November 15, 2018

How on earth did Sinema beat McSally in Arizona?

The outcome of the Sinema-McSally Senate race in Arizona is disappointing and even baffling, especially considering that Republican Gov. Doug Ducey won by double digits.  Could voters who supported the incumbent governor really turn around and vote for Democrat Sinema over Republican McSally?  If it wasn’t a case of “finding” votes, as appears to be happening under our noses in two Florida counties, what is the explanation?


Jon Gabriel, editor of RICOCHET, sees five factors that kept McSally from doing better and helped put Sinema over.  They range from McSally’s very cautious and controlled campaign, to the barrage of intensely negative ads she ran (compared to Sinema’s positive flag-waving), to the left’s organization --- and plenty of money, from the likes of Tom Steyer’s NextGen America --- behind Sinema, to even McSally’s friendship with the late Sen. John McCain, which was off-putting to many strong conservatives.


I would add that Sinema painted herself as a moderate when she really is not.  (Wish more people had seen and taken seriously the Project Veritas video of her campaign office.)  Once she’s in the Senate for a comfortable six-year term, she’ll no doubt be as “progressive” as any of the other leftist newbies, or oldies for that matter.


Anyway, whoever plans to be involved one day in campaigning as a conservative needs to read this and learn.

Yes, the President could discontinue press briefings  (BUT HE WON'T)

While outgoing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is, unsurprisingly, siding with CNN in its lawsuit against the White House over “journalist” Jim Acosta’s ouster, lawyers for the administration have asserted that President Trump could bar “all reporters” from the White House if he wanted to, for any reason he saw fit.


Imagine the steam coming out of all the ears of all the so-called news professionals right now.  They’re going even crazier than they already were, even though the President is not actually calling for any such thing.  This merely sets the negotiating table, giving Trump plenty of room for doing what he DOES want to do; namely, ban a partisan disrupter who acts like a jerk and doesn’t even know when to relinquish the microphone to an intern.


The whole debate is patently ridiculous.  Before he’s allowed back, Acosta must understand that he needs to remember where he is --- the WHITE HOUSE --- and conduct himself accordingly.  When told to give up the microphone, he should stop grandstanding and hand it over immediately.  In the meantime, CNN has a host of other “journalists” it could send who no doubt despise Trump every bit as much as Acosta does but can be counted on to remain at least somewhat professional in the Briefing Room.


The ban on Acosta does not limit media access to Trump in any way.  It only denies the ability for Acosta to get himself on video “accosting” the President.


This is a good time to remind everyone that these press briefing circuses (complete with man-eating tigers) haven’t always been in existence.  In that respect, they’re kind of like modern State Of The Union addresses, which used to be accomplished in the form of a letter.  We tend to build everything up into "the biggest show on Earth" and have become accustomed to these productions, but we don’t need them.  There’s certainly nothing in the Constitution that requires them.  If we even just tried taking the cameras out of the Briefing Room, reporters might go back to gathering news and Jim Acosta might start acting like a gentleman, though I’m not holding my breath for the latter.



Congratulations to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, a 23-year military veteran, who was just elected vice chairwoman of the Senate Republican Conference, becoming the first woman elected to a Senate GOP leadership position since 2010.  Mitch McConnell was reelected Majority Leader, and John Thune will be the Majority Whip.


On the House side, Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was chosen as the new Minority Leader to replace Paul Ryan who is leaving as Republicans lose the Speakership along with the majority.  He defeated conservative Jim Jordan of Ohio, founder of the House Freedom Caucus, by 159-43, which could signal that House Republicans will not only have very little power to stop the Democrats but won’t even muster much effort to try.  It will be up to the Senate to hold the line against the leftist agenda that they hid from voters throughout the election and now plan to try to force down our throats: stringent gun control, restrictions on free speech and religious liberties, repealing the tax cut, radical climate legislation, socialized medicine, and of course, an endless barrage of time-wasting, partisan, vengeance-fueled investigations and subpoenas.


And who will be presiding over all that insanity?  Nancy Pelosi hopes to be Speaker again, but she’s facing stiffer opposition than ever before.


For all the noise made by the newcomers demanding a fresh face, never discount the ability of an old school Democrat to wield raw political power to her advantage.  She’s faced many such challengers before, although none this outspoken; but the vote has always gone her way after the upstarts are given the closed-door facts-of-life speech about the lousy, powerless committee assignments they can look forward to, and the campaign funding they can forget about, if they don’t button their lips and get in line. Even now, when she’s still a little short of the votes needed to win, nobody has had the guts to run against her. That makes toppling her a lot harder. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "If you strike at a king (or queen, in this case), you must kill him."  Because if you don't, you might end up on the Left-Handed Screw Thread Committee.  


That still doesn’t answer the question of why Pelosi even wants the job.  Granted, it must’ve stung to be replaced after voters realized the horrible mistake they’d made giving Congress to the Dems in 2006 (unfortunately, it didn’t sting voters as badly, or maybe they would have remembered that lesson.) So it would be awfully gratifying for her to be able to take the gavel back. 


But this time, she won’t be leading the old-time professional chair warmers.  It will be more like herding feral cats.  She’s got a new class of far-left firebrands whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance; a group of suburban socialists who went to expensive schools that mostly taught them unwarranted self-esteem.  They know virtually nothing but think they know it all, and they’ve been conditioned to believe they will get whatever they want if they just scream in our faces loudly enough.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already doing it in the hallway outside Pelosi’s office.  It’s almost sad to see Rep. Pelosi reduced to pandering to identity politics by arguing that she should get the Speakership back because she’s a woman, rather than being able to run on her experience and knowledge of House protocols and procedures.    


She’s still the odds-on favorite to be the next Speaker.  But as to why someone who’s 78 years old would want to finish a long career in politics by playing schoolmarm to a pack of out-of-control toddlers in the Romper Room from Hades is beyond me. To borrow another classic quote, this time from Longfellow, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Being the leader of the next Democratic House would certainly drive anyone mad. Let’s hope the House’s upcoming descent into madness ends with the destruction of the Democratic majority just two years hence.       



Latest Media Meltdown: Liberal “journalists” are OUTRAGED that the First Lady would have any say over the hiring decisions in the West Wing. Because they would never approve of a First Lady being some sort of “co-President.”


You can’t prevent every crime, but you can prevent those perpetrated by known criminals who are already in custody.  Unless, of course, those criminals are illegal immigrants in liberal “sanctuary cities,” where virtue-signaling is more important the lives of US citizens. 

I’m sickened to have to keep reporting stories like this, but here’s the latest one: Police in Middlesex County, New Jersey, defied an order to turn over Mexican citizen Luis Rodrigo Perez to ICE and instead freed him from jail, despite his violent record.  He’s now been arrested for allegedly murdering two young men and a woman in Missouri.  They received no sanctuary from him or from New Jersey's deadly, misguided "sanctuary" policy.


If you make a dumb mistake one time, it might be forgivable.  But when you persist in willfully and defiantly repeating the same dumb mistake over and over, no matter how many people have to die because of your bullheaded stupidity, then it’s time for adults to come in and take that decision away from you.


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  • Dusty Hickey

    11/17/2018 05:11 PM

    Sinema was so cutsy and many looked past her very liberal ideas and McSally tried to stay with McCain who at the end was no longer a real Conservative Republican sad always respected him. Flake is trying for a job no doubt on CNN he was no real Republican a joke. Now to hope that God will be here for what we have now put into our Congress. Pelosi is old and I can say this I am old 76 time to get out Pelosi. She has the money per Calif and the super liberals from Tech industry to Hollyweird so what? Watters two really not for the working people but for the non workers. The President does not ever have to call on Acosta and who was the judge who approved his being there. I saw the whole press thing and he should have been knocked out. None of the rest had the guts there to say he was rude and crude and disgusting. Pres said enough that should have been it? Now see Pres Trump in California seeing the devastation and this is what is needed to come together for the people not politics and the border the mess there. We have enough now of immigrants here and no more sorry has to be a stop. Over 20 mill here now. Come see North Georgia and the thousands we had here working for a few years now to pay low wages here like carpet in Dalton for one? Man y others in the black community in Atlanta for a few years no jobs WHY/ Now many jobs per Pres Trump and not enough to fill the jobs. What is the welfare dept doing to get people working ? Media now needs to stop their attacks on this President per what we see in Calif the devastation what if this was a bomb from N Korea what could be done? This Pres is trying to find peace and little is said on CNN and MSNBC and ABC etc WHY? No more .

  • Carolyn Waldrop

    11/17/2018 12:17 PM

    Although I don't leave a lot of comments, I do try to read several of Mike's comments throughout the week. Sorry to say, I am easily distracted daily and weekly by the "Fake News" and I need to re-focus on what is the most important thing...Jesus Christ.

    I can honestly say I understand why we have an epidemic of "suicides" among younger teen-agers and millenials. If they have no Foundation, nothing to base their lives on, such as Jesus Christ, and all they have to look forward to is this out of control, Far Left cultural war, I would join them as well in saying, "What's the use?"

    But, Thankfully, I had a family who taught me that this life is but a dressing room for eternity and my faith is in Jesus Christ! I just pray that what is going on now will be enough to "awaken the sleeping giant" of conservative Christians, to hold back the onslaught of Satan's attacks! But again, it is simply a sign of the times and Jesus' Return is imminent!!

  • Firewagon

    11/17/2018 12:36 AM

    Jerry Brown, CA’s Gov clown, may need to compare the numbers of people killed by CA “mass shootings” with the numbers killed by CA wild fires!

    His over reaching, draconian, gun laws have no impact on mass shootings. His incompetent forest management, with acquiesce to all the ‘tree huggers’ and ‘endangered species,’ like some owls or snail darter, is in the process of killing record numbers of people by FIRE!

  • Bob

    11/16/2018 03:52 PM

    Why can't we get these illegal Immigrant stories out to the public !?

  • Carol Phaneuf

    11/16/2018 03:39 PM

    As a nearly 79 year old ( mostly) Conservative Republican, I am appalled at the goings on in DC; but I am even more appalled at the degree of practically VISIBLE VOTER FRAUD BY THE DEMOCRATS!
    While I have the floor, I was also appalled by the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh, and the on-going hate for President Trump!!! It is sickening to see how dreadfully horrible some people can be. (I love Sarah!!) God help the USA!??????????
    I really fear for the future of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Gregg Turk

    11/16/2018 11:51 AM

    Thanks for your daily commentary. We are so sick of facebook editing and ads. Have you taken a look at it looks like a good option to get away from FB. When I tried to post a question for friends and family about FB blocked it and said it didn't meet community standards. This makes me even more determined to make a change? Thanks and may the Lord bless your work.

  • Linda Mahan

    11/16/2018 08:42 AM

    I dont see why sanctuary cities are not held responsible for their stupid decisions. If they want these criminals so badly, they should be held responsible for them to protect the rest of America from their own dumbfounded decisions to set them free. Hence the lives of the people they kill should also fall on their heads.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    11/16/2018 08:15 AM

    I long for the day when congress, as a whole, will begin to do what is best for the people and not the party. work in unison towards a better and safer tomorrow. Respect the rights others have to the same freedoms to think differently, live their religion and work towards a common goal of helping others...lets get back to that golden rule...and the 2 commandments Jesus left with us.

  • Robert Leeper

    11/16/2018 07:18 AM

    I live in Prescott Az. On Sinema election. Sinema had massive amounts of money for advertising, and billed herself as a moderate. Right!
    McSally ran on being an ex military pilot, and aligned with Trump. Not a real strong campaign. Never emphasized any major accomplishements.

  • Elaine Romanias

    11/16/2018 07:00 AM

    Mr. Acosta needs to think about the fact that he is an invited guest into someone's home for the briefings. You don't attack the owner of the home in his own home!! I really feel the press briefings need to take on a new format.....reporters come into the room and are handed the day's news and Sarah goes over each point. That's it! The other option is one I mentioned before...reporters come in and sign in electronically with the genre of their question. Sarah looks over the genre's and calls on one or two re porters based on the genre...."Mr. Jones do you have a question about the caravan? Miss Thomas do you have a question about the economy?".....That's debate and NO REPETITION!

  • Martin Pedersen

    11/16/2018 05:47 AM

    When will the Republicans come up with an answer or strategy that addresses the Democrat's argument that "the Republicans are going to shut down the government," at the budget and the continuing resolution negotiations?

  • Michele Miller

    11/16/2018 04:57 AM

    Governor Huckabee, on spot as usual. Thank you. My response and two cents worth on all of the above is that if "we the people" were the people we should be -- or at least were interested enough to be a bit informed and vote -- the bulk of this nonsense would not be. On the topic of voting, tragically the vote has been manipulated for quite some time (including no identification required laws, no proof of American citizenship required in order to register to vote, dead people somehow voting, and underhanded people like the official in Florida overseeing the process). Almost rather surprisingly, however, our votes are still usually counted. In spite of all of the manipulation, scheming, and underhandedness, American citizens can still cumulatively win elections and shape our government (evidence: President Trump). Many have and are enthusiastically exercising their freedom and the power of their vote to establish Socialism. If that's what "we the people" want, then that's what we'll get. On the other hand, if we want to continue enjoying our way of life, we've got to get involved.

  • Jim sharpe

    11/16/2018 03:35 AM

    Arizona rebubs may enjoy the barrel against their collective temple, but that a D made the winner’s circle tells me the land of mcCain is just as foolish as their namesake. Even if McSally had stayed in her house with her lights off in terror she should have won this squeaker. Kyrsten welcomes back Chuck Schumer, “we sure fooled ‘em!”

  • Anne Turner

    11/16/2018 12:33 AM

    For most of my life I have been a strong, independent sort of woman, whose late husband adjusted lovingly and was very supportive. He did not want a subservient wife. He was quite brilliant, must smarter than I, although he built me up. The women supporting the DNC are products of liberal institutions and are spoiled. One thing that makes people liberal is their intense since of guilt. They feel guilty because they are white, have a good standard of living and maybe even good health. They feel guilty because, on the whole, we live better than most of the world. I am afraid their expensive educations did not teach them to think for themselves. They vote on pure emotion and fell goodism. It is more fashionable to be seen as a liberal. Most of them are no doubt spoiled. How could anybody with a brain cell vote for Cortez. She is a silly girl, who knows nothing but does not lack Self confidence. What she has to be self confident about is beyond me, except for superficial prettiness and an outgoing personality. She really is not very bright. In Arizona they elected someone who talks the good talk, is young and fresh, and knows how to lie and convince people she is a moderate, over a very accomplished leader. My sisters who voted progressive, I am ashamed of your lack of thought and your low intellectual capacity. You think you are educated, but you know nothing about the consequences of your actions. Men must be snickering behind your backs.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    11/15/2018 11:20 PM

    I might ask, what's this world coming to, but then I already know the answer. It's " the end"

  • Stephen Russell

    11/15/2018 10:52 PM

    I say Hold Press Briefings when Needed only, Limit WHPC reporters.
    Host for 20-30 min.
    Use Skype for overseas venues.
    Make public.

  • Carl Smith

    11/15/2018 10:47 PM

    Jim Acosta needs to be quoted Walter Lippman " Self Importance has ruined more good journalist than Bad Liquor"
    The WH Press Corp. has outlived it's usefulness when a 'journalist" uses his/her time for Political Opinion instead of questions to be relayed to WE the PEOPLE without SPIN.

  • Jim Ortiz

    11/15/2018 10:40 PM

    I have read reports of voter fraud in Arizona. It should be investigated. Now that Martha McSally has conceded, can it be investigated?

  • Sid Levin

    11/15/2018 10:32 PM

    President Trump needs to tell the communist socialist so-called judges to Hell!
    Cut off EVERY SINGLE PENNY going to ANY and ALL sanctuary localities IMMEDIATELY! I don’t care what: hospitals, schools, colleges, roads, police, firefighters, EMT’s, airports! Remove ALL military units, close ALL armories! COMPLETE and TOTAL removal of ALL federal monies! Use the Federal Marshal Service to close them down! Immediately!

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    11/15/2018 10:28 PM

    One suspects if Nancy does not become the speaker again, it will not be long before we will wish she was! The only one I've seen say she might run is Representative Fudge, from I believe Ohio. She would make maxi Waters seem tame by comparison. As the old Chinese curse goes, we truly live in interesting times,


    11/15/2018 10:15 PM

    Thanks for your newsletters. They are so enjoyable to read!

    How is this for an idea: give every voter a unique id # and - if need be - redo these elections. That will stop undesirable and illegals from voting. I have heard this idea before, but now would be an ideal time to put it in motion for the next and all future elections.

    I love Sarah!

    Marilyn Jacobs

  • Arlene Hurley

    11/15/2018 10:08 PM

    Sinema won by fraudulent methods. I read that they opened up a few new voting places at the last minute in democrat areas. I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is it’s wrong.

  • Wilma Fields

    11/15/2018 10:01 PM

    Actually three people were killed in Springfield, Mo. by Perez, whom was released in opposition of request by ICE to detain him as they were going through the deportation process. Perez was here illegally as he had not renewed his DACA papers as required by law. He has a criminal record prior to the murders he committed in Springfield.

  • Wilma Fields

    11/15/2018 10:01 PM

    Actually three people were killed in Springfield, Mo. by Perez, whom was released in opposition of request by ICE to detain him as they were going through the deportation process. Perez was here illegally as he had not renewed his DACA papers as required by law. He has a criminal record prior to the murders he committed in Springfield.

  • Susanna Donovan

    11/15/2018 09:55 PM

    I am in agreement with you on the Sinema/McSally race. McSally was ahead of Sinema by 17,000 votes or more throughout the night of the 7th. Suddenly Sinema claims they "found" more ballots. If that's not bad enough. ..she suddenly shot ahead of McSally 9,000 votes. Where did those over 24,000 votes come from in such a hurry. McSally said NOTHING...I guess she's not a great fighter after all. I would have demanded a recount or an investigation. She literally handed Sinema the Senate Seat.