may the Chinese virus not darken your door.

  • judith jakub

    12/10/2020 05:08 PM

    Just a quick "Thank you", feeling vindicated, my friend and I are DEVOTED Andy Griffith's Show watchers, (ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT THIS CHINA VIRUS), we watch it nightly. Love it.

  • David Molony

    12/10/2020 03:39 PM

    The way the Democrats keep each other in line reminds me of Patty Hearst's case of Stockholm Syndrome.


    12/10/2020 02:18 PM

    Now that Nancy Pelosi is backing the Eric Stelwall story on the Chinese Spying and not doing a background investigation on the interns they hire. What is she going to do when one of those interns in her office or in another Democrats office is a "SLEEPER AGENT" transmitting classified information foe one of enemies use. Ask yourself this questions, can you tell the difference between a Chinese and North Korean cyber hacking agent.

  • Paulette S Duffey

    12/10/2020 01:57 PM

    In my opinion Biden will let Hunter take the wrap because the Democrats eat their own...

  • Jerry

    12/10/2020 01:49 PM

    Victor Davis Hanson is a pleasure to listen too I would want him as a representative of this country however only a few in Congress today would be able understand him his IQ may supersede most of them having to bring down a conversation to the level of Congress would lead to his downfall to corruption. Congress is like the China Virus the more you are with it, the chances are great U R going to become corrupt and self serving a disease most do not recover from.

  • Dorothy Gavin

    12/10/2020 01:40 PM

    Our Country is now in Hell!

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    12/10/2020 01:30 PM

    1. Damned if you do; damned if you don't. 2.) "I am what I am, that's what I am." ~ Reuben J Cogburn

  • jack macdonald

    12/10/2020 01:10 PM

    I am an Iowan and I won't lay any claim to Swalwell. He is a immature moron who has no business participating in any organization let alone the Intelligence Committee of a Super Power.

  • jack macdonald

    12/10/2020 01:04 PM

    If we have anyone in our govt., with any sense at all they would be deporting every Chinese National in this country. One week to get out. Every day they stay is more spying. How stupid can a country be? .They are our ENEMY!!!. They know that and brag about how they will neuter us and we continue business as usual.. Forrest Gump said it "stupid is as stupid does". jack

  • Floyd Unger

    12/10/2020 12:47 PM

    Thank you and “Four More Years”

  • Ron parkey

    12/10/2020 12:40 PM

    Watch on TBN on Sat.

  • Tim Morrison

    12/10/2020 12:37 PM

    WOW! Hunter Biden is under investigation (s-h-h-h....since late October)! There may even be financial ties to other Biden family members and China (could the anticipated [shudder] "president-elect" be involved as well?). Are we seeing the beginning of a plan to avoid the 25th Amendment and remove (or force to resign) a President by means of an impeachment (or the imminent threat of a conviction vis-`a-vis Nixon) in order to place on the seat of power a candidate who could never have been elected to the position? This has been a recurring fear of mine should no miracle deliver us from the election-theft coup which seems to be playing out.


    12/10/2020 12:25 PM

    The Democrats and the Joe Biden-Kalama Harris Administration will be just a puppet show ran by the Chinese Government and expect four cold and dismal years with long lines of unemployed and will look any other Socialist Country in the world.

  • Joseph Trokey

    12/10/2020 12:21 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Seems like I remember when Bill Clinton was President (or should I say the Clinton's were President), that they got in trouble for letting the Chinese sleep in the White House for monetary considerations. I wonder if that has connections with what is going on now.

  • Cindy Kline

    12/10/2020 11:32 AM

    The link to The Executive Summary in the above newsletter this morning, opens another window stating the server is not responding. Your link I believe is being blocked.

  • Deborah McCallum

    12/10/2020 11:27 AM

    The domain link for the 40 page Gov report on China is no longer available. Shock.
    Other ideas??

  • Sharon Clayton

    12/10/2020 11:27 AM

    I stand with you Gov. Huckabee and the USA. GOD bless America!

  • Paul Rice

    12/10/2020 11:18 AM

    Very limited on news facts. It's either Newsmax or picking thru news story's from Parle. I'll try you out. Use to watch you on Fox.

  • Sandy Shipley

    12/10/2020 11:15 AM

    I think you are what this country needs. Please run for President in 2024 ????

  • Stephen Russell

    12/10/2020 11:04 AM

    Op Warp Speed side effect:
    Cant R&D from Op Warp Speed lead to cures for Other diseases via Virus research?
    IE cancers, MS, MD, AS, etc?

  • Stephen Russell

    12/10/2020 10:58 AM

    Big Tech Bloc:
    o Information on virus
    o election data
    & WE suffer
    See no action on revoke Section 230 from House or Senate.
    & we have to face same for 2022 races ahead.
    & or more rigged ballots for 1-5 race alone
    What can we do
    Love the 48 states vs Facebook ( minus 2, which 2).
    & Google owns YouTube
    Get Google U get YouTube
    Who gives them the right to Deny US Information Or select what we read?
    Does 1996 Comm act allow this?
    Its wrong.
    Can we Bust up Big Tech?
    IE Ma Bell style
    Too bad cant do a class action suits on Big Tech.

    Imagine Big Tech blocking weather data for pending hurricanes to GA FL TX?
    Or flooding
    & then MORE lives lost for lack information.
    Or U cant find drug to treat patient X since Big Tech deems it vital to Hide info
    ALL offenses to sue since Big Tech is Private Corporations
    Or like GM blocking info on Tesla & we forced to drive GM cars
    Same issue, is that fair.
    Seen NO Private company deny Info on X for any topic save Vaccine & elections via Big Tech.
    Have NO Uniform Censorship rules if any for Linked In & Face book