June 24, 2017

The way the Democrats instantly reverted to violent anti-Republican rhetoric over the GOP health care bill while Rep. Steve Scalise is still in the hospital (ranting that it’s a “death bill” and millions of Americas will DIE if it’s passed), you’d think that if the Republicans don’t pass it, Obamacare will stay in place and everything will be wonderful. They never bring up the fact that the entire reason we need a replacement bill is that the health care bill they gave us is going into a death spiral all by itself.

Just as a reality check/wake-up call, Western Journalism put together an investigation into the history and current state of Obamacare. It reminds us of what we were promised, what was actually delivered (they just threw lots of money at the problem, with the same effect as throwing $25 million at Jon Ossoff’s Congressional bid, so that government now controls 80% or more of our health care dollars) and what’s happened since (the average nationwide premium increase since 2013 has been 99% percent for individuals and 140% for families; and 70% of counties now have only one or two insurers still in the exchanges). It also takes a look at some suggested alternatives that would be cheaper and more efficient.

In other words, don’t listen to those who’d have you believe that any attempt to replace Obamacare is killing a system that’s working great and any alternative will make people die. They’d like you to think this is a choice between a mean, evil Republican plan or Heaven. It’s actually a choice between grabbing a life preserver or drowning.


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  • Ricci Henry

    06/24/2017 03:32 PM

    All you hear from dems these days is how mean the repub health plan is. Question? What can be more cruel and mean than being forced to buy an insurance plan you can't afford to buy and not be able to use it because you don't have the money to pay the co-pays and deductible? So basically you're forced to pay for someone else's medical care since you can't use it. Oh! And don't forget the guy who has to pay the doctor twice as much as others for the same service because you don't have insurance.

  • Mary Tomlin

    06/24/2017 01:09 PM

    I don't understand why they don't just let Obamacare die and go back to what we had before. If President Trump has no backing from Dems and many Republicans (who should be replaced), he can't keep that campaign promise! The voters will understand and applaud that decision.