Obama official sought to unmask Americans in surveillance

September 21, 2017 |

While much of Washington and the media are preoccupied with chasing their tails over alleged and still-unproven “Russian collusion,” the scandal that should be under investigation, the one that makes Watergate look like a kids’ game of “cops and robbers,” is barely being covered. It involves the Obama Administration’s weaponizing of intelligence resources to spy on and undermine an opposition political campaign/then incoming Administration, and the illegal “unmasking” of information on private citizens that was obtained by that surveillance.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this was not an isolated incident, and the dismissals of it as rare mistake by Obama officials are just so much horse-apple hash. The latest report by Fox News is that former Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power was requesting information on Trump’s people at an average rate of more than one unmasking for each working day of 2016. Her unmasking requests escalated as Trump’s term neared. Previous UN ambassadors have made unmasking requests, but they numbered in the low double digits. Power made over 260 in 2016 alone.

While the media is so obsessed with Russia’s government allegedly trying to interfere in our election, where is the outrage or at least the curiosity about the way our own government apparently tried to interfere in the election?


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  • Karen Bozeman

    09/22/2017 06:50 PM

    Obamagate will never come under investigation. Never. It will be an amazing tap dance that will rival anything we've ever seen on "America's Got Talent," but the talking heads will find all sorts of ways to dance their way out of this. Seriously, if these folks would spend half the time on law-making and doing their jobs in Congress that they spend chasing the Russians, they might have something to show for their term in office. If Russia had late-night shows like we do (maybe they do?), I'm sure we'd roll on the floor laughing as they make fun of the American Comrade Hunt.

  • Sarah Menne

    09/21/2017 05:14 PM

    Just wondering if there was supposed to be an active READ MORE link? Our liberal press (and liber public) has always attacked Trump and ignored Obama's unethical andunconstitutional actions.