January 5, 2018

Tuesday was the first day back after a much-needed holiday break, the first work day of the New Year, and because the media had to take Monday off, Tuesday brought us a double dose of hair-on-fire freak-outs over President Trump.

Freak-out A: Trump tweeted a slapdown of Kim Jong-Un for his threat to fire nuclear missiles at the US, mockingly saying that his nuclear button is bigger and it actually works (Apparently, this was likely to goad Kim into a nuclear attack because, according to proponents of “smart diplomacy” such as former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Kim is both a rational leader who can be trusted with nuclear weapons and an unstable nutjob who would launch nukes over a tweet.)

Freak-out B: the hysteria over a book by Michael Wolff, a lefty writer notorious for his sub-Kitty Kelley-level, tabloid-style shaky sourcing. Wolff admits in the Introduction that he repeated quotes without fact-checking them (during a joint TV appearance on Fox News last night, former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka said he refused to talk to Wolff because he knew he was a hack and his last book prompted 13 people to protest that he’d attributed fake quotes to them). Wolff somehow quotes private conversations involving dead people, as well as the alleged turncoat rantings of Steve Bannon, who 24 hours before was depicted by the media as an unhinged, Nazi lunatic but, now that he was quoted attacking Trump, suddenly has transformed into a reliable source. Wolff also claims that Trump never wanted or expected to win. Funny, I campaigned with him and watched him work an exhausting schedule of get-out-the-vote rallies in swing states. If he wanted to lose, he should have skipped campaigning in those states, the way Hillary did. And as Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit noted, if Trump is “an idiot” who “wasn’t even trying to win,” how embarrassing is it for Democrats that Hillary lost to an idiot who wasn’t even trying to win?

I know I’m supposed to join in the 24/7 partisan flame war over all this. But with the dawning of a fresh new year and after 14 months of non-stop, “these go to 11” fits of outrage and panic, I just don’t have the patience anymore for this nonsense. I think it’s time to coin a new phrase to describe what I, and I suspect millions of other Americans, are feeling: “Apocalypse fatigue.”

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Ever since November of 2016, we’ve heard that every Trump tweet or policy change or Republican bill or media leak was going to spell “the end of the world!” Well, to quote REM, a band whose leader has bought into the anti-Trump hysteria and should know better, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

Look around: has Trump dissolved Congress and the Courts to act like a dictator? Are immigrants packed into internment camps, the way they were under Democratic hero, Franklin Roosevelt? Is ISIS expanding its hold on the Middle East as America withdraws from the world? Are stock markets sunk into a worldwide depression? Is the White House acting as Putin’s puppet? Did the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come galloping into Washington after Trump signed a GOP tax cut bill? Nope, pretty much the opposite of everything the left predicted. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: the Democrats have become like the boy who cried wolf, only they’re the boys and girls who cried “Apocalypse!”

I’ve done something I suspect most of these prophets of the End Times have never done: I’ve actually studied Revelations. I assure you, the signs of the Apocalypse do not include “Hillary Clinton losing an election.” If she lost gracefully, now that might be a sign of the Apocalypse! Until something that unlikely occurs, I think Americans will somehow survive having a strong defense, secure borders, a booming stock market, enforcement of long-standing immigration laws, lower taxes, record employment and not being forced to buy lousy overpriced insurance, even if the President does occasionally fire off an impolite tweet.

In the meantime, tune out the screechings of doom from Hollywood and cable news for a few moments, lean back with a refreshing beverage, and enjoy this article by Laurence Meyers (who wasn’t even a Trump supporter). He takes inventory of the many, many times liberals have told us recently that “we’re all gonna die!” – and yet, somehow, here we are still. The title: “It’s Only Been the Apocalypse for Democrats.”


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  • Kevin Brooks

    01/08/2018 10:51 AM

    Mr Huckabee it's a blessing to read all your articles! My wife and I plan on coming to hear you later this month in Nashville! We live in Nashville as well! As a Christian I would be blessed to have your thoughts on my daughter's book that is based on the last days! The book is named "The last generation on earth!". It is fiction but yet based on the Bible's view of the end times! Please if you or someone on your staff can go to and search for the book, again named The last generation on earth, by Kate Sheridan! I am certain the book is going to bless millions of people, and to stop and think about how close we are to Jesus'return! God bless you sir and have a blessed week ahead! Kevin Brooks

  • Karen Bennett

    01/06/2018 12:40 PM


  • Linda Whiteman

    01/05/2018 11:08 PM

    Would love to talk to you about Revelation!

  • Gary Moore

    01/05/2018 11:09 AM

    I enjoyed this article and the one too which it refers. I shared the latter.