July 27, 2020


Believe it or not, we’re down to the last hundred days before the election. (Wow, time sure flies when you’re not having fun.) Event-wise, this has been the worst lead-in to a presidential election since 1969, and in some ways it’s arguably far worse. Who would ever have imagined that we’d have an election year heading down to the wire with essentially no in-person campaigning, no big national conventions and probably even no debates. (Come on, does anyone really think Joe Biden WON’T get out of debating President Trump?) All this, when the stakes for this country are higher than they have been since, oh, maybe the Civil War.

Elections mean things, and this year, they mean everything. That’s why it’s critical to continue uncovering what was done to try to hijack the last one. Sadly, one of the major ways to influence elections, though it’s not supposed to happen (ha), is through the use –- the misuse –- of the tax-exempt 501(c)3. (To cite the most obvious example, does anyone believe that Media Matters doesn’t concern itself with election outcomes?) Recall that the Obama IRS was clearly weaponized to disqualify Tea Party organizations that had been formed around conservative principles while letting most “progressive” groups sail through to tax-exempt status.

California Rep. Devin Nunes broke some stunning news in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on her FOX BUSINESS NEWS show “Mornings with Maria” about THE most prominent liberal think-tank, the Brookings Institute, a 501(c)3, being involved with...(drum roll, please)...Christopher Steele and the “dossier.”

According to Rep. Nunes, there are direct links between the 2016 president of the Brookings Institute, longtime Clinton loyalist Strobe Talbott, and the creation and distribution of the phony Steele “dossier.”

"I think they have real...questions that need to be answered here,” he told Maria, “about what on earth the president of Brookings was doing texting back and forth to Steele. Why was he accepting the “dossier”?

Nunes returned Sunday to talk with her on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, just as more news broke about the “dossier.” Steele’s main source has been unmasked and is identified as Igor Denchenko (whom I would add is also a close associate of Adam Schiff’s star impeachment witness Fiona Hill). Nunes first offered a little background, saying that a few months ago, he and Sen. Lindsay Graham were saying they saw “three Russians” as possible sources, but that now it turns out that the one finally identified wasn’t really a Russian national, that he lived right here in the U.S. Both the FBI and the media had led Congress –- and the American public –- to believe Steele had some super-secret Russian source, but no.

We've learned something else very interesting about him: Steele’s “Russian” source used to work at the Brookings Institute.

Nunes says the House Intelligence Committee, which he chaired while Republicans led the House, had already known through testimony that back in 2016, Strobe Talbott gave a few copies of the “dossier” to a few people. They also know that there were other so-called “dossiers” that mirrored the main one and that these were being passed around at the State Department; Nunes believes there are connections between those other “dossiers” and the president of Brookings as well.

Understand that all this material was completely unverified oppo research bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Reporters actually got Pulitzer Prizes for playing their roles in disseminating that rot. In Nunes’ words, “The whole thing was just some sick fantasy made up by the Clinton campaign. (Once again we can say that when it comes to corruption, all roads lead back to Hillary.)

Nunes says the investigation (I assume he means the Senate investigation) has now been expanded to include the Brookings Institute, specifically as it involves the IRS and a 501(c)3’s legal obligation to stay out of politics if it’s going to remain tax-exempt. He says they “clearly have not done that” and for the last four years have obstructed the investigation “with propaganda,” publicly attacking them “through this kind of phony legal group of ‘fact-checkers’ that they set up.”

The other trouble spot at Brookings is its acceptance of foreign money; this may include even money from foreign governments. So the question is, what foreign countries are we talking about? Were donors acting on behalf of a foreign power to damage Trump and help Hillary?

After Trump and his campaign were looked at upside down and sideways, it became clear that they had not “colluded” with Russia to win in 2016. But now we see that the Brookings Institute was playing politics on the Democrat side, and THEY had foreign donors. Nunes asks, “...are they doing all of this not just to help the Democratic Party, but also any foreign government?”

A report by Julie Kelly in AMERICAN GREATNESS tells more, recalling the Brookings Institution’s 4,300-word defense of the "dossier" on the website LAWFARE (where we looked to see that it's "published by the Lawfare Institute in cooperation with Brookings") that came out in December of 2018. It said the “dossier” was “a collection of raw intelligence” similar to other forms used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Kelly's piece --- not the LAWFARE piece, unless you want your head to explode --- is a must-read.

Laughably, Chuck Rosenberg and Sarah Grant wrote for LAWFARE, “The dossier holds up well over time, and none of it, to our knowledge, has been disproven. The Mueller investigation has clearly public records that confirm pieces of the dossier. And even where the details are not exact, the general thrust of Steele’s reporting seems credible in light of what we now know about extensive contacts between numerous individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russian government officials.”

Gosh, even Peter Srtzrok, in an internal FBI report, said there was no evidence that members of the Trump campaign had had contact with Russian officials.

"It’s safe to say that LAWFARE acted as the Adam Schiff of the blogosphere,” writes Kelly. That says it all. She also tells how LAWFARE targets Attorney General Bill Barr and Rep. Nunes. (Take a look at the headlines on their website; you'll get the idea.) They slammed Nunes' memo on FISA abuse though we now know it was accurate and Schiff’s was not. The very person who trashed Nunes’ memo for LAWFARE, David Kris, ended up being the person appointed by the presiding FISA judge to offer guidance on cleaning up the FISA process!

Why is it so important now to look at all this? Because there’s a bigger question: If the Democrat Party could go THIS FAR to tip the scales in 2016, what lengths might they go to in 2020 to win? Is there a limit? (That would be a “no.”) What on God’s earth are they doing behind the scenes NOW, under cover of the coronavirus? And how do we prevail? That, in the last hundred days before the election, is what we need to know and act on.


Incidentally, Sen. Lindsay Graham announced on Sunday that this week, evidence will be released that shows not only did the FBI lie to the FISA court about the reliability of the Steele “dossier,” but they also lied about it in their 2018 testimony to Congress. “And that is a separate crime,” Graham said.


The New York Fire Department’s chief “diversity and inclusion officer” (you’ll soon understand the quotation marks) Celia Loving is defending the 2017 decision to remove a white firefighter from a three-person honor guard to make it all black. Lt. Daniel McWilliams, one of the three Brooklyn firefighters in the iconic photo of the American flag being raised over the wreckage of the World Trade Center in 2001, filed a discrimination complaint after he showed up at a memorial mass to honor deceased members of the Vulcan Society, a fraternity of black firefighters, and was barred from holding a flag in the color guard because he’s the wrong color.

During the trial, Loving testified that it’s “most definitely” acceptable to replace a white firefighter with a black firefighter in a color guard, to “uplift our identities and our separate ethnicities in order to instill a sense of pride and community and support for one another.” McWilliams’ attorney called that a “deplorable” double standard in the NYFD, since any white person who discriminates against a black person in the workplace gets “heavy-handed discipline and punishment.” McWilliams also says he’s been the target of retaliation and intimidation just for filing a complaint.

This is especially disappointing coming from the NYFD, since their most enduring image for many of us is of all those heroic firefighters of every color rushing toward the danger on 9/11 that others were running away from. All of them risked their lives together to try to save the people in the World Trade Center, who were from all over the world, every race, culture and creed, and that had no bearing at all on the firefighters’ sense of duty to save them. That’s because they knew back then that all lives matter equally.

I don’t want any Trump supporters to get complacent and think they don’t need to vote in November. To the contrary, I want you to load up your biggest, gas-guzzling SUV with everyone you know who agrees with you and take them to the polls to vote as if America itself depended on it, because it does.

But just to keep you from letting all this “giant Biden poll lead” fake news depress and demoralize you, I’ll point you to this article by Brian C. Joondeph in the American Thinker. He takes a closer look at the internals of those polls, to see who was really being canvassed. I did the same thing in 2016, which is why I was one of only a tiny handful of commentators who correctly predicted that Trump would win.

For instance, did you know that the much-ballyhooed Washington Post-ABC poll showing a big lead for Biden didn't sample likely or even registered voters, just “adults” – that is, whoever actually still answers phone calls from a pollster -- and it still oversampled Democrats by 6 points. The Quinnipiac University poll oversampled Democrats by 10 points. One of 2016’s most accurate polls, Rasmussen, shows Biden with only a 2-point lead, and it oversampled Democrats by 4 points.

Just remember what I’ve been telling you since I started doing media commentaries over a decade ago: polls taken this early aren’t news, they’re attempts to shape the news. The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day. Just be sure you show up for that one.


Here's yet another example of what can happen when the public polices itself. In Austin, Texas, a driver turned onto a street blocked by protesters. He sped up, trying to get through the crowd and crashed into some orange cones. Some of the peaceful protesters had brought guns with them for some reason, and approached his car. One reportedly pointed a semi-automatic rifle at the driver, who was carrying his own weapon. He shot and killed the protester and drove away, as other armed protesters shot at his car. The driver later called 911 and turned himself in. He was released pending investigation.

The most ironic sentence in this entire tragic story: it happened “at a demonstration against police violence in the Texas capital.”

If this is the alternative to “police violence,” defunding the police doesn’t seem very healthy for the public or the protesters.


Congratulations to former Covington Catholic school student Nick Sandmann. On Friday, he turned 18, and the Washington Post agreed to an undisclosed settlement of his $250 million defamation lawsuit against them. The Post is one of eight media outlets sued by Sandmann for trying to destroy his life by falsely depicting him and his classmates as racist aggressors against an elderly Native American in Washington, DC, based on a selectively edited video clip on the Internet.

The full video showed that the kids were actually the targets of racial taunting, and the Native American was a known activist who deliberately got in their faces while they smiled and tried to stay calm. The media outlets didn’t bother waiting until they knew all the facts. I guess that knowing they were white Catholic school kids wearing red MAGA caps who’d just come from a pro-life event was evidence enough to convict them.

When the lawsuits were first filed, Sandmann endured more scorn and mockery from the media, who assured us that the suits would go nowhere and were infringements on freedom of the press. Turns out defaming people is not in the First Amendment. Sandmann’s attorney already forced a settlement from CNN and now the Washington Post. Too bad he didn’t end up owning them; I’m sure he’d do a better job of running them both.

But who knows what the future might bring? Sandman tweeted, “The fight isn’t over. 2 down, 6 to go. Don’t hold your breath, @Jack.” That’s directed at Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. I really hope Nick ends up owning Twitter; he would definitely run it better than it is now.


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  • Jack macdonald

    08/02/2020 08:45 PM

    Until I see all the top level people on the obama administration including obama and hillary locked up, I have no faith that we have a justice system in this country. It's really quite simple. They broke many laws and committed actual treason and this known to everyone rehab is sane. This corruption happens over and over until it has become so routine it is no longer noticed. Kind of a real damn shame.

  • Andrea Helen Eckert Watters

    07/28/2020 07:19 PM

    About your segment on Austin: my mother was from Austin and said that none of her kids would go to UTA if she had anything to say about it. She said it was too wild. When she was growing up, a medical fraternity there was closed for performing abortions. [That was even before abortions were legal!] I knew several people who went to Austin and came out of there, completely changed. I guess the worst example was a friend, who when I first met him, was sort of a minister at the Church of Christ Bible Chair in Lubbock. He married me and my husband in 1963. Later, he married and he and his wife moved to Austin. Well, as a result of the atmosphere there, both he and his wife "came out of the closet" and took up the gay lifestyle. He "married" another guy and died of AIDS a few years ago. We all knew he was "bent that way," but admired him, knowing he didn't give in to it, until he went to Austin, where the attitude is, "if that's the way you feel, do it!" I don't believe God condemns us for having feelings as long as we keep them under control; He condemns us for giving in to them!

  • Arlen Johnson

    07/28/2020 05:28 PM

    Just listened to an interesting update about Libya on Behold Israel July 22, where a clip was played indicating the previous administration/Secretary of State was involved in the death of M Quadafi. Do you know if this is true?

  • Vernon Hinz

    07/28/2020 03:04 PM

    I'm gettin so sick of this BLACK LIVES MATTER reterick. We turn on to see the news in the morning then turn the TV off and that is it for the day. If we don't I finally get so made I just want to through the TV into the trash

  • Shauna dickerson

    07/28/2020 01:42 PM

    How do we convince people, especially conservatives to get out and vote. If I could I'd vote over and over for Our side. I won't do that, of course. All I can do is pray God rewards good behavior. I know God is on our side, after all He was in charge of setting up our government in the beginning and it's His intention that this country endures. We Must do our part.

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/28/2020 12:51 PM

    Very good one....thank you

  • Mary Seltzer

    07/28/2020 12:29 PM

    Mike, why in the world is there a "shortage of change"?
    Do you have any info on that?

  • Christine Montgomery

    07/28/2020 11:37 AM

    It's ridiculous that the Dems think they can get away with a presidential debate. If they are so scared of this so called pandemic then the easy solution is just have the essentials, Trump, Biden, and the moderators. The American people deserve to know about each candidate to make their own decision.

  • Frances Regena Brown

    07/28/2020 11:31 AM

    When are we going to see Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and a litany of others who have committed criminal acts against the president and the United States, get convicted and go to jail? More than enough information and facts are in that show they are guilty......lets get some jail time for these folks.

  • Gail Denham

    07/28/2020 11:21 AM

    It's almost impossible to write a movie script, for example, or a book -- that tells the story of the corruption that's leaking out - slowly - from the swamp; in particular in regards to the 2016 election.
    but make no mistake, folks, they're doing things even now -- behind the scenes -- to capture this election too -

    They are devious and sneaky - like snakes writhing through the media, the congress. The players have money and will stop at nothing. This I believe.

    And just to show I read every word, I think there's a wrong date? in the say "one of 2016's most accurate polls" - did you mean 2020's?

    But God...

  • Darrell McKinnon

    07/28/2020 11:09 AM

    Interesting is that you mentioned “fact checkers”. It seems that these so called “fact checkers” only speak up or write something when Trump speaks - where are the fact checkers when Biden speaks? That tells it all as they are fact distorted trying to discredit Trump and all other patriots. They need to be fact checking some of the reports from CNN and the NYT. Sad when everything is so political that the truth is so hard to find in the news media. Trump said it so right, “fake news”.
    One other comment - we don’t need the feds in Seattle, Portland, & New York to get rid of the rioters. We Only need the fire department to come with their fire hoses to wash the streets clean. Rather than putting out the fires, turn the hoses on the protesters. And when they are tired of treading water, load them up in prison buses with two options: prison or permanent exile to Venezuela.

  • Huey Collins

    07/28/2020 09:26 AM

    Big thanks to you Mike. It is so refreshing to read your writings. Especially with all the fake news broadcasts.

    God Bless you

  • Jerry korba

    07/28/2020 08:51 AM

    Liberal cities have a lot of problems it looks like the humans are now taking the form of insects,pests,they are being removed by being sprayed with repellents night after nite what’s next it may be time to bring out the d-con if these pests Are destroying the city it may be time To eliminate the rodents

  • Ruth Ogle

    07/28/2020 08:44 AM

    Great and true information! I wish everyone would read this! Thank you so much for what you do to put out correct information to us! God bless you

  • Diane Morey

    07/28/2020 07:59 AM

    Thanks to you I changed my search engine to DuckDuckGo. I had never heard of them before I read your report.

  • James Hoppe

    07/28/2020 07:35 AM

    MAIL IN BALLOTS! Please advise the President to differentiate between the MAIL IN THE CORRECT
    WAY....versus ...the MASS MAILING OF BALLOTS. For the MANY OF US ...who to the proper
    city hall our ID....and have the ballot's MUCH DIFFERENT than the mass
    mail. This is VERY CONFUSING....hearing the President downing the mail in ....when MANY of
    us are doing it the right way. BUT he needs to make sure he is explaining this different!!!!!
    THANK YOU! Really enjoy your TRUE NEWS INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the ONLY ONE!

  • JC Holland

    07/28/2020 06:44 AM

    So Nunes shares so called Breaking News again over the weekend on the Brookings Institute. The result again is still the same. Nothing happens. Where is AG Barr, with Waldo? Somebody please look at a money trail to see if Soros has paid him off. If not, have the Clintons' threatened him with suicide? Something stinks again since NO CHARGES have been filed against anyone.

  • John R Nagelkirk

    07/28/2020 05:33 AM

    Since you have the resources to look more deeply into matters, I'll pass along something I recently was told by someone I'd consider a "reliable source". He told me two things that he's found on the Dark Web: 1) That groups are already printing hundreds of mail-in ballots ready to mass-submit during the elections (guess who for); and 2), that when ballots are mailed out people are to follow postal workers and removed them from folks' mailboxes so they can be marked and mailed in for them. My friend stressed he can't vouch for veracity, but said that's what he's reading.

  • Jo Gonzalez

    07/28/2020 01:51 AM

    "Don't Mess With Texas'............................

  • Linda Olds

    07/28/2020 01:30 AM

    I think if the election could be done without voter fraud by the Dems, President Trump would definitely win by a landslide.
    I am worried about voter fraud; the Dems have been doing it for a long time.
    I'm worried about fraud in the Senate and House races too.
    I do feel better when I think that Trump must have good people working on this problem and others.
    It's amazing what he can get done.
    It's sad to think how much greater America would be if the Dems had worked with President Trump instead of opposing everything.
    And the Dems would probably be more popular than they are now. They have backed themselves into a corner; they are completely negative.

  • Tammy sims

    07/28/2020 12:59 AM

    Can you address the Frontline Doctors Summit that as held in Washington today pertaining to covid and hydrochloroquin treatment. Tammy Sims

  • Linda McCracken

    07/28/2020 12:25 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, that was one news letter worth every letter of reading! I share the same sentiments and concern about the lengths these Democrats are willing to go to in order to gain the power they believe is due them. It was disgusting then and it’s disgusting what’s happening now! The Brookings Institute was involved with the Steele Dossier! Wow! The circle keeps getting wider...does it not? That is exactly why I pray that power does not land in the conniving, duplicitous hands of the Democrats. I shared with some friends yesterday that these protestors remind me of the same age group and mentality of the screaming haters that attacked and vilified our Vietnam Vets in the late 60’s and early 70’s. College tuition is often wasted...or better stated...Parents sending their kids off to college are being robbed of their children’s identities and turned into mind-numb robots by activist, tenured professors! I keep praying and trusting God.

  • George Kapus

    07/28/2020 12:22 AM

    Apparently even institutes have turned into branches of DemocRat, I mean Communist Party USA. So, let's make make sure that none of their candidates get elected, unless you all want the good old USA to turn into the SSA -or- Socialist States Of America, a colony of Red China. Well, they hold many of our PPP bonds - Payroll Protection Program as well as 1.1 Trillion Dollars of US Debt.

  • Remedios Cruz

    07/28/2020 12:00 AM

    Governor, do you think my vote will be counted right on mail in voting? I’m still skeptical and Quite leery About this.

  • B H Terrill

    07/27/2020 11:45 PM

    Good work as always.Take care of yourself.