February 15, 2020

The Oscars were just seven days ago, and already, the ceremony is fading from memory (quick, who won Best Supporting Actress? Anyone?) But there’s still a lot of finger-pointing over who’s to blame for the record low ratings, and for audiences tuning out awards shows in general. Sure, much of it is changing times: Internet competition, being able to watch highlights on YouTube, etc. But the trend was downward before those things happened, and after years of dismissing complaints about leftwing stars giving condescending political lectures, even liberal media outlets are finally waking up to the realization that it’s a bad business strategy to insult half your audience. (Exception to Renee Zellweger, who thanked US troops during her Best Actress acceptance speech.)

At the link, conservative showbiz writer Christian Toto asks, “Is liberal media finally fed up with woke Hollywood?”

Some liberal critics didn’t just pan the Oscar show but actually pointed out the hypocrisy of wealthy liberal celebrities in $10,000 outfits lecturing the rest of us on income inequality and quoting Karl Marx (“Workers of the world unite.”) I’m not certain if they’re upset about the hypocrisy or just about the celebrities being so obvious about it. But Toto asks if this was finally the year when the contrast between the stars’ ostentatious displays of privilege and their sanctimonious virtual signaling became so glaring that it was the last straw.

Bonus points: Toto includes Jane Fonda’s defensive tweet that she was “wearing Pomellato jewelry because it only uses responsible, ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds.” I always say that when a wealthy communist sympathizer is lecturing me on the evils of capitalism, it isn’t hypocritical as long as her gold is ethically harvested and her diamonds sustainable.

On that subject, Johnathan Jones at Western Media reveals what was in the gift bags that were given to the celebrity guests at the Oscars.

Each swag bag was worth over $225,000, and included such goodies as a 24-karat-gold bath bomb, a silk kimono robe equipped with a smartphone app, designer sunglasses, vegan meals from PETA, a gold-plated vaping pen, free plastic surgery and matchmaking services, and a luxury cruise to Australia that includes access to a helicopter and a submarine (don’t worry, Greta, I’m sure they all run on hydrogen, not fossil fuels.) Jones points out that since Joaquin Phoenix hates the dairy industry so much, he could have sold his swag bag and bought 40,000 gallons of almond milk to hand out to L.A.’s 58,000 homeless people.

To be fair, it is possible that some of that swag will end up going to poor, underpaid immigrants, if the stars decide to give it to their housekeeping staffs. And you can’t expect everyone to be generous enough to donate their entire salaries to charity. Only President Trump does that.

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  • Regina Hargreaves

    02/16/2020 11:01 AM

    Stopped watching ... stopped going to the movies ... don't care what they think or what they say...nothing but a bunch of mindless sub humans.

  • Cecil Smith

    02/16/2020 09:58 AM

    The eleet Commocrat Hollywood types are so full of themselves they have no clue about the truth.

  • Myah Basile

    02/16/2020 09:19 AM

    President Trump is the only noble one!!!

  • Paul Springer

    02/15/2020 08:13 PM

    I usually record it and speed thru in, just in case there is something interesting. We the JOKER started in to his rant, I thought "is this still part of the show, and he is telling a joke?" Personally, his body language says he has some issues and I hope he gets help. The foreign director was what the Oscars are about and I will probably try to see Parasite because of it. The rest was typical Hollywood patting themselves on the back, and as the article says, showing their hypocrisy. I'm glad folks are "voicing" their opinions by not watching and not going to movies, etc. and ignoring the hysteria. Making movies is the most Free Market industry on the planet, yet, not one star there wants to just make "scale" for their work... Hmmmmm.

  • Betty McCauley

    02/15/2020 04:04 PM

    I use to watch the Oscars every year. But as soon as they didn't stick to the subject of thanking everyone that got them to that stage and started lecturing the world, I tuned out. Most of the stars are hypocrites. Some who never finished HIGH school. So don't lecture anyone. Stick to what you know. Literally the Oscars have become a turnoff.

  • Beth Blake

    02/15/2020 11:27 AM

    Great piece Governor!