July 25, 2017

Well, the hospital and government bureaucrats in the Charlie Gard case got their way. Not only will the 11-month-old not be coming to America for treatment --- after SEVEN MONTHS of legal battles, his brain and overall condition have deteriorated too much for him to benefit --- but he will also be kept in the hospital to die there instead of at home as his parents had dearly wished. They don’t even have the right to take their terminally ill child home to die. Big Medicine has spoken.

Charlie’s parents will never know if more timely treatment would have helped him. (It goes without saying that little Charlie never will, either.) But Nigel Farage, speaking from London in a forceful response on FOX News, pointed to a similar case four years ago in which a child with brain cancer was forbidden by British doctors from going to Prague for a revolutionary treatment they said wouldn’t work. The parents took the child for treatment anyway, and he is now cancer free and attending school. According to Farage, the parents were imprisoned for a time for doing this, but now, ironically, that very treatment is available in British hospitals.

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The judge in Charlie’s case said it was “absurd” to think that the little boy was “a prisoner of the National Heath Service.” Sorry, but that’s exactly what he has been for the past seven months, and it turned out to be a death sentence for him.

At the link, you can read the statement just released by the hospital, which can be summarized thusly: “We’ll be thinking about what we can learn from this case, but we hope those on the other side will also be thinking about the consequences of their decision to fight us.” As we debate the future of health care in our own country, this chilly display of power and arrogance should surprise no one.


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  • Donna Yates

    07/25/2017 08:48 PM

    This is why governments should NOT be allowed to control healthcare. We need to go back to having choices not socialized medicine where big government says who lives and who dies.