April 22, 2020


April 22, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



In welcome news, Attorney General Bill Barr said the Department of Justice may side with citizens who sue local governments for trampling their Constitutional rights in the name of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Barr made it clear that he’s not talking about justifiable restrictions to protect public health, but “onerous” crackdowns that go too far and become “burdensome impingements on liberty.” And proving that sometimes, lawyers and courts are useful to people on the right, too, the Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, announced that the $500 tickets handed to church members for attending a drive-in service in their own cars will not be enforced.


Here is the link to the full daily White House press briefing on the coronavirus for Tuesday.

President Trump said trends are positive for a phased reopening of states for business. He expressed sympathy for the victims of the disease and their families, and support for the $484 billion additional funding bill to save small businesses that the Senate has agreed on (now we’ll see if Nancy Pelosi will put down her artisan ice cream long enough to whip her unruly Party members into passing it.) Trump also talked about his meetings with state Governors, including Andrew Cuomo, who agreed that New York is now well prepared enough that the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort can return to Virginia, and New York can send some of its surplus ventilators to Massachusetts or other states that need them more.

Here’s a more detailed recap.

The head of the CDC warned of a possible second wave of the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus later this year, after the economy reopens. The best way to mitigate that is for Americans to keep observing basic precautions, and to remember, as I pointed out yesterday, that you cannot avoid ever getting sick by hiding behind closed doors for the rest of your life. That was a lesson that Edgar Allen Poe taught us all the way back in 1842 in “The Masque of the Red Death.” Viruses infect people, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that, including destroying the economy. But we can slow it down, learn everything we can about the virus and how to treat it, and make sure we’re prepared to deal with the cases as they inevitably arise.


At a time when we should all be united in trying to figure out the best way to reopen the economy while doing our best to protect the most vulnerable, too many people are using the current health crisis as a political tool to attack their opponents and sow anger and division. In his latest USA Today editorial, Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit explains that at the root of the division is that there are two Americas: the political/media class, who are still getting their fat paychecks, and the people they look down on and criticize for wanting to reopen business -- the rest of America who are unemployed and getting desperate to pay their bills and feed their families.

Brian Doherty at also has a must-read piece that urges people to consider that those who disagree with them on whether or not to reopen the economy might have reasons that make sense to them, and not necessarily be power-mad socialists who want to kill capitalism or greedy capitalists who don’t care if millions die.

And if that “You just want people to die!” argument sounds familiar, that’s because it’s nothing new. The left has been claiming that everything Republicans do will make people DIE for years, as proven by this hilarious video from Libertarian song parodist Remy. It’s from 2017, but I forgive you for thinking it might have been posted yesterday.


By Laura Ainsworth 

Every now and then, when new developments pointed to Michelle Obama being on the ticket for 2020, I’ve written to sound the alarm once more. The last time was March 6, which seems like a thousand years ago. At that time, I said that she would be installed, “either as a last-minute substitute for him [Biden] or as #2 on the ticket, as he quietly fades away.” Since then, we’ve entered a whole new era, with a pandemic that has devoured all our attention, caused us to do the unthinkable and shut down the entire economy, and also completely changed the process of running for President (and all elective offices) this time around.

At least a couple of years ago, I was sure Michelle Obama would somehow end up on the Democrat ticket --- for President. It was in February of 2019 that I felt it was necessary to start putting out the warning that she would be the nominee, that this was a foregone conclusion no matter what kind of make-believe show the Democrats put on. I won’t go back over the myriad reasons this seemed inevitable, but I will tell you why it seems like even more of a given today.

First with the obvious: In the past few months, even though the 77-year-old Biden stumbled his way to the top spot on the ticket, his mental decline has been even more marked. True, the coronavirus has made it easier for the Democrat Party to keep this confused, rambling, apparently senile man under wraps, as there will be no personal appearances, no town halls, apparently not even a convention. I doubt most Democrats seriously think that if he wins, decisions of any consequence will actually be made by him. But they’ll vote for him anyway, because 1) they hate Trump with the fire of a thousand suns, and 2) he’ll be bringing back the Democrat power structure, which is this time even farther to the left.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 9:47 AM): 826,025   DEATHS: 45,134  RECOVERIES: 75,682 (Reported recoveries)

Source:  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

TESTS GIVEN:  4,163,464

Source: The Covid Tracking Project

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick



Between Chris Cuomo’s obviously staged, Groundhog Day-like “emergence” from quarantine and Brian Stelter tweeting about how he hides under the covers and cries, I can’t help longing for the days when news anchors just read the news and weren’t compelled to tell us all their innermost feelings. Say what you will about Walter Cronkite, but I can’t imagine him bursting into tears on our TV screens like a teenage girl who got a pimple on prom night.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

1 Corinthians 13:13 (KJV)


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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Judith A Thompson

    04/22/2020 07:56 PM

    Would to receive your news letters

  • Randy Schneider

    04/22/2020 02:33 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Have been a registered Non Partisan since first registered to vote in 1969. Voted once for a Democrat (Jimmy Carter) and once for an Independent (Last election). Consider myself conservative with a Christian World View (received Christ at 30 years of age) . Served my country (USN) during Vietnam Conflict, and been Self Employed until retirement (2018). I am Sickened by Donald Trump and His behavior. The Emperor Has No Clothes. In The Strong Love of Jesus, Randy Schneider

  • Ann Ault

    04/22/2020 02:22 PM

    Thank you, once again, Mike Huckabee ... for your insightful and ever-wise (with humor) opinions! I don't know why I'm amazed at the way the Liberals take every cotton pickin' opportunity to politicize the latest catastrophe and manage to blame President Trump WHICHEVER way he might choose (after he tries to CAREFULLY listen to experts and tries his gutmost best to balance this pandemic/economy conundrum!) Meanwhile, Madam Nancy is sealed tight in her luxurious gated home amongst her neighborhood of squalor, eating her ice cream and crying, "Give them cake ... er ... Ice Cream!" Just not HER pricey icy cream!! But she does manage to come up from gulping her goodies long enough to blame President Trump for the daily challenges he faces as he is at WORK every single day. Obama would've been playing golf ... Nancy slurps her ice cream ... the other liberals are voting against anything useful that is proposed to actually help the country! The mind boggles!

  • Lee B.

    04/22/2020 01:04 PM

    As I understand it, the common cold is a type of coronavirus and just like COVID-19, there are asymptomatic carriers spreading viral particles as they go about their day. Whether at home, work, church, or shopping, they are unknowingly “sharing” the virus with everyone within a 6 foot radius. Initially, COVID-19 Task Force guidance recommended against face coverings (masks) claiming they don’t work. Then all of a sudden guidance reversed and face coverings were recommended after all with the Surgeon General offering DIY instructions on making a “no-sew” face mask. We all know that face masks are “required” in certain healthcare, industrial, research and other settings, & it’s obvious they are used protectively. But at the start of the pandemic, there were so few protective masks in the US that the focus was probably on making sure the limited stock on-hand was available to healthcare workers as a priority. Thankfully, the President worked with private industry to launch domestic production of quality face masks & other PPE, something that must continue (buy American!!). When I think of video images of people going about their business in China, I recall seeing face masks on nearly every person. Even images of “unmasked” Italians hugging strangers (as encouraged by their less than sage leaders in response to the President’s ban on flights to & from China), the strangers being hugged were wearing masks. I always assumed that the Chinese people were wearing masks to protect against industrial air pollution, but now I suspect it might be to protect from airborne illness. Getting back to normal is what everyone wants and it will happen hopefully sooner than later. Hopefully too, however, “guidance to slow the spread” will live on to protect against the possible second wave of COVID-19 anticipated in fall along with expected annual flu and maybe even the common cold which in itself is harder on some than others.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/22/2020 12:31 PM

    I see (not really watch) the evening network news because it fits between the sessions of my local evening news broadcast. I remember when the evening networks news was informative and even usually uplifting . Nowadays it’s all a presentation of bad news. Even the “good” news items are stories about something recovering from disaster or terrible circumstances. The broadcasts leave me feeling awful; they make me want to throw myself in the garbage.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/22/2020 11:32 AM

    Wuhan Virus cures:
    Drug cocktail Hquin etc
    & UV rays kill virus
    But need functional lockdowns for next wave if any.
    Some study shows Lockdowns in effective for virus.
    No unity on models, measures takn

    & then in WH press room, other reporter told FNC reporter virus is just like flu & they were vaccinated & thus wore no face mask in WH press room
    FNC reporter John Roberts (open mic)
    Notice how Dems unphased by virus & lockdown IE Fed Dems.
    & No comments from celebs
    Preplanned event or planned for & then act on plans already made?
    & then backing China for virus