June 26, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Blacklists -- Gowdy says no -- Liberal media narrative blown away -- Loretta Lynch gets her investigation -- China dogged by criticism


California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, last seen watching a court throw out his attempts to imprison undercover reporters who expose Planned Parenthood, is now playing politics with state travel. Becerra just added four more states - Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky – to a “banned travel” list for state employees that already includes North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. The reason: those states’ laws on LGBTQ issues don’t measure up to California’s liberal standards. A spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott likely spoke for all the other states by brushing off the ban and noting that California’s leftwing leaders might be able to ban government employees from visiting Texas, but they can’t stop all the California businesses that are fleeing there.

What is it with liberals from the land of Hollywood that, when they aren’t making movies decrying the Blacklist, they just love creating blacklists?

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Mike Huckabee


Message from Huck PAC:  

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Gowdy says no

By Mike Huckabee

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy announced that his Committee will not investigate alleged obstruction of justice or collusion with Russia because that’s the jurisdiction of special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’d add that voters might see a third investigation as overkill. We voted for Trump to streamline the government and make it more efficient, so let’s try to hold it down to only two endless, expensive federal investigations of things that don’t exist.


Liberal media narrative blown away

By Mike Huckabee

Harvard law Prof. Alan Dershowitz once again blows away the liberal media narrative by pointing out (as I already have) that President Trump’s tweet that James Comey had better hope there were no tapes of their conversations wasn’t an outrageous echo of Watergate that requires more investigations. It was a brilliant bluff that forced Comey to be honest when was under oath. When that happened, Americans learned how Comey really did his job. And it was not the portrait of an Eagle Scout we’d all been led to believe.


Loretta Lynch gets her investigation...

By Mike Huckabee

It’s taken long enough, but the Senate Judiciary Committee will finally get around to investigating alleged obstruction of justice. The twist: they’re investigating someone from the last Administration who appears to have actually obstructed justice for real. Look for Democrats to suddenly become completely nonchalant about that crime in three, two, one…



China dogged by criticism

By Mike Huckabee

You know, in these politically-correct times, I like it when commentators are brave enough to acknowledge that multiculturalism is not necessarily such a wonderful thing.

Tucker Carlson at FOX News offered a succinct and easily understandable example: “The Chinese eat dogs. We let them sleep on the bed.”

This comment was made in conjunction with the story on a very real Chinese dog-eating festival. The story will tear at your heart, not just because people are eating dog meat but because of the deeply cruel torture the dogs receive. A dog that’s terrified before it is killed is tastier, according to theory. And, besides, beating “tenderizes” the meat.

I could add that under this practice, dogs are treated a lot like...well, like adulterous women, wayward daughters and gay men under sharia law.

Thanks, Tucker, for daring to be judgmental.

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Message from Huck PAC:  

URGENT:  HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 who will pass President Trump's agenda. Help us raise an additional $15,000 in June by chipping in $5 or more today! This will help us reach our budgeted goal! Thank you!


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  • Mackie Braden

    06/26/2017 10:10 PM

    I'll bet that China could care less.

  • Lynn Nielsen

    06/26/2017 06:09 PM

    As usual, Mike Huckabee, you ROCK! So does Trey Gowdy! Love you both - thanks for being great statesmen and patriots! It makes my day to hear from you(s) because I know it will be a re-affirmation of what is right and good and just, which are what made our country great to begin with. God bless you, our President, his family, and the USA!

  • Charles P. Foley Sr.

    06/26/2017 02:29 PM

    I believe our California constituents believe people actually listen to and believe what they spout off about. All you have to do is look at the backgrounds of most of them to form an opinion about whether what they are saying has any credence or is just a bunch of horse hockey. There are very few of them that actually know what they are talking about and that the general public will actually believe what they are saying. On that note, something should be done to hold these loud mouths responsible for death threats to the president and members of congress, no matter how jaded.