August 19, 2020


August 19, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


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One of the more popular erroneous narratives these days to try to convince Christians to vote for socialism is that Jesus and the early members of the church were socialists because they gave to the needy and “held everything in common,” among other reasons. At the link is a very good video examining what the Bible says, how it’s being taken out of context, and how the full context and quotes show conclusively that neither Jesus nor His followers were socialists (a concept that didn’t even exist at the time.)


The surprise pardon that President Trump teased turned out to be for pioneering suffragist Susan B. Anthony. To mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, Trump pardoned Anthony for her conviction and $100 fine for voting in 1872, when the law allowed only men to vote. She cited the 14th Amendment as justification for her right to vote and refused to pay the fine, but the judge declined to jail her, which prevented her from appealing to the Supreme Court and left the conviction standing. The New Yorker once called this “the greatest judicial outrage history has ever recorded” (I tend to think that was Jesus being sentenced to crucifixion, but what do I know?)

Naturally, the New York Times sniped that Trump was only pardoning Anthony to distract from the Democratic Convention because he trails Biden with women voters. Okay, if we’re going to play that game:

Why did the Democrats schedule their convention on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and then not do anything to commemorate it? Also, there have been 10 Democratic Presidents since 1872. How come none of them ever pardoned Susan B. Anthony? Sounds like Democrats like women voting for them, but aren’t too interested in honoring the woman who helped make that possible.


PS to the DNC Convention coverage: It was getting long, so I didn’t mention that this is actually how it ended. I’m sure that anyone who was still watching at that point must’ve thought they’d fallen asleep and were having a bad dream after eating too many bowls of Sugar Frosted Corn Pops.


We give a lot of grief to “fact-checkers” around here (and deservedly so), but hats off to the A.P. “fact-checkers” for actually calling out Michelle Obama for slamming Trump by saying that Americans “watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.” They admit she was describing both a policy and facilities that existed under her husband’s Administration. In fact, the pictures of those so-called “cages” that fired up the anti-Trump Twitter mobs were actually taken in 2014. And they aren’t “cages;” they were misleadingly cropped photos of chain link fencing at border detention facilities.

Mrs. Obama also included a number of other outright whoppers, false quotes and rewrites of history, but I guess having even one of them flagged is more than we usually hope for. Over at MSNBC, they were too busy holding their breaths and wetting their pants to correct Michelle’s speech at all.

As long as we’ve brought up this topic, let’s really rip it to shreds, shall we? I mean this whole stick of baloney about Trump being an ogre who just loves tearing children from their parents’ arms and throwing them in cages like dogs.

To begin with, toss out all the “Trump started this” and “cages” hooey. They’re not cages, Obama built them, and the policy already existed under Obama. Now, let’s dig deeper. Why are children separated from their parents at the border? For their own protection, that’s why.

A pilot DNA program in El Paso and McAllen, Texas, found that 30% of migrant “families” with children who illegally crossed the border weren’t actually related. And they weren’t just step-parents; they lied about being blood relatives.

As to whether they were human smugglers, using the kids as shields, or whatever, none of the possible explanations are good. All the illegal border crossers with children had brought them along on a dangerous journey to break US immigration laws (and 30% weren’t even related to the kids they were traveling with.) When Trump declared zero tolerance for illegal entry and began criminal prosecutions, that meant the adults were bringing kids along to commit a crime. If any American parents (or “parents”) brought any kids along when they committed a crime, would you expect the police to put the whole group in jail together, or put the kids in a separate, safe facility for juveniles?

The alternative (keeping the family – or “family” – together) would mean putting children into facilities with other adult illegal border crossers who might be violent gang members, drug dealers or sex criminals. Why do Democrats hate children so much that they want to throw them in with dangerous criminals and perverts? (See, we can unfairly ascribe the worst possible motives to other people, too.)

Bottom line: Dealing with illegal immigration is difficult enough without clouding the issue with ludicrous false narratives. To quote “The Simpsons,” “Won’t somebody think of the children?!” And I mean, think of their safety and welfare, not ways to exploit them by scoring cheap political points.


Stephen Kruiser has a funny recap of Monday night’s virtual Democratic convention. Sample: all the canned speeches sent from home over the Internet gave the festivities a “’Gee, we’re sorry we can’t be there for your 90th birthday, Uncle Joe’ vibe. That’s perfectly fine when it’s Uncle Joe’s 90th birthday but it’s not as fun if it’s Uncle Joe’s 90th attempt at becoming president of the United States.”



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  • Deanna Sinclair-Parker

    08/20/2020 03:50 PM

    I love your commentaries! You just say it the way it is, blunt, to the point. That is the way I am, too. People don't appreciate the TRUTH. Funny how that works. Say, I was cleaning, actually throwing papers out! Ha! I came across a paper that I printed out back after O'bummer was in office for awhile. I would really like to see you print it and because I'm sure many of your readers would appreciate it, especially us 'geezers!' I saved it on a thumb drive, 2 pages. Quite the read! Too bad the millenniums don't read your column more. Huh, maybe one of their grandparents or parent may 'share' it to their FB page, let's hope! Thanks again for your blunt honesty in your column!
    God bless you always!


    08/20/2020 04:08 AM

    I was re-reading "Friday" by Robert A. Heinlein, and discovered what he wrote in 1982 about what is happening today in 2020. Here are the relevant excerpts:

    Excerpts from "Friday" by Robert A. Heinlein, 1982
    Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY

    Page 249
    Boss asks. “What are the marks of a sick culture?”

    Friday answers: “It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population.”

    Boss: “A very bad sign. Particularism. It was once considered a Spanish vice, but any country can fall sick with it.”

    Friday: “So far as I have listened, before a revolution can take place, the population must lose faith in both the police and the courts.”

    Boss: “Elementary. Go on.”

    Friday: “Well ... high taxation is important and so is inflation of the currency and the ratio of the productive to those on the public pay- roll. But that’s old hat; everybody knows that a country is on the skids when its income and outgo get out of balance and stay that way—even though there are always endless attempts to wish it away by legislation. But I started looking for little signs, what some call silly-season symptoms. For example, did you know that it is against the law here to be naked outside your own home? Even in your own home if anybody can see in?”

    Page 250

    Boss: “Rather difficult to enforce, I suspect. What significance do you see in it?”

    Friday: “Oh, it isn’t enforced. But it can’t be repealed, either. The Confederacy is loaded with such laws. It seems to me that any law that is not enforced and can’t be enforced weakens all other laws. Boss, did you know that the California Confederacy subsidizes whores?”

    Boss: “I had not noticed it. To what end? For their armed forces? For their prison population? Or as a public utility? I confess to some surprise.”

    Friday: “Oh, not that way at all! The government pays them to keep their legs crossed. Take it off the market entirely. They are trained, licensed, examined—and stockpiled. Only it doesn’t work. The designated ‘surplus artists’ draw their subsidy checks ... then go right ahead peddling tail. When they aren’t supposed to do it even for fun because that hurts the market for the unsubsidized whores. So the hookers’ union, who sponsored the original legislation to support the union scale, is now trying to work out a voucher system to plug up the holes in the subsidy law. And that won’t work either.”
    . . .

    Friday: “In the California Confederacy it is against the law to refuse credit to a person merely because that person has taken bankruptcy. Credit is a civil right.”

    Boss: “I assume that it does not work but what form does noncompliance take?”

    Friday: “I have not yet investigated, Boss. But I think a deadbeat would be at a disadvantage in trying to bribe a judge. I want to mention one of the obvious symptoms: Violence. Muggings. Sniping. Arson. Bombing. Terrorism of any sort. Riots of course—but I suspect that little incidents of violence, pecking away at people day after day, damage a culture even more than riots that flare up and then die down. I guess that’s all for now. Oh, conscription and slavery and arbitrary compulsion of all sorts and imprisonment without bail and without speedy trial—but those things are obvious; all the histories list them.”


    Boss: “Friday, I think you have missed the most alarming symptom of all.”

    Friday: “I have? Are you going to tell me? Or am I going to have to grope around in the dark for it?”

    Boss: “Mmm. This once I shall tell you. But go back and search for it. Examine it. Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms such as you have named ... but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”

    Friday: “Really?”

    Boss: “Pfui. I should have forced you to dig it out for yourself; then you would know it. This symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health but as proof of his/her strength. Look for it. Study it. Friday, it is too late to save this culture—this worldwide culture, not just the freak show here in California. Therefore, we must now prepare the monasteries for the coming Dark Age. Electronic records are too fragile; we must again have books, of stable inks and resistant paper."

  • James Evart

    08/19/2020 07:53 PM

    Regarding putting the bible back into context regarding whether Christians are actually socialists in their giving, may I draw your attention to Matt 20:15 where, in a parable of workers being paid for a day's labor in the vineyard and the landowner pays the workers who worked the whole day the same as those who only worked a couple of hours..."Don't I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?".
    Here, Jesus is asserting and acknowledging through the common sense of a parable that a man's money is his own, to do with as he wishes with, NOT..."WHAT'S MINE IS MINE AND WHAT'S YOURS IS MINE!", the common socialist mindset.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/19/2020 07:01 PM

    Does anyone really watch the DNC I know people are bored do they even care?

  • Terri Klose

    08/19/2020 06:33 PM

    Using the Bible to justify socialism is another good reason why all Christians need to know the Bible. In the Bible, in the book of Acts is the first reference of sharing in common. But, the people who were sharing together were all believers. They weren't sharing with everyone. Even though Jesus talks about giving to the needy, all throughout the New Testament, examples abound of collections taken up for other believers. And as pointed out, they never had their possessions taken away--they shared. Maybe instead of burning Bibles, they should read them.

  • james randolph

    08/19/2020 06:32 PM

    HEY MIKE -
    How about challenging "BUFFET DEMOCRATS" - those who reject some of the "D" platform?
    (Like a buffet, I like this, I pass on that, more of those...)

    If you take the label "D" or "DS", we will claim you believe the platform as written ...
    (Same as an "R", or "I", but I digress..)
    So what does the platform (2016) require?
    ABORTION. Unmistakable. Absolute anytime abortion. Not adoption. ABORTION.
    So, wear the "D", but expect us to call you "baby killers" - - just like Vietnam ... right?
    " ... Democrats are committed to protecting and advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice. We believe unequivocally, like the majority of Americans, that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion—regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured. ... We will continue to oppose—and seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment. .."

  • William Fuhrer

    08/19/2020 03:27 PM

    Susan B. Anthony organization...PRO LIFE!

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/19/2020 01:29 PM

    Thank you

  • Mary Anne Berry

    08/19/2020 01:28 PM

    Many thanks to you and your staff for keeping us up to date on the “Democratic “ convention. I can’t even make it through the headlines before I have to shut down and start praying for our protection. You don’t get paid enough!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/19/2020 12:23 PM

    Honoring Susan B Anthony:
    High School
    Womens College
    Womens Center: Medical issues OB GY etc.
    Fine Arts Center
    Museum Center
    Rd, Hwy, Blvd, St, Ave, Ct, Circle, St, Frwy
    Community Center
    in her home state