March 16, 2020

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Last night, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders squared off in the Democrats’ first one-on-one “debate,” mano y mano (or “old mano y old mano.”)

There was no studio audience, to prevent the spread of disease and to keep from spooking the participants with any sudden noises. The DNC once again changed the rules to keep their one remaining, interesting, appealing, “diverse” candidate, Tulsi Gabbard out, so the Democrats are down to this Hobson’s Choice. Each candidate had a clear objective: Biden had to prove he could go for two hours without wandering off the stage or lapsing into word salad, while Bernie had to prove he had the “fire in the belly” to go after Biden hard on his vulnerabilities and take him down.

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By those measures, Biden could be judged the winner, since he held up remarkably well with only a few brain lapses (like calling the H1N1 or “swine flu” virus that happened under his and Obama’s watch the “N1H1” virus, and deflecting with a “Come on, man” when Bernie challenged him to list the nine PACs he accused Bernie of taking money from.) However, while Bernie launched some aggressive moves on Biden, he didn’t land any knockout blows (neither he nor the moderators even brought up all the questions about Biden’s health, something unimaginable if he were a Republican.) If Bernie had a “fire in the belly,” then he must’ve taken some Mylanta for it before the debate. Any hopes he might have had of painting Biden as the old and out-of-touch guy (at 77, he’s actually a year younger than Bernie) died when Bernie used the phrase “Go to the YouTube,” and immediately became a trending Internet meme.

The only news to come out of the debate was Biden’s promise to choose a female running mate and to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court. So, aside from the fact that identity politics continues to be the #1 concern of Party leaders, that tells us that Biden would not choose Bernie as a “unity” running mate. Biden did pledge to support Bernie if he won the nomination, but that’s the kind of easy, empty promise politicians make when they’re sure it will never happen (like Hillary promising to respect the results of the election if she lost.)

A few more random thoughts: Biden has moved so far to the left to challenge Bernie that calling him a “moderate” is about as believable as calling him an Olympic decathlete. Both of these guys, should they ever (God forbid!) become President, vow to end fracking and oil drilling, and replace it with sun power and windmills (they might as well toss in unicorn burps for all the good it will do.) That would not only destroy the domestic fuel industry and millions of jobs, it would send gas and oil prices skyrocketing and vastly enrich and empower Russia and OPEC at our expense.

They also seem to be in agreement that virtually all immigration laws should be scrapped. They would turn millions of current illegal immigrants into US citizens, give all illegal immigrants free health care, end ICE raids that arrest illegals with criminal records and deportation orders, end all deportations for at least six months and not deport anyone just for having a criminal record in their home nations (only after they commit a felony here), and be a lot nicer at the border, making it easier and faster for people who cross illegally to get processed and released.

But they’re not for open borders! Perish the thought! They’re just for the functional equivalent of open borders. Instead of building a wall on the border, they’d build a giant WELCOME mat. And they'd do much better than Trump at preventing the spread of foreign diseases, apparently by making it illegal to call them "foreign diseases."

They’re also in agreement (in the midst of a pandemic) that Donald Trump is the only “existential threat” America faces, and that everything he’s doing to stop the coronavirus is wrong, so we have to elect them so they can do the exact same things only with no travel restictions. Here’s an example of how much they really know about this issue.

Bottom line: since the debate didn’t seem to change the dynamics of the race, and Bernie shows no intentions of bowing out, it looks as if things will drag on as before. Biden will likely win the most delegates but possibly fall short of enough to clinch the nomination before the convention. If Biden picks a woman VP, that means no Bernie on the ticket, which will infuriate the Bernie Bros. If he does pick Bernie, he will infuriate women and anyone who cares about the future of America. So once again, in an unbroken winning streak, the winner of the Democratic debate was Donald Trump.

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Comments 1-14 of 14

  • Janice freeman

    03/26/2020 12:09 AM

    Hopefully most people don't want socialism if you do then these are the guys to vote for, me I love America and the reasons our forefathers came to this country we need to work hard and keep as our President says make America great, we have our work cut out for us to keep America great and back our great President.

  • David Colonna

    03/17/2020 11:15 AM

    Thank goodness I did not watch the debate. I would like to attend one though so I can ask both candidates the real meaty questions and see how much the lie. It truly is sad how anti-American they both are. I sure hope this is Bernie's and Elizabeth's last attempt to run for President. I still offer to provide a 1 way plane ticket to Bernie and the whole squad to the nearest Socialist country to become leaders there!!!

  • Clara Herrin

    03/17/2020 01:19 AM

    A not to Anne Hill: She suggested that if Biden gets into office, he would nominate Barack Obama for the Supreme Court. That's another of his gaffes because Obama cannot be a judge or anything else. His license was taken away from him making it impossible for him to practice law. Michelle (Michael) has lost her/his license as well.

  • Charles F. Sebesta

    03/17/2020 12:51 AM

    I am a proud conservative Republican thanking God for President Donald J. Trump. Do the younger Democrats even know what Socialist Bernie wants us taxpayers all to pay their free educations with? Even their children and grandchildren +++ will pay trillions of dollars in taxes for their stupidity! {I choose not to address the Democratic Planned Parenthood - Killing our infants at birth for millions of dollars}. Since Dementia-burdened Biden even found out where and how to go to debate Sanders I am amazed by his extreme Left stupidity. I do hope, however, that Sanders remains in this race. I believe his remaining could divide and destroy the entire Democratic Party.

  • Tom Gonser Sr

    03/16/2020 09:13 PM

    I am extremely disappointed by seeing the price gouging ad offering a couple of ounces of hand sanitizer for nearly $10. I’ve been a long time reader but will now opt out if this egregious error is not recognized.

  • Sandra Gray

    03/16/2020 05:45 PM

    I would like to make 2 points:
    1) Dems claim "sexism", but they are the ones that are not voting for the females, and look what they are doing to Tulsi!
    2) Maybe if the Dems' eyes were opened just a smidgen, they would make the Hobson's choice to "do nothing"!

  • Shirley S Bone

    03/16/2020 04:28 PM

    Love reading your comments! I feel like I am getting true news! Thank you.

  • Roland Revis

    03/16/2020 03:54 PM

    AG Barr needs to start prosecuting corrupt democrats. When is he going to prosecute or will he drop all cases against democrats which is what I predict he will do.

  • Linda Orf

    03/16/2020 03:30 PM

    I had to keep wondering if Biden has a double, a twin maybe, that stood in for him. He was surprisingly coherent.

  • James Johnson

    03/16/2020 03:27 PM

    Watching these political debates among Democrats reminds me of when I was a boy standing in a Sears store one Christmas. I stood there watching a display of windup toys rolling at high speeds inside an enclosed case. There must have been a dozen or more of them zipping all over the place, bouncing off each other, smashing into the transparent plastic walls, which acted as containment. The spectacle lasted about thirty minutes and was more entertaining than the debates because at least there was a modicum of sanity involved.

  • Richard Schilling

    03/16/2020 03:21 PM

    Hey Mike as usual I missed the debate, instead I’m watching my entire collection of “24”. Since all this BS began(when Donald Trump began his quest for the Presidency) it is evil doing by those folks who’ve been selling us democracy in the guise of socialism. The only solution to our dilemma is Jack Bauer, need I say more?

  • Virginia Garcia

    03/16/2020 03:07 PM

    I know this has nothing to do with this article, but I don't know how to get the attention of anyone who can talk to POTUS & am hoping you're able to to do so.

    We need to STOP production of medications in China & start producing them ALL in the U.S. to keep Americans safe! Not only will that keep Americans safer but it will provide more jobs!

    I don't know who came up with the stupid idea to have China make our medications or their ingredients but why would you want another country to do any of those things for Americans?

    Many other countries don't have the same regulations that we have in America. China certainly doesn't plus another country, especially our enemies, would be happy to poison people in America so they can take over!

    It's time to bring back ALL jobs to the U.S.A. to be done by Americans FOR Americans so we can be safer & people entrusted with making these things should all be stringently vetted.

    There will be a learning curve to manufacture all our medications here in the U.S., but the sooner we start, the sooner we can get those medications on the shelves & we will have NO NEED to trust China or any other country to do this for us.

  • Anne Hill

    03/16/2020 02:35 PM

    If Biden does win the nomination,he has already said he is picking Michelle Obama to be his running mate for Vice President,and if elected he will as President pick Barack Obama for a Supreme Court Judge.Good heavens people,don't let that happen.

  • Maureen Sharp

    03/16/2020 01:56 PM

    I found the whole scene incredibly boring so I thank you for watching the whole thing and reporting on the "highlights."