The story of the alleged corruption and anti-Trump partisanship at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ is picking up speed, with yesterday’s revelations of one text message referring to a “secret society” of insiders working to block or bring down the President, and the laughable claim that the FBI somehow lost five months’ worth of text messages due to a “tech glitch” (ask yourself this: if a criminal suspect made that same outlandish claim, how many minutes do you think it would take before the FBI recovered all his texts, either from his phone, his phone company, his Internet server, the NSA or somewhere else?) As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit put it, if the FBI is willing to take the huge blow to its credibility that this ludicrous cover-up story entails, it shows that whatever they’re covering up must be much, much worse.

A number of former agents and federal prosecutors are now telling the media that they don’t buy the “tech glitch” story for a New York second. And with claims that there were some frighteningly out-of-control actions by top FBI officials still being kept classified from the public, the Internet is starting to fill with stories that sound like something out of a bad spy novel. I’m not going to repeat any of these stories because they are based on quotes allegedly provided by anonymous FBI sources. I don’t report as fact incendiary claims based on anonymous sources. What do you think I am, CNN?

But if even a fraction of the whispers of downright treasonous behavior have any validity to them, then Congress and the Justice Department need to be aware that the public smells a rat-infested swamp, and we’re not going to be content with pretending the odor isn’t there while it continues to stink up the place. We elected you to drain that swamp, and we want to know what, and who, you found lurking under all that pond scum. And don't worry about protecting our delicate sensibilities. We’ve already heard so many shocking rumors and leaks that we are braced and prepared to hear the full truth. So let’s have it!

(On a side note, Democrats are trying to blame the #1 trending status of the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo on Russian bots. Sorry, the “blame Russia” strategy is wearing thin. The Daily Beast reports that analysts at Twitter examined the data and found that it wasn’t trending because of Russian bots, it was trending because so many Republicans are retweeting it. Next desperate step for Dems: accuse millions of Republicans on Twitter of colluding with Russia.)

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  • Suzanne Utts

    01/24/2018 07:29 PM

    I don't believe that the FBI "lost" those text messages and we Americans KNOW those can be recovered. When are the guilty going to be jailed, and put on trial for TREASON. If a few of the found-guilty leaders were put before a firing squad it would put the scare of hell into the rest.