June 13, 2018

I knew the anti-Trump elements in the media would never be able to give him any credit for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-Un, but I have to tip my MAGA cap to them: I didn’t think that even they would be able to depict it as the unmitigated, outrageous, horrifying, Code Red DISASTER that they did. 


Listening to some of the commentary, you’d think that Kim had totally snookered Trump: that he’d been made to look like a great, respected leader and gotten all the concessions while giving up nothing in return.  All because the paper the two signed didn’t spell out in ironclad legalese everything that would be expected of him.  (Incidentally, what if it had?  Previous Administrations got such papers signed.  They waved their copies at photo ops while Kim used his as kindling to cook Korean barbecue.)


As Trump made clear, the paper was simply a statement of intentions, not a treaty or agreement.  There are still many more meetings to come in which the details will be hammered out. Kim affirmed his intention to end his nuclear program, along with other concessions such as dismantling a missile engine testing facility and returning the remains of American POWs and MIAs.  And he’s already released three Americans being held there. In return, Trump gave him…not much, other than some flattery and a photo op.  The US-South Korean war games were put on hold; but they can be rescheduled at any time if Kim fails to live up to his word.  The sanctions have not been lifted, and won’t be until the start of denuclearization is verified. 


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Oh, and as for the criticism that Trump wouldn’t bring up the sorry state of human rights in North Korea with Kim?  Turns out he did:


In short, if Obama had come home with the same deal, those same persnickety critics would have already given him another Nobel Peace Prize, a Grammy, an Oscar and carved his face on Mount Rushmore.  The Instapundit blog did a great job of illustrating the double standard with just three headline links:


June 12:  “’The View’ Bashed Trump for Meeting Kim Jong-Un: Went ‘Too Far!’”


February 12:  “’View’ Hosts Trash ‘Hypocrite’ Mike Pence for Not Giving North Korea Due ‘Respect’ at Olympics”


March, 2016:  “’The View’s’ Behar: Obama Critics Hate ‘Reaching Across the Aisle’ to Iran, Cuba.”


I sometimes wonder if liberals in Los Angeles or San Francisco would rather be vaporized by a North Korean nuke than give Trump credit for preventing it. 


MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” somehow managed to book former Obama undersecretary for political affairs in the State Department Wendy Sherman, who was appalled that the summit showed American and North Korean flags side-by-side, which she said conferred power on Kim, adding, “We aren't equals to each other.” Well, at least if Trump bent over a bit, it was to reach down and shake Kim’s hand, not to bow to him. 


She also gave the children a fine example of good old fashioned hubris by declaring, “We have not only been here before, but we’ve been here before with much greater specificity,” adding that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “needs to go back and understand a little bit more about history and he needs to go forward with a team that knows what they’re doing.”  Ah yes, if only he’d listened to the wise counsel of the previous team, who did such a bang-up job of preventing North Korea from getting nuclear warheads and missiles.  And by “bang,” I refer to the sound their missiles made when they landed.


Still, my coveted Huck’s Hypocrisy Award must go to former Vice President Joe Biden, who was among those declaring that he was “troubled” by the summit.  He released a statement complaining that Trump has given North Korea multiple “wins up front without getting anything in return.”  I’ll take that seriously when he can tell me what his boss got in return for kowtowing to Cuba and Iran.  I’d settle just for getting our planeload of money back from Iran.  As for Cuba, he didn't even get the political prisoners released.  Not even close, and no cigars.


Thankfully, not everyone is being a partisan ingrate.  The parents of the late Otto Warmbier said they appreciated the President’s kind comments about their son and that they are hopeful something positive could come from the summit. 


Gee, people hoping for something positive.  It’s been a long time since we’ve heard radical talk like that.


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  • Sharon Gonwa

    06/13/2018 09:51 PM

    Terms limits for every elected office, from small local ones to national ones should be limited to two terms. I'd love to see Hillary get what she deserves for all the wrong doing. Trump should appoint a special council for that. It will take someone with good instincts, good knowledge of the law, determination to get to the truth regardless who it affects.

    It just surpasses any sense of logic and decency what these people can spin. It seems the biggest agenda for the democrats is keeping Americans upset with each other and every one. Divide and conquer. Very sad. And news people seem to be on board with keeping it ramped up to the max most times. Anyone with half a brain would know, something as big as the meeting with Korea will have to be a multi faceted approach, involving many meetings, discussions. Trust until proven otherwise, but triple verify everything in different ways.

  • Brittany

    06/13/2018 08:40 PM

    Completely agree with you. I have always enjoyed your commentary and pray for your daughter often. There are so many people praying for our president! I just wish he would take the high road sometimes and not resort to name calling and making things about him all the time! I wonder if anyone tells him that!!

  • Leisa Price

    06/13/2018 07:50 PM

    It just proves that a heart that seeks to hate will hate. Period. Frankly, I don't want to wake up every day trying to find a way to hate everyone and everything. No thanks.

  • Michael A Le Bellot

    06/13/2018 06:11 PM

    We, the American public, need to be given credit for seeing through the ludicrous liberal smoke from the left. The more they ridicule and criticize this president, the more we know he is on track, steering this great nation through the sludge left over by the Obama administration, making us respected and powerful again. Moses was also constantly attacked by his own people during the 40 year trek to the Promise Land. But God was with him and God is also with Donald Trump.

  • Nancy Litwa

    06/13/2018 05:56 PM

    Oh, Governor, did you really expect anything less from The View Crew? The one thing that baffles me is how they are still on the air? Barbara Walters must really have something on someone at ABC in order to accomplish this feat. The one good thing about them being on air, however, (as well as all the other nastiness from Hollywood) is that the more they bash our President for the "non-accomplishments" the more supporters he will be getting. :)