March 11, 2020

If I were a wagering man, I might wager that there will be no more Democrat presidential “debates” before the Democratic National Convention. None at all.

With establishment Democrats all-in to win and realizing Vermont senator and Castro-admiring socialist Bernie Sanders just can’t get them there, they quickly coalesced around former Vice President Joe Biden, who reaped the rewards and was the big winner on Super Tuesday. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar exited the race with oddly incredible speed. Tuesday, Biden followed up that win with another string of states.

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So, NOW what to do? Whatever is going on with Biden (we don’t know but can speculate) is at this point preventing him from getting through virtually any event without making some kind of gaffe. His speaking appearances have reportedly been cut to seven-minute slots. His campaign asked for and received a change in the “debate” rules –- I use quotation marks because these aren’t actual debates –- to allow the two candidates to sit at a desk as they take questions from their audience. (The DNC claimed this wasn’t to benefit either candidate, but Sanders had said that standing would be fine with him.) And now, because of coronavirus concerns, they won’t use a live audience.

The next step might be simply to cancel the March 15 event, and that could very well happen. Once again, they can blame the coronavirus, or they can just say there’s no point in continuing because Biden’s got it wrapped up. In fact, that movement was already underway before the polls closed on Tuesday, with House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina suggesting on National Public Radio that the DNC should “step in” and cancel all remaining debates --- even stop holding state primaries --- if Biden had a really good showing and beat Bernie in Michigan (which he has done). “I think when the night is over,” he said, “Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. If the night ends the way it has begun, I think it is time for us to shut this primary down. It is time for us to cancel the rest of the debates.” In an apparent reference to Bernie, he said, “You don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it’s obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you.”

It’s obvious who has the most to lose and who would really get himself “in trouble” with additional debates: Joe Biden. So party insiders simply want to declare him the winner by acclamation, before he has a chance to mess things up. We’ve been wondering how Biden could possibly make it to the convention if he had to continue debating. Now we know: they can fix it so he doesn’t have to.

Even a Republican strategist writing for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER agrees that Sanders should just drop out…

Democrat strategist James Carville said essentially the same thing on Tuesday. “Our mission is to defeat Donald Trump,” he said on MSNBC. “There’s a 99 [percent] chance that Vice President Biden is going [to be] the nominee. Let’s shut this puppy down, and let’s move on and worry about November. This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going, not even a day longer.”

Indeed. With each passing day, they risk having Biden say or do something that might tend to erode support for the Democrat ticket as a whole.

Of course, it’s not Biden who’s trying to impose this, Carville said. “It’s the Democratic voters that made this decision,” he insisted. “Vice President Biden is not trying to force him [Sanders] out. You’ve got to respect voters.” Well, that is unless they’re voting for Bernie Sanders; the DNC is respecting “Bernie” voters about as much as they respected them in the race against Hillary four years ago, which is to say not at all.

Carville pushed hard for proclaiming Biden the winner RIGHT NOW: “Respect the people in South Carolina and Virginia and Michigan...Yes, they have to have respect for democracy. This is very clear, what Democrats around the country are saying. Just everywhere you go, ‘We’ve got to get rid of this guy [President Trump]. What are we doing?’ And these are not ordinary times, and we’ve got to GO. Of course, the Vice President, he’s the guy in the lead...We’ve got to bring this party together. We’ve got to stop this...We can have respect and we can have admiration for what Sen. Sanders and his supporters have accomplished, but you’ve got to respect the Democratic voters...The Democratic voters have spoken...unambiguously and clearly, and they need to be listened to.”

He kept on pushing, saying that Biden should call Sanders and say, “Let’s have a conversation here, Senator. What do we do to get this thing moving in the right direction?” I’d speculate that it would probably be Biden’s campaign people calling Sanders, as Biden himself might just challenge Bernie to a pushup contest, or get belligerent and threaten to punch him, or think they’re at a campaign rally and tell him he’s full of sh**. Or maybe call him “Pete.”

They want to declare Biden the winner and then hide him as much as possible until the convention. Recall that when Hillary was running in 2016, concerns about her physical health were met with an incredibly light campaign schedule –- a virtual disappearing act for weeks at a time. Biden will have handlers whose goal is to similarly conceal him. (Again, the coronavirus will make a great excuse.) The difference this time, I believe, is that those running Biden’s campaign have no illusions that he will ever be on that debate stage with Donald Trump. By the convention, someone else will be in place to fill that bill.

If I’m right, and this is the way Democrat higher-ups are engineering their “democratic” process, it’s hard to understand why a lot of rank-and-file Democrats wouldn’t be extremely upset about that. Of course, there’s a movement within the Democrat party, #WalkAway, that calls for, well, walking away. The party has moved so crazy-far left and is so unconcerned with preserving individual rights and the democratic process that many are simply leaving.

A lot of Bernie supporters were not hard-core socialists –- didn’t even know what socialism is –- and they didn’t get it until he started praising Fidel Castro in recent days. They like a populist approach to governing but don’t share the socialist belief that the government should own the means of production, with all the control that would entail. When they “walk away” from the Democrat Party, they might want to look around at the “Trump economy,” talk to a few Trump supporters and realize their party has been lying to them about who Trump is and what he’s trying to accomplish. They might even see he’s in their corner and wants them to do well. And instead of going over to Biden (or, more accurately, whomever the DNC puts in his place), they just might want to go over to Trump.

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  • Ruth Bowman

    03/13/2020 11:28 PM

    Our best tool is PRAYER - GOd is in control and will be....
    Of course it would help if people would use common sense and make up their own minds and not listen to the banter of others. God Bless America!

  • Charlotte Hansen

    03/13/2020 12:10 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Who might that other person be that would take Biden's place? And how would they be able to do that after all their voters voted for Biden? Are there no rules against this sort of thing?
    Thank you!
    Charlotte Hansen

  • rodney burke

    03/12/2020 02:02 PM

    The DNC is really that stupid. Joe doesn't ahve the majority of the delegates. So what they say in clear language. We can disenfranchise the rest of the country and they are STILL required to vote for someone in Nov who they were not allowed to vote for in April? May? Juno in a primary. Really.? And dem voters are not supposed to care This sounds like the USSR, Yugoslavia. And the DNC expects no defections or people not bothering to vote? No, it isn't amazing, it's the party imploding and November is going to be embarrassing Either there won't BE members voting or they will defect en masse and vote for Trump. people these days are smart enough to know when they are getting the shaft.
    when the DNC wonders "what happened?" They can look to themselves for the dismal failure of two straight elections

  • Bill Taylor

    03/12/2020 11:31 AM

    Bernie Sanders has challenged Joe Biden to respond to the following concerns. I wonder what President Trump would do / say about these

    1) Healthcare is a human right in most major countries of the world
    2) In the U.S., 500,000 people go bankrupt every year because of medical costs
    3) The U.S. has the highest rate of childhood poverty in the world.
    4) What will you do about the terror experience imposed on undocumented immigrants in the U.S.
    5) What will you do about the mass incarceration due to a racist criminal justice system?
    6) What will you do to help young people get into the middle class by access to trade schools and colleges.
    7) Millions are struggling with outrageous student debt.
    8) What will you do to address climate change?
    9) If passed, would you veto a Medicare for all bill?
    10) What are you going to do about working / middle class people paying 20% of income for healthcare?
    11) What will you do about 500,000 homeless and 18 million families pay half of income for housing?

  • Karen Brothers

    03/12/2020 12:46 AM

    I think maybe Biden has early dementia or worse. Why is his wife always at his side and sometimes speaking for him? Doesn't anyone else find that strange? And worse, we can't afford to has a president who makes so many mistakes speaking to leaders of other countries. He could easily offend someone and get us into a war. It's scary.

  • Michael

    03/11/2020 10:14 PM

    All Republicans, Patriots, Evangelicals and all who care about our country and never again want to see the Democrats in control of the WH, House or Senate need to go vote the Republican ticket. We need to vote against Democrat election cheating (as it is going to occur!) Need to vote against what appears to be the latest possible scheme of the Dems. And that is to get Joe Biden to the DNC convention, but in reality plot to have the VP pick, to slip in later and become the President, after Joe is found unfit for office. If the VP pick is Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat, our Nation is truly doomed. The idea of that should scare anyone who values our country and all Trump has done for us, to go to the polls in what should be the largest Republican voter turnout in history.

  • Rob

    03/11/2020 10:00 PM

    What is the DNC going to do about the general election debates? They cannot hide Joe from voters forever, regardless his mental and physical health, Coronavirus scare tactics, or etc. No live audience, fine, but there have to be debates, or there should be no election.......Mr. Huckabee, do you believe that would be an option? Or, do you think anybody would push for such? Unfortunately, postponing or any other changes would be used as a tool to further attack President Trump.

  • Catherine Ellison

    03/11/2020 07:32 PM

    They are going to say that the President needs to stop his ralleyes - that's his energy base and the fuel for his campaign and they know it. No audience-or even no democratic debate will set the stage to be used as an example to stop Trump ralleyes-which, as we know, are all huge and sold out.

  • Joyce Birch

    03/11/2020 07:25 PM

    Governor, there's no mystery here. Most of your readers see the democrats plan for Biden. Someone is waiting in the wings! A female, Hillary?? Declare Biden incompetent, which he is, & low & behold, HC is VP!! Trump must win!!

  • James D. Johnson

    03/11/2020 06:55 PM

    It's my opinion that the Democrat Party will shove Hillary Clinton under Biden's right arm for support. Then challenge Trump to a debate after canceling the Bernie debate for lack of interest and because there would be no challenge involved. Bernie will, of course, attempt a revolt, but will be quieted, and never seen again. Biden will get ten million votes out of nowhere to win the Presidency and placed in a "Home." Hitlery will then be crowned King.

  • David E. Miller

    03/11/2020 05:38 PM

    I think the call to cancel the rest of the primaries is strictly due to fears that Joe Biden, who lives in a Gaffe Chamber, will gaffe his campaign to death.

  • Sandra Malone

    03/11/2020 04:59 PM

    My guess--Biden will be afraid of the Corona virus and will not debate Bernie this weekend--for the good of the country of course.

  • Melinda Long

    03/11/2020 04:44 PM

    well, I see Bernie is NOT dropping out...keep an eye on Biden's VP.....scary

  • Jerry Korba

    03/11/2020 04:01 PM

    While looking at the Left's operation it is hanging on by a thread. Bernies kids show up for bernie just to get out of their parents basements for a few hours hoot and holler and return to the basements. The Life of Bernie kids not much to them. Biden's group like his family members expect to get a living thru corrupt methods with the biggest crime family behind them the Obama Family protecting them all the way. Obama needs Biden to win the Presidency to keep the Family together the methods used to get Biden the nomination has Obama all over it. You will see more of him Obama soon. Obama doesn't have to like Biden Obama loves the power of the White House and that is all.

  • Clara Herrin

    03/11/2020 03:18 PM

    Wow...just think...Democrats have a fabulous choice between a communist and an alzheimer's patient. How in the world do they think they can maneuver either one of these unfortunates into the WH? Even when one thinks of a person such as Michael, uh, sorry, Michelle in that position, a person who has zero experience in business, negotiating, finances, or any other problem a US president needs to handle, is a sad state of affairs for a country such as ours. I would bet there are some Democrats who are looking at this charade and wondering what went wrong with their party. My suggestion for some of the reasons this has happened would be: their attitude toward our black population (LBJ, KKK, & abortion); their desire to steal SS money; the continual propagandizing of our young college students; and the incessant hate-filled speech spewed out every minute/hour/day/ week/ month/year. They were never FOR this country, they were always FOR themselves at the peril of everyone else...and now the chickens have come home to roost. They are left with the dregs of their society and are scrambling mindlessly in a vain effort to rescue even the little they have left. It's the most disgusting, sad, unfortunate, heartbreaking demonstration of an entire society drowning in their crimes; and they have no clue how to save themselves. Hatred has consequences; and they are reaping the harvest of their sowing.

  • Susan Meyer

    03/11/2020 03:02 PM

    Maybe I have missed it, but who are the possible running mates for Sanders and Biden? I get the feeling that the plan is to get one of these men elected, then declared mentally incompetent, and the new "president" slides in the back door. Who has been selected for the role? Clinton, Obama? There's a ringer in the wings, isn't there?

  • Debbie Kinz

    03/11/2020 02:33 PM

    Democrats are the only cheaters in Elections!!!!!

  • Darwin Drake

    03/11/2020 01:48 PM

    I cannot believe the Democrat party is satisfied with Biden as their choice for president! He will more than likely have a vice president candidate that can and will replace him shortly after he is elected. I can't imagine anyone voting for him at this point, he's proven to be a risk mentally. A president cannot go to a foreign nation summit or meeting threatening to punch people in the nose! Plus he should be able to remember where he is and who he is meeting with. I would guess he will either shoot himself two or three times in the back of his head or drink some weird drink from which he would not survive. He can possibly be kept off stage until after the election, but if I were Trump, I would want a debate with him just to be able to bring out the truth. Doesn't take much to anger him and bring forth violent reactions. Should be an interesting election year!
    Do Biden a favor and vote for Donald Trump!

  • Pat J Green

    03/11/2020 01:45 PM

    If the DNC was to do that I would look for Sanders to mount his own independent campaign. The DNC is already pushing Tulsi gabbard out by there instant rule changes so what's to stop them from declareing Biden there winner

  • David Steuber

    03/11/2020 01:38 PM

    If I'm reading you right, you think the Democrats will jettison Biden and substitute someone else at their convention. Abandoning the candidate who won most of the primaries would appear to be a rather tricky business. How do you sell that to the voters? Trump would have a field day. Moreover, Joe is unlikely to go quietly into the good night. And who would the "someone else" be? Hillary?
    Seems an unlikely scenario to me. I think they are more likely to shoulder on with Joe.

  • Bennye St.Claire

    03/11/2020 01:18 PM

    Let's call Joe Biden's problem what it is. He has early-onset Alzheimers. If look at what he is doing and how he is making the gaffs then it is very obvious what the problem is. I will be interestes who they pick for his VP.

  • Carmen Price

    03/11/2020 01:15 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    If they can keep him under wraps until the convention, keep him away from the press so he can't gaff, then they might be OK, but all will depend on who he chooses for a VP running mate. That will be the most interesting part of his campaign.
    But he still will not be able to beat Trump!
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Rose O’Donnell

    03/11/2020 12:53 PM

    I think the democrats are using Joe Biden as an end to save the Democratic Party and will pick a VP running mate (probably Michelle Obama) as their insurance policy. They hope this will woo democrats who are leaving the party to come back in droves and bring them a victory in November. Once that victory is achieved Biden will be declared incompetent, forced out of office and wallah the Obamas are in control again and what president Trump has worked so hard for these past 4 years for our great country will be torn to shreds. This should scare all Republicans to get out and vote so we not only win again in November, but also to take back the House and keep the Senate. Praying that God will keep our President and leaders safe, and bless this great nation once again!

  • Ed Jon Wolfe

    03/11/2020 12:43 PM

    The entire left is fake. They give the world fake news, fake impeachment, and now they give us the perfect fake presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who is totally incapable of leading and protecting this country. I am curious to see who will be chosen by the Democrats as their actual candidate, who, of course, will be a fake vice-presidential candidate until such time as Joe wins the presidency and is promptly replaced for incompetence by the fake Vice-President.

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/11/2020 12:34 PM

    The Democrats are transparently desperate aren’t they. Great ??