October 30, 2017

The sudden unmasking of years of long-hidden alleged sexual abuse in Hollywood has claimed another famous name: former child actor Anthony Rapp accused two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey of attempting to seduce him after a party in 1986, when Rapp was 14 and Spacey was 26. I won’t go into the details; they’re at the link if you want them.

Spacey responded in a statement that he didn’t remember it, but if it happened as Rapp described it, then he owes Rapp “the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior” and for causing the feelings Rapp has carried all these years. He then ended years of rumors and speculation about his private life by saying that while he’s had relationships with both men and women, “I choose now to live as a gay man.”

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This story presents Hollywood with a dilemma. Spacey is very respected and well-liked in the show business community. As we saw with director Roman Polanski, if you’re talented and popular enough, they’ll overlook you drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl and give you an Oscar and a standing ovation (Trivia note: the petition drive for Switzerland not to extradite him back to America to face justice was led by Harvey Weinstein.) Plus, Spacey has pulled out the “gay man bravely coming out” card. Those two things usually wrap a celebrity in a steel cocoon of identity politics protection.

However, in this case, it might backfire. Gay activists who have spent years lobbying for rights such as adoption and being Scoutmasters are furious at Spacey for once again associating gay men with child molesting (they’ve also not happy about him describing being gay as a choice.) In Hollywood, where careers are made or broken by sucking up to the right people and saying the right PC things, I’m sure a lot of anguish is taking place right now over which side to suck up to and which comments to be supportive/outraged about.

I’m glad I live out in “Flyover Country,” where things are not so morally ambiguous, nuanced and “problematic.” Here, we think that getting drunk and trying to force yourself sexually on a 14-year-old is just dead wrong, no matter the circumstances or the perpetrator’s “sexual identity.” Sorry to be so simplistic. But at least our moral code isn’t a house of cards, waiting to collapse the second someone opens a window.


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  • Jan Greenhawk

    10/31/2017 06:04 AM

    Folks, actors act. They pretend. They learn to turn on emotions at the drop of a hat. So the next time you see an actor outraged by something or apologizing that they were drunk or addicted to sex when something happened, think about that. What is their motive? Their lives are consumed by being the most famous, most outrageous, the most talked about. Whatever they have to do to make that happen, they do it.
    If you think any one of these morons who goes along with the Hollywood Teenagers Clique gives a shit about you and our country, you are being conned by acting.
    Kevin Spacey is a great actor. I thought he was great in House of Cards but now I realize, he, like George Clooney, was just playing his own corrupt self.

  • Jan

    10/30/2017 11:41 PM

    I also happily live in a "flyover" state!

  • Daniel Knoll

    10/30/2017 10:48 PM

    It seems strange this double-standard, Mr. Huckabee, when you cover-up and ignore Trump's history of ADMITTED sexual assault, his appearance in porno films, his work with pornographic magazines, his time hanging out with pron stars, or the fact that he met and married a fellow porn star, for the moment, our ''First Lady''. It's very easy to find Trump's Red Carpet Playboy photos, his pron and his wife's, and his history of being a sexually harassing creep is something he brags about and you know it, and the nation heard it. Did you ever ONCE address Trump's DIGSUTING, sexually harassing words and deeds? HOW do you not place Trump appropriately in this group of Hollywood / Hollyweird types he was so fittingly running in their circles by? Trump LONGED to be a celeb, and his show "Celebrity Apprentice" is the go-to reality show for the weirdest of the Hollyweird crowd! Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury , and you and Donald are all about that luxury, Pharisee Huckabee. Good luck with trying to piggy-back your hopeful Senate campaign on a loosing and exiting, cheating tired horse from the race. (I bet this remains here, what, a DAY at best? ) Have a good day, and thank you for your faked morality and opposite of patriotism, in you excusing or lying or covering-up Trump's treasonous and dangerous ways, to the nation, our moral values, and even the safety and security of this great nation.

  • Kelly Siebecke Smithhart

    10/30/2017 10:24 PM

    He doesn't remember the incident but remembers he was drunk? Excuse me while I call baloney on that. Fans and Spacey friends alike have known forever he's gay, so that admission is not a surprise. That he has a pedophilic background is not only a surprise but deeply disappointing. Even more disappointing, that he thinks coming out in response to the allegations is appropriate - I never pegged him as stupid and completely out of touch with reality. Another talented, amazing actor bites the dust. Sad. But sadder yet is the fact that he has victims in his wake and is really no better than Weinstein. <sigh>

  • Kathy Axelson

    10/30/2017 10:20 PM

    Well said Governor Huckabee...

  • Kathy Murphy

    10/30/2017 09:59 PM

    "It's all coming down like a house of cards." Exactly. Every day there is something disgustingly new. They are imploding!