March 4, 2020

A few notes on the Super Tuesday Republican primaries: President Trump seems like a pretty safe bet for the GOP nomination. In Texas, Sen. John Cornyn easily fought off a challenger from the right. And Jeff Sessions will face a run-off against former football coach Tommy Tuberville after failing to win a majority in his attempt to reclaim his Alabama Senate seat. Naturally, President Trump had some comments on his former AG who recused himself from the “Russia collusion” investigation on day one. Can we assume this means he’ll be endorsing Tuberville?

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Despite barely registering in the GOP primaries against Donald Trump, diehard NeverTrumper Bill Weld says he plans to continue his loooooogshot challenge. Don’t be surprised if he even tries a third party run, which he makes clear in this article would be purely to pull three or four percent of the vote and cost Trump his reelection

I think Trump’s winning margin will be more than enough for that not to matter. I also doubt Weld would even pull 3%. But I just wanted you to know that the guy who claims that Trump doesn’t stand for real conservative principles is openly trying to get a far-left Democrat elected President. Frankly, that's not one of my conservative principles.

The Dow leaped over 500 points this morning on the news that it’s even less likely that Bernie Sanders will ever be President of the United States.

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  • marlen haynes

    03/04/2020 06:58 PM

    My take away from “SUPER THURSDAY” is Socialism failed. Every single candidate that the AOC gang endorsed lost in the primary. Omar failed to help Bernie Sanders in Minnesota. Biden is simply too mentally slow to have a strong showing against Trump.

  • Thomas Pinnick

    03/04/2020 06:37 PM

    Forget the presidential race hype. How about reporting on congressional results. (Like as in vote aoc and her ilk out).