April 16, 2020

But wait, there’s more! In my recent commentary on revelations in newly declassified footnotes from the Horowitz report, I said the FBI would try to claim they were duped by the Russians but that they actually weren’t. As of yesterday, we have hard evidence that if the Russians were getting in on the act and supplying disinformation to Steele, FBI agents KNEW IT.

In other words, there was no “duping” going on. Well, maybe of Steele, but not of the FBI.

As Chuck Ross at the DAILY CALLER reports, Russian intelligence knew during the 2016 campaign that Christopher Steele was investigating Trump’s campaign. Just-declassified footnotes from the IG report show not only that Russian intelligence might have been collecting information on Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, but that in January of 2017, a member of the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” team had evidence of this.

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Recall that Steele started working for Fusion GPS on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee in June of 2016. There’s a footnote in the IG report that says a June, 2017, intel report “indicated that two persons affiliated with RIS [Russian Intelligence Service] were aware of Steele’s election investigation in early July 2016.”

So the Russians knew he was doing this almost from the beginning and very likely were feeding him disinformation; this would certainly help explain the many inaccuracies.

But, to me, this isn’t the most important part of the story. It was almost a given that the Russians would have known what Steele was up to and would have tried to create a little chaos. (It’s what they do.) The really important part is that the FBI agents KNEW about this. Information released on Wednesday, in the form of these declassified footnotes, shows that the FBI found out on January 12, 2017, two days after BUZZFEED published the “dossier.” At that point, they knew, for example, that the fake story Steele had provided about Michael Cohen going to Prague in August of 2016 was likely Russian disinformation.

Oh, and the fake story about Trump and the hookers in the Moscow hotel? On February 27, 2017, the FBI found out that might have been Russian disinformation, too.

In fact, the FBI had been questioning Steele’s value as a source since 2015 because of his multiple contacts with Russian oligarchs and/or their intermediaries.

There were problems with the sub-source, too (the person who passed information to Steele), and the agents knew about that, too, as of early June 2017. According to these footnotes, the sub-source (not identified) had contacts with an individual in the Russian presidential administration in June/July of 2016. Also, the sub-source had voiced “strong support” for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. (I would add that Steele had, too.)

So, once the FBI agents involved in “Crossfire Hurricane” knew that Russians might have compromised Steele’s information, did they go to the FISA Court and say, “Um, we see that there might be a problem with some of the information in our original warrant application...”? Heck, no, they just kept right on renewing the application and continuing their spying. Why spoil a good thing? And did they go to BUZZFEED and say, “You know that Trump ‘dossier’ you published a couple of days ago? There’s some false information in there that we are pretty sure was planted by the Russians.” Again, heck no.

As Chuck Ross reports, “The lead supervisory intelligence analyst on the FBI investigation told the IG’s office he did not know as of June 2017 that Steele’s source network “had been penetrated or compromised.”

Read the full report here.

On Wednesday’s HANNITY show, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes said, “...You’re beginning to see what we wanted you to see all along….Here’s the problem that we have with the dirty cops at the FBI and DOJ and elsewhere: ...House Republicans were running an investigation, starting in 2017, on everything ‘Russia,’ remember? Well, here, the whole time, who had this information? The FBI knew that Steele could be compromised.”

"I hope,” he said, “that---there better be people who are charged with lying and obstructing a congressional investigation, because we should have been given this information.”

Nunes also noted that in the Intel Community Report on Russia –- the one that concluded Russia had interfered in our election to help Trump –- Steele’s phony “dossier” had been used. (I would add that both John Brennan and James Comey were pushing hard for it to be included in that report.) “Now, if that is all of the information that we have from all of our intelligence assets, where was the information that we now learn from the Horowitz report? Why was that not in the ICA?”

House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz added that when he questioned Robert Mueller directly, asking if the Steele “dossier” was part of the Russian disinformation campaign, he said, “That’s not my purview.” I would observe that if he really didn’t know the answer to this most basic of questions, then he couldn’t possibly have been in charge of the special counsel investigation into Trump/Russia “collusion” (as if we didn't already have plenty of reason to conclude that), and that makes the Mueller probe a big fraud. And if he did know, then he was lying his head off, which also makes the Mueller probe a big fraud and Mueller himself guilty of lying before Congress.

It’s all becoming clearer by the day. Lying (both to Congress and the FISA Court) and obstruction of a congressional investigation --- those are crimes, the sort of thing U.S. Attorney John Durham has been looking into and (let's hope) making a case. Attorney General Bill Barr had good reason to say that what happened to President Trump was “a travesty.”

Here's another excellent report on the story, from Law Enforcement Today.

Declassified Report: FBI knew Steele Dossier against Trump had ‘Russian disinformation’

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  • Linda Keen

    04/19/2020 12:45 PM

    I sure do hope that all of the guilty parties are brought to Justice. It is a shame that our President had to go through so much stress and hardship due to so many crooks.

  • Cheryl Hutchins

    04/18/2020 05:29 PM

    As more and more facts come out we learn just how devious and rotten the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration were. Comey, Clapper, and Brennan are involved up to their necks. The “Mueller Report” if we can actually call it that is a sham. Let us hope that Obama ( I find it hard to believe this was done without his knowledge) and every one of his stooges responsible for this travesty is brought to justice and not just the lower level fall guy bureaucrats.

  • chip woods

    04/18/2020 05:18 AM

    Well Mike- I must say you’ve really tipped your hand with this column. Quoting the Daily Caller as a credible news source for anything is laughable in itself. They are well known by anyone with a shred of intelligence as an extremist right wing opinion-news source that has republished numerous white supremacy propaganda articles from known white suprematist organization.

    Then to top it off, using Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz as your political sources of record? They are perhaps 2 of the most hard right-wing, personal-agenda driven politicians holding office at the present time. Each if them are also embroiled in their own questionable personal activities at the moment as has become public knowledge.

    It’s been said that: “There are none so blind as those that refuse to see”, or something thereabouts. The Word says that (paraphrased) a wise man seeks counsel from others or many. I would opine that anyone who seeks counsel from only those that already agree with them or support what they already believe is not really seeking, or receiving, wise counsel. I’m certain you are probably widely read, but are the majority of your readers? You appear to be unwaveringly set in your ways, but as a would-be journalist or sorts, you have a larger responsibility in reporting the truth. Sadly, your organization has seemingly evolved into just another extreme right wing propaganda source. That’s, sadly, not the same thing as conservatism in its truest and most honest form.

  • Judy Johnson

    04/17/2020 05:25 PM

    When will the truth come out about all the lies and deceit that the democrats created! It seems like it’s taking forever. I know we need to get all the facts but we need to hear some good news.

  • David Miller

    04/16/2020 07:59 PM

    The Democrate Party is NOT democratic! Far from it and shouldn't be called the Democratic Party! (I resent it).

  • Oscar Bott

    04/16/2020 07:33 PM

    If private citizens allowed a criminal to stay in their homes or second homes and provided escape routes for the criminals when the authorities came looking for them, could those private citizens not be charged with aiding and abetting and obstructing justice? If so, how is it that state governors and city mayors who have declared sanctuary states and cities and releasing illegal immigrants instead of holding them for ICE not being criminally charged?

  • Robin Rebhan

    04/16/2020 04:16 PM

    And why isn't one single honest person coming forward from the FBI?
    Where oh where are the " Whistle Blowers " now?
    The silence is deafening!

  • Lisa Ford

    04/16/2020 03:15 PM

    I hope they all go to jail. Need examples of them to be made, that we the people are tired of their messy lies & deceitful behavior. And even worse at our expense. Not only should they go to jail, but money from them personally should be put back. Make them poor! See how they like it.

  • Kevin J. Cook

    04/16/2020 03:05 PM

    I’m Finally at a point that I see that no democrat will be held liable for Hussein and Hellary’s corrupt political coup attempt. It’s clear our government and especially the democrats are no different than the Russians or Chinese.

  • Pat J Green

    04/16/2020 02:28 PM

    This just all adds up to the facts of this and other things the FBI has tried over the years, is how can we the American people can even trust the Government?

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/16/2020 02:05 PM

    I sure hope that all this comes out in the next month or so. I mean ”Public”....all media sources. People MUST pay for defrauding our country. Trying to ruin us so that they can retain their personal power and prestige.

  • Dianne James

    04/16/2020 01:46 PM

    In addition to this dossier and the Mueller report being criminal, it has cost the American taxpayers a great deal of money. Vote out the Dems until they can get their act together and actually work for the American people like our great President, Donald Trump.

  • James Evart

    04/16/2020 01:37 PM

    It should be obvious to ALL that the Democrats and their minions (media) violated the trust of the American people, along with our country's laws and the probity of their respective offices. The prosecution's hold-up, I am hoping, is that Justice is probing just how far up this cavity of corruption extends into the Obama Administration. The former President was either corrupt because he knew and implemented it and/or did not stop it when he found out about it in his own FBI, Mueller investigation and Justice Department's actions, -or-, he was an incompetent in office not knowing that which was his duty to know as The President of the United States.

    I am in favor of holding EVERYONE, who had any part in treacherous "travesty", accountable to the fullest extent of the law with REAL jail time, like they imposed on Nixon's Watergate helpers, and, at minimum, a public and lasting censure on the FORMER President himself, just as the Left is trying to do to our current proven innocent and hard working President.
    The Left are hypocritical, underhanded, self-righteous liars and need to be held to account for posing as professional public servants and violating the law that they had SWORN to uphold.

  • Paul Russ

    04/16/2020 01:32 PM

    When is anyone going to get on the story that CBP picked up a Chinese national at Detroit International Airport in 2018 with mislabeled vials actually containing coronavirus.
    There could be another dimension to the pandemic that everyone is either missing or ignoring.

  • Rachel Turner james tURNER

    04/16/2020 01:32 PM

    Please, AG Barr & Mr Durham. INDICT, INDICT, INDICT these lying TRAITORS & bring them SWIFT JUSTICE!! we, the USA, are behind you and have your back!!

  • Barney Flint

    04/16/2020 01:27 PM

    Gov, I do not know where to start but then again, I suppose that the beginning would be a good place. What I fail to understand is how even a demonrat in their right mind could be as callus as the current socialist/democrats are exhibiting. But then, I would be on the conservative side (sane) of the conversation.
    I try not to be too naive regarding what goes on in the world but really?
    I was really hoping to get out of this world before something like what is currently happening , happened. If the socialist/demonrats somehow can get in power in all three branches of government, the USA as we new it before the corona virus, will be gone for the immediate future. I predict a civil war will be the result and pray that civility and sanity will prevail.

    Thanks for all your information and insights.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    04/16/2020 01:17 PM

    Imagine a country where all law enforcement were honest and upright.....

  • Lee Schurr

    04/16/2020 01:07 PM

    Very informative!

  • HCorey

    04/16/2020 12:51 PM

    Who does FBI work for? Themselves?? How does that help the US citizens? We pay their salaries. What are We, the People, getting from taxpayers’ $$$ used to employ FBI agents? Lies, manipulation, senseless investigations costing millions???

  • Melinda Long

    04/16/2020 12:46 PM

    i am praying more comes out and FAST!! This whole thing needs to be settled BEFORE the election!

  • Charles Simmons

    04/16/2020 12:37 PM

    So what? The perps are still strutting around, flashing their “untouchable club card“ for all to see ...

  • Kay DeWitt

    04/16/2020 12:23 PM

    I marvel at....what strikes me as...your GENIUS ability to UNCOVER all these facts!
    AS I marveled AT the genius that authored these investigations that UNCOVERED these facts, I found myself wondering how many OF them Adam Schiff was aware of.....BECAUSE...if he WAS aware of them then that adds TO the fact of his evil motive behind his passionate desire to impeach his President which, as you have so often made clear, was not about his love for the Constitution...or anything else righteous...but, rather, was about his hatred for one Donald Trump!!!

  • Mary Tomlin

    04/16/2020 12:17 PM

    My daughter-in-law has a diagnosed case of Corona Virus. She was home for a week with severe body aches and high fever. She thought she was getting better but developed breathing problems. Within four hours she went from recovering to being in ICU. They gave her the Hydroxycloroquin (sp?), Zithromax, and zinc. She came home two days later feeling normal except for a headache. This treatment works and anyone would take it if they thought they were about to die!

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    04/16/2020 12:04 PM

    I keep telling ya, Mike - Steele made the whole thing up. NO " source " would float that kind of BS as actual / verifiable, at least not if they expected to be able to get paid for " intelligence " in the future. Did Steele and some of his Russkie buddies get together and make it up - that I could believe. Steele laughed all the way to the bank; he told his " interlocutors " that the information was questionable when he gave it to them. The Clintonistas assumed that since the report came from the " intelligence " community ( and I use the term loosely ;-), it would be accepted as fact - and after Hillary's coronation, it wouldn't ever be found out. It almost wasn't !

  • Rita Randolph

    04/16/2020 12:01 PM

    And now, Governor, the FBI continues to obstruct by shutting down the FOIA process. Judicial Watch is investigating the Biden crime family's many "alleged" criminal activities and is now unable to get the information they requested. The FBI is a sick joke.