Evening Edition - March 7

March 7, 2019

I’ve noted before how easy it is to make claims with absolute certainty about things that are a long way away and don’t really affect you.  For instance, that it’s easy to sneer at President Trump’s assertion of emergency authority to deal with border security issues that Congress refuses to take seriously when you live in a gated mansion or luxury apartment in DC or New York, many miles from the border (last night, Tucker Carlson on Fox News played a montage of liberal news network talking heads and Democratic politicians parroting the same focus-group tested phrase, “manufactured crisis,” as if they were all reading from the same centralized TelePrompter.) 

It’s certainly easier for them to dismiss the seriousness of this issue than it is for people who guard the border or who live there -- like the rancher who recently complained of finding dead bodies on his land and having to carry a gun for protection just to go feed his livestock, and it wasn’t because the cows are dealing drugs and packing heat.  

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In January, the Democrats shut down the government (they blamed Trump, but make no mistake: they chose to shut it down rather than fund a border wall that they had voted for before and that would have cost less than the shutdown), all because they contended that there was no crisis or emergency at the border.  The media sided with them, echoing their smug dismissal of the problem.   When Trump took unilateral action, the House voted to block his emergency measure, and even some Senate Republicans joined in (it won’t matter, since he’ll veto it). 

Even though other Presidents have routinely declared national emergencies, this was allegedly an unprecedented expansion of executive power because, of course, there is no emergency or crisis at the border.  Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Republicans who are backing him know this isn’t about constitutionality, it’s about dealing with a border security crisis that’s allowing drugs, human traffickers and “criminals of all shapes and sizes” to invade our country.


Still, everyone who really matters in DC and New York knows it’s a “manufactured crisis,” right?  Except…well…it seems that some of those liberal media outlets that were so cocksure that there was no emergency at the border are finally starting to let facts infiltrate their opinions.  But only because the facts are becoming so obvious, they’re now harder to ignore than a leftist punching your face on the UC-Berkeley campus.

Like the new government report that in February, a record 76,000-plus migrants tried to enter the US illegally (and it’s the shortest month!)  That’s a 50% increase in the number of families trying to cross the border since January.  Nearly 160,000 unaccompanied children and family members have been detained in the past five months.  There’s been a 434% increase in arrests in the El Paso Sector, which covers two Texas counties and the state of New Mexico (you remember: where the Democratic Governor just pulled the National Guard troops because there is no crisis at the border.) 


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Federal officials say the system for dealing with all the illegal entrants is at capacity and beyond and described the trend as “alarming” (just don’t call it a “crisis” or an “emergency” because Heaven knows it’s not one of those!)


Actually, it is.  Here’s how you can tell just how bad the situation at the border has become: liberal media outlets that have spent the past two months attacking and mocking Trump for telling us how bad it is are now reluctantly starting to admit that, yeah, it’s pretty darn bad.  Even NPR…

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And even the New York Times…


The Times is now talking out of both sides of its mouth so loudly that even its readers are starting to notice the editors’ denial of reality.  Funny, you’d think Times readers would be used to that by now…




Maybe the Democrats are right and the true national emergency really is health care: too many of our political and opinion leaders are deaf, dumb and blind to reality and don’t even realize it. 

At least two Congress members did something their colleagues were too busy sneering to do: they actually took a look at the border from a closer vantage point than the banks of the Potomac or the New York studios of CNN.  They came back shocked by how bad the situation really is and convinced that yes, this is indeed a national emergency:



Their comments remind me of Richard Pryor’s famous bit about how he used to have the typical liberal’s view of prisons as cruel and unnecessary until he spent a couple of months shooting a movie inside a real prison and got to talk with the inmates.  And then his attitude changed to “Thank God we have prisons!!”

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I’ve often said that political and media professionals will never take illegal immigration seriously as long as illegal immigrants aren’t threatening their jobs.  Well, maybe this make them think twice, or even once:

Bernie Sanders just hired a new campaign spokesperson, and she’s an illegal immigrant. Bernie must be trying to nail down the two major issues for today’s Democratic Party: illegal immigration and socialism. 




Anyone who thinks I was being too flippant recently by suggesting that some of the current crop of Democratic House members need to be put back at the kids’ table for a while until they grow up should note that Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley just introduced a bill to lower the voting age to 16.  Two other Democrats immediately endorsed it.  I expect even more will if Taylor Swift promotes it on Instagram. 

This link is well worth reading, and not for the arguments for lowering the voting age to before kids have even taken a civics, history or economics class (obviously a boon for the Democrats) but for the responses. 





Many thanks to President Trump for continuing to keep his campaign promises, even as he’s constantly distracted by the Chihuahua-like yapping of his critics.  One of them was to improve care for veterans, and yesterday, he announced the creation of a new task force to prevent the epidemic of veteran suicides, estimated to average up to 20 a day.  This is an important and tragic issue that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. 

Details are at the link.  The coordinated effort will involve multiple federal agencies and grants to state and local governments to help veterans.  The story notes that a price tag has yet to be put on the cost of the grants.  Might I suggest that any politicians who object to the funding on the basis that veteran suicides are not a “crisis” or “emergency” see if they can fit their fists into their mouths. Good, now keep them there.    


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Here’s a sad but heartwarming story that shows what can happen when people put aside mindless partisanship and treat each other as human beings.  Jay Barrett of West Haven, Connecticut, has terminal cystic fibrosis.  He’s a strong Trump supporter, and his one wish before he dies was to talk to President Trump personally.  So his sister launched a social media campaign to try to get word to Trump.  The White House took notice of all the emails, and Trump called Barrett to offer his prayers and support.  His son Eric also called, and HUD regional director Lynne Patton, who is from New Haven, is coming this weekend to give Barrett a signed gift from the President.

Worth noting: Barrett’s sister, Bridgette Hoskie, is a West Haven City Councilwoman and self-described “100% Democrat.”  But some things are more important than politics.  I wish 100% of Democrats and Republicans would keep that in mind.




Can we now safely state that it’s official: the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that they no longer will even harbor any hopes of win Ohio?  I suggest they follow the Hillary Clinton strategy: spend all their time and money in New York and California to gin up big vote totals there, then spend the next four years whining about their Electoral College loss. 




Why are Democrats so afraid of being asked real questions?  The Party once again refused to allow Fox News to host any of their Presidential debates – even though at this rate, they’ll need all the debate moderators they can get, since there will be so many contenders, it will look like March Madness with an emphasis on the madness. 


The Dems have never let Fox host their debates, but this year’s excuse is an unverified and denied claim by the New Yorker that during the 2016 debates, Trump had a heads-up on a tough question asked him by Megyn Kelly.  I would point out that while I don’t believe that’s true (and I was on the debate stages myself), at least Megyn asked tough questions of us Republican candidates, who also faced tough (some might even say unfair, partisan and misleading) questions by moderators from liberal news outlets (say, does anyone remember the 2012 presidential debate where the moderator got her facts wrong and actually sided with Obama against Mitt Romney?)  It’s also pretty laughable to hear them go into a huff over a rumor that one debate question was rigged to help a particular candidate, and then claim that’s why they want CNN to run their debates. 

This, in a nutshell, illustrates why the current Democratic Party is so out of touch with most Americans and embraces so many policies that are proven, tragic failures.  From college campuses to national debate stages, they are terrified of being challenged with tough questions or having to defend their positions intellectually.  They love speeches to captive audiences, but hate real debates.  They prefer to live inside airtight bubbles, communicating only with people who agree with them (vary by so much as a degree, and you’ll be unfriended and banished to oblivion!) 

At the risk of implying that today’s Democrats could actually learn anything from an old, dead, white guy, I’d suggest they read Mark Twain’s “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg” for a timeless lesson in how fragile self-righteous people’s principles become when they’re never tested.  Since they’re all such good socialists these days, I’ll even offer them a link where they can read it for free. 






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  • joyce wagner

    03/07/2019 05:51 PM

    Your comment regarding the liberal news network talking heads parroting the same phrase, “manufactured crisis, as if they were all reading from the same centralized TelePrompter", reminded me that the top 20 US media corporations, are controlled by liberals. In addition, a small, select group of writers control movie scripts and television, thus, entertainment is used to transform society and our belief system. It has been years since our channel selector has strayed from Fox News!

  • Georgia Kauchich

    03/07/2019 05:20 PM

    Since Senator Hirono is against keeping illegal aliens out of the US we ought to send them to Hawaii. Let them bask in the sun on all the many beaches and see what happens to their tourist industry and how long she remains in office.

  • jack macdonald

    03/07/2019 05:19 PM

    The new Socialist party is populated by some really sick puppies! Repubs better get "woke" soon. jm

  • Jerry Holland

    03/07/2019 05:18 PM

    If it is a known fact Bernie Sanders hired an illegal to be his spokesperson, them why doesn't ICE arrest her?