The third indictment

October 30, 2017

A third indictment in the Robert Mueller probe nearly got overlooked in all the hubbub over Paul Manafort. It was a guilty plea to one count, made on October 5 and just unsealed, by a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos. He pleaded guilty to making false statements to investigators about his relationship with foreign nationals he thought to have close relationships with Russian officials. He reportedly emailed seven members of the Trump campaign about setting up an off-the-record meeting with Russian officials, possibly including Vladimir Putin, to discuss US-Russia ties, and also relayed that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and thousands of her emails (big surprise.) In a real “Huck’s Criminal Mastermind” moment, he allegedly lied to the FBI about the timing of those communications and tried to cover it up by deleting his Facebook posts.

Well, at least this actually happened within the previous two years and did involve Russia and the campaign. But the meetings he tried to set up apparently never happened, with several Trump campaign advisers warning it might violate the Logan Act. So unless Russia colluded with Trump to rig the election during a meeting that never took place, this still isn’t looking like Watergate on the Volga.


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  • Joanne Avella

    11/01/2017 04:30 AM

    Pappadopolis was in contact with the same Russian who provided the false information to Steele. Has anyone looked into wether he was a plant in the campaign to begin with ? Who selected him for the advisory committee without really looking into his. Background and domicile ? I know many very qualified experienced conservatives who volunteered their services but never even recieved a contact.

  • William Whiteley

    10/31/2017 11:53 AM

    Is it true that Papadopoulos served under the previous administration in some function? If so, his involvement at this point takes on a very suspicious aroma.