February 20, 2017

Today’s phony outrage firestorm over something President Trump said is built around the accusation that he claimed there was a terrorist attack in Sweden “last night,” i.e., Friday night. Why, it’s so outrageous that Comedy Central’s John Oliver mocked it, or as that’s described among liberals who share their bubble world videos on the Internet, “John Oliver DESTROYS Trump Over False Sweden Terror Claim!”

Except there’s one small problem: Trump never said there was a terrorist attack last night in Sweden. The full transcript of his exact words is at the link. Read it for yourself. He was talking about crime and terrorism in several European nations that have allowed millions of unvetted Middle Eastern migrants to flood across their borders, Sweden being one. He did say “last night” in referencing Sweden, but didn’t elaborate on what he meant. It might have been a simple slip of the tongue, or maybe he was referring to the skyrocketing rape rate that’s led Swedish police to warn women that it’s dangerous to go out alone on any night, or he might have been referring to a TV report on that situation that he’d seen last night. But he clearly never claimed there was a terrorist attack the night before in Sweden. It’s just the type of vague garbled reference that anyone might make when speaking quickly and off-the-cuff and not reading carefully-prepared prose off of a TelePrompter.

So what is the excuse of all the people who sat down at keyboards and actually composed essays about it? They had plenty of time to check the transcript, realize their entire piece was based on a false premise, and hit the “Delete” key. But that would require breaking out of the liberal echo chamber and going back to old fashioned journalistic standards, like fact-checking and striving for objectivity, so it probably won’t happen. Say, maybe next week, John Oliver will do a monologue on how partisan bias “DESTROYS” public trust in the media. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that.

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  • Rosario Espinoza

    02/21/2017 11:43 AM

    You suggest journalists should have a "delete" key to use after examining their material, but should not the president be more civilized in his off- the- cuff statements, accusations, lies, racist character and altogether childish egotistical rants ?!!

  • Rachael Allen

    02/21/2017 04:37 AM

    Thank you for saying what a lot of us were thinking. I have friends in Sweden, and the problems there from immigrants are really bad. I assumed our President was referring to the report he had seen on TV. It's sad that there is so much hate in liberals' hearts that they are on a "seek and destroy" mission. But at least I know which people/media/TV shows to boycott now.

  • Lucille Giesbrecht

    02/21/2017 03:33 AM

    Mike, I came to the exact same conclusion. Of course the official response from Sweden is denial. What else would you expect from an ultra left government?

  • Barbara Willie

    02/20/2017 11:11 PM

    You are exactly right. I heard what he said and he never said terrorist attack. Thank you for speaking out.

  • Maggie Faltskog

    02/20/2017 08:49 PM

    With you all the way!! It's the stupid ones who interpret things how their sick minds want it to be and not how it really is!!! SCARY!