November 8, 2017

In the “matter” (to use Loretta Lynch’s preferred word) of Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email server and her destruction of over 30,000 emails exchanged while she was Secretary of State, what’s the difference between “gross negligence” and “extreme carelessness”?

One sounds much more serious than the other –- and much more likely to be illegal. In a court of law, though, if we’re talking about the mishandling of classified material, they’re exactly the same thing, and that would be...ILLEGAL. And any question of intent is moot, or is supposed to be. Indeed, at the risk of sounding like Hillary Clinton, one could legitimately ask, “What difference does it make?”

Apparently it made a big difference to then-FBI Director James Comey, who called it “grossly negligent” in a May 2, 2016, draft of his statement about the investigation (oops, I mean “matter”) and softened the wording to “extremely careless” in a later version that appeared in June. At present, we don’t know if he made the change at the request of a higher-up to make Hillary’s transgressions seem less serious, but he’s certainly shown his willingness to change his phraseology to satisfy Attorney Gen. Lynch.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa has written to current FBI Director Christopher Wray about this; he and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham demanded back in August to know details of the document’s evolution. But new leadership doesn’t seem to be making the wheels of inquiry turn any faster.



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    11/13/2017 12:57 AM

    Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. If you read the statute as written it states in the very beginning " Anyone who" two very important words. Believe it or not this is your case right here. Be it the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House.
    These words do not exclude anyone even the Secretary of State. and when it comes to having classified material on an unsecured computer network, I'm sorry that's against the law according to the UCMJ and Federal Law. We have seen this happen in the Military many times. Now its time to uphold the laws as they are written in the Federal Statutes . And if Trey hadn't figured this one out yet have him give me a call and I will give him Hillary on a silver platter.
    As a former police officer to catch a crook you have to think like one. And always remember most cases solved working on the street are solved in the first 48 hrs. This is not rocket science just pure common sense.

  • Misttina Brownfield

    11/12/2017 08:17 PM

    The liberal media lies all the time no one Sue's them for slander, none of the previous administration was charged with using an open server but military people have been court martialed for less. Why is no one suing the women lying about Judge Moore for slander? We all know it is a Democrat or deep state hit against a good man. Why aren't the women given a lie detector to verify claims and charged with a crime if they are lying? The libs just throw all this crazy stuff out to main stream media with no consequences for lying!

  • Vivian Deaton

    11/08/2017 02:25 PM

    This is the biggest disappointment I have with the Trump administration to date. That they have not done the right thing to correct the CLEAR pass Hillary got, and haven't gone after the Obama administration for spying on Trump and company!! I really lay the blame at Sessions feet, Trump's hands are tied. They already accuse him of obstruction for firing Comey (which wasn't obstruction), while allowing Hillary and company to delete subpeoned files, use bleach but on computers, and smash blackberrys.....all acceptable! It's sooo maddening to watch the corruption and lack of justice. I hope Trump doesn't pay a price for it.

  • George Taylor

    11/08/2017 08:37 AM

    This seems sad to me as well. Is the DOJ so full of Obamites that they are paralyzed? New leadership is good, but when your workers and agents are stuck in the past, it doesn’t seem to matter.